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Manic Millions™

Manic Millions™ is a video slot of 25 lines of the brand NextGen Gaming. For the record, a company highly specialized in the design of online gambling that has no more effort to be respected in the gaming industry paying on internet.

Today, on November 25th of 2016 NextGen Gaming pushes a little further its imaginary by having concocted a slot machine who is responsible for caricature the story of Doctor Frankenstein accompanied permanently by his creature Mortis. NextGen Gaming has greatly inspired this story from pure fiction to give it a new life through a casino game of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed pay lines.

One of the main competitors of NextGen Gaming remains unquestionably Betsoft gaming which has the strength to be very frequented by players from all over the world for its talents to realize three-dimensional games ToGo ™ (Mobile game) of which Frankenslot’s Monster inspired by the story of Frankenstein who was first laid on paper in 1818 by novelist Mary Shelley.

The story of Manic Millions™ takes place in a laboratory kept out of sight. To preserve its anonymity and so that this place remains so in time, this place has as its sole friend discretion. This classified top secret laboratory is held holed at a depth of tens of meters where the surface facing outward from this underground infrastructure is only a desert of sand End.

This institute if we can name it so is inhabited by creatures that would give the simple idea to many people to take their legs to their necks and leave very quickly in the opposite direction from where they arrived. The feeling of horror evolves in power by being fed by the permanent presence of repulsive beings. Despite this, the Manic Millions™ slot machine has gradually revealed itself with some agility allowing it to reverse the steam by making its internal ambience relatively user-friendly. An environment that is maintained by the accompaniment of hideous monsters but that in the reality of Manic Millions™ would not harm a Fly.

In this adventure that promises to offer a new horizon to players being accustomed to entertaining on online games NextGen Gaming, they will be able to notice without a great evil the work area of a chemist. The latter spends most of his time on a platform and he makes every effort to attract the eyes of his person by playing the chemist’s apprentice. Sometimes it is to be twisted to laugh so much this character pushes itself to the ridiculous.

A man of a certain age who in my opinion was a little too lulled to the walls during his childhood. This lucky little one has an installation that would make jealous more than one of his confreres present on the Earth Shut up.

The graphic charter leaves no empty space by being furnished by a whole bunch of devices more or less sophisticated having for each of them a precise task to accomplish. There are devices with the aim of shrinking bodies of any size, particle filters, teleportation tools capable of removing organic subjects and many other modern machines equally wacky.

Speaking of madness, he is a doctor who is likely to have a profound desire to create something new. It counts by any process to settle as being the fruit of the whole renaissance of science. This teacher stands proudly on a desk installed on the left side of the manic slot machine million.

This man who has acquired a stage of no return to alienation is keen to impress his world by realising all kinds of gestures. He accentuates them with the help of his colorful solutions imprisoned in chemical test tubes which he manipulates anyway very carefully.

Sometimes when the Madness takes over, he tests his own chemical garments on his own body to know the direct consequences and their respective conclusions in the long term. A man who conceals his mouth behind a long gray beard and who has been obsessively seeking for years to be the ultimate creator of new living species but being inhabited without a single ounce of capacity intellectual property.

In other words, a level of IQ at the Daisies and it is one of these criteria that gives the game of Manic Millions™ its side so playful and that does not demand a pronounced reflection to evolve in the adventures of the game.

This is the case for example of this humanoid creature who stands up extremely bent back on the right side of the Manic Millions™ mobile slot machine. She spends most of her time escaping from the drooling nets of her broad mouth that lets glimpse a teeth in a pitiful state.

To frighten all dentists in the region and even the most seasoned. This monster is actually only the constitution of several pieces of human corpses taken from different people. These multiple body parts have been grafted together using crude medical staples so as to give birth to this disgusting and fouling beast that bears the name Igor in the gameplay of Manic Million™.

A real scene of horror but quickly caught up via a humorous theme or Igor is good only to actuate joysticks to give meaning to the game and especially allow the players to put them full pockets.

As for its background, the interface of the game is colorful and dominated largely by fluorescent green. On the 5 reels of the online casino game Manic Millions™ It is possible to meet during each spin countless symbols illustrating the future projects and those already accomplished by this completely insane professor to bind.

At each spin will reveal to the public items represented by beakers or test tubes for the preparation of chemical solutions. The latter are of different colors as green, yellow or even blue. Other creatures in addition to Igor are present by proudly distinguishing themselves from the screen.

There are green gelatinous creatures that wear orange protective goggles and at first glance look harmless. More elaborate in the sense that a laboratory mouse has a slightly higher intellectual coefficient than its basic capabilities. It has a much more developed brain with in this sense a more important skull that welcomes again and again this famous green substance which in the long stirs the curiosity.

The ideas of this crazy doctor are completely wild with this daily obsession to want to conceive of creatures out of standard even if they have anything but to be able to physically attract who what either.

Manic Millions™ is a game of chance that offers its public 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed payment lines. To start in the game, players will be able to play in the company of Wilds simple, or double, from Free Spins (scatters) and to have in the best of luck an access to extra Free Spins !

To carry out this mission which is to browse the game while activating features, Manic Millions™ offers a relatively flexible betting range that extends from £0.25 to go up to a climax of £250.00. Manic millions™ is a NextGen gaming silver game that does not have a very elaborate configuration at the level of options in relation to the setting of Paris.

To fix a sum of money just before playing, players will simply have to select a denomination value between £0.01 and £10.00. This will have the immediate effect of reducing to increase the total value of the bet that instantly updates at the bottom of the game screen where the amount of the bankroll.



Features, Manic Millions™ proposes to play and earn money using the intervention of Wilds simple. Icons that are illustrated by the doctor with strange inventions that holds between his fingers 2 test tubes containing liquids with vapors especially Toxic.

In their madness, the simple wilds will have for project to substitute all the representations that they find in their way. A simple approach aimed at to encourage the formation of winning lines. In this frantic race to obtaining fast and powerful prizes at once, the simple wilds will be able to present several times on the screen so as to explode the number of probabilities to achieve their ends which are to make generous gameplay of Manic Millions™.

Only one icon will impede the simple wilds and it is clearly the items scatters which will have for their major mission to open a certain access to free spins (Free spins). In this momentum of price redistribution, the wilds will be in full capacity to offer lots of chips more or less heavy.

This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the more numerous they will be when stopping a spin and the more the package of parts assigned will be consistent. In clear, by obtaining 2, 3, 4 or 5 times the item of the simple Joker, the players concerned will receive respectively an equivalence of 10, 50, 200 or 1000 tokens!


We just alluded to scatters icons. Yes indeed, there are and they have the principle of give a transition to spins through a free game sequence.

To get an entry package in the heart of this feature, the goal of the game will be to collect at least 3 scatters icons that are illustrated by the title of the game Manic Millions™ with the Bonus option. Once this configuration has come to life on the interface, the game will evolve dramatically towards more colorful graphics with a more worked soundtrack to bring a more intense rhythm in order to provoke a certain degree of excitement in favor of the future course of the game.

In this free game session, Manic Millions™ will offer the chance to accumulate other free spins from the moment 3 new scatters appear anywhere on the 5 reels. In the course of the actions of this feature, Igor the monster pestiferous and Moron will have for primary occupation to operate like a robot a gamepad. This good deed will in turn force to give the free field to Wilds electrifying so that they are able to present themselves unannounced and totally random on the 5 reels.

No need to make a drawing. From this repetitive intervention of the jokers, the prices will be more and more juicy with in more reduced cases the birth of big win (Big gain). As with the wilds, depending on the number of presentations on the wheels, the scatters will have the other strength to release token packs. By getting 3, 4 or 5 scatters on any location on the 5 reels of the video slot, the scatters will take care of offering respectively 125, 375 or 1250 coins!



Manic Millions™ is a mobile slot machine that is very nice to browse. There is no doubt about it and I think that many players will be in my opinion. This theme is unique in NextGen Gaming se which has the impact of embellishing once again their vast library of mobile casino games.

The interface offers very pleasing color games for the eyes with multiple protagonists that offer many series of animations which for the most part are quite funny to visualize. Manic Millions™ is therefore a playful game that drives us to discover in its entirety its gameplay.

After visiting the latter, I can conclude that this video slot is quite skinny because it counts only wilds and a feature free spins with an additional option to play with Extra Free Spins. Features that don’t allow Manic Millions™ to have robust gameplay but still have a theoretical rate of redistribution on players bets valued at 95.48%.

The regular pay aspect is well present but the routine can unfortunately settle quickly for the main cause of this blatant lack of featuring. That said, the Manic Millions™ casino game remains a good NextGen Gaming by being endowed with well-built graphics and a very captivating internal story.

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