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Macau Casino, which will be ready to win a great trip for two to Macau?


At the end of the year 2018, if there is indeed an operator who has typed in the eye it is the one who shows up on behalf of Macau Casino. Without exaggeration from me and for the benefit of a long expertise, if I had to define it in a few terms, I would say a new white pearl in the industry that radiates a thousand fires from its astronomical quantity of promotions without condition of withdrawal. A variation of bonuses that has a certain meaning to provide without difficulty this sensation of water to the mouth and this undeniably for any lover of the game online.

Sprinkled with treasures and embalmed with a delicious fragrance, the platform of Macau Casino throws and this is noticed from its sensational arrival in November 2018. Given our level of experience in the Internet gambling industry for almost a decade and yes that time flies so quickly, we immediately identify the good intentions of this virtual gambling house. To mark a point in common between the administration of AC and this sign unpretentiously No it also is supported by a serious administration, feeds on passionate operators what seems to be good sign for the future.

In the heart of this new online casino regulated in Curacao and which therefore accepts on a legal plan the arms wide open European players, we can appreciate according to the tastes of each of the recurring bonuses at the same time diversified in their respective operation and exempt from condition before any request for collection. But what attracts our intention today through this news from Macau Casino is its energy that takes pleasure in spreading like a wildfire in a section only reserving space only to bonuses events.

Most of the time, this relatively dynamic area gives way to more or less long series in reference to video slot tournaments. But for the time being, the chance to participate in a large game! Very far from being any since this is the one in reference for Christmas 2018. So what can we expect to gain by participating and what are the conditions to participate?

To go further…

A well-established fidelity system with deposits of €100 to accumulate each action a ticket to participate in a large draw on December the 25th of 2018!

Has the knowledge of this news, each player is able to create an account for free on the official website of Macau Casino. This is the only condition to participate in this great game of the year as the upcoming adventures and there will be a bunch will have to unfold in a game climate with real chips. In other words, you will have to deposit money, at least €100 to have a guarantee to be recognized as an active player in this Christmas game 2018.

Each deposit of €100 minimum will allow the players concerned to harvest as a kind of barter a ticket to participate in a draw that will take place on December the 25th of 2018. The more the retention at the level of deposits of minimum €100 will be important and the greater the chances of winning the grand prize put into play will be exponential. For example, by depositing the sum of €500 per tranche of €100 or five times, five tickets will be allocated and as a direct result five times are more chance of winning. There is no limit in obtaining the number of tickets.

A click away, a trip for two people to Macau not to mention the contents of a package of benefits that stands in the belly not to explode!

By taking pleasure in playing on any game of the Macau casino, players are able to collect a ticket for each instalment of €100 deposited. Very nice but what can we hope to win by the force of chance on this hot evening of December 25th of 2018? The platform offers players the ultimate chance to win a dream trip for two people to Macau !

A unique stay that will take root from its nearest airport. Following the first-class take-off, this grand voyage will begin its ascent by a stopover in Hong Kong. Without interrupting a 24-hour VIP treatment by staff at the small care via hotels that no longer count their number of stars, final destination in Macau but beware in limousine and for the rest of the journey by Ferry Express. Yes, as long as we do, let’s do the events properly!

Once present in Macau, the luxury will be even more breathtaking where the lucky winner will be able to savor with the person of his choice four nights of total ecstasy in full board in a luxury hotel 5 stars where rhinestones and glitter, delights champagne and pocket money will flow afloat! In addition to being able to live unforgettable moments on the other side of the world, being pampered like a Hollywood VIP, the Casinotier Macau will not be shy to thicken the wallet of its winning customer with no less than €10 000 of pocket money to spend without restraint!

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December 2018 : Macau Casino and its great christmas game 2018!