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Tournament of Blaze: Lucky31

The principle of the game of roulette is quite simple in its bases. It is a game of chance where each player sits around a game table putting on one or more numbers, a color, or a parity of the number that he hopes to be pulled. The numbers are drawn using a ball thrown into a cylinder with notches and colors that rotates and stops on a number.

The roulette appeared in Italy at the beginning of the XVIIº century under the name of Biribi, and the French word was used in 1716 in Paris and designated a small wheel with squares and colors appearing at the end of the XVIIIº century. The first mentions of this game appear through legal documents that regulate this practice. This game like many others will be banned from 1836, and you could only play roulette in clandestine places in Paris.

In the middle of the XIXº century in Monte Carlo, the roulette has become really popular, Charles III of Monaco will legalize the gambling in the Principality and in 1860 the brothers Blanc open a casino with of course a roulette. During the nineteenth century French immigrants made roulette known in the United States and this game became very popular with western miners. The Americans will add a new double-zero box that will give more benefits to the Bank.

But nowadays the new modality of this roulette game that is the top is the live roulette online. Indeed internet casinos must constantly innovate because the competition is fierce and apart from the slots the other modalities offered by the terrestrial casinos are very important. And this is what shows us day after day Lucky31, to motivate us a little he offers us this tournament blaze during every weekend of March 2019 with a Prizepool of €2500!

Lucky31 Blaze 2019 tournament terms and conditions:

The ranking of the weekend will take place from Saturday to 00:00 until Sunday 23:59 and the overall ranking is held throughout the month of March 2019. To participate in this tournament, there is no additional cost only the price of bets. Only games wagered on the Blaze Roulette table of the Authentic Gaming software will be taken into account for this promotion and the position of the player on the ranking will be defined by the amount of points accumulated during the promotion.

The player will get 10 points each time he bet €100, 10 points on a full number, 5 points on a horse bet (by at least one of the numbers), 2 points by winning with a square (by at least one of the numbers). If there are several players with the same score, the player with the highest number of bets on full numbers will get the first place in the ranking. Player positions will be updated every Monday before 12.00 this.

Bets made with bonus money are not allowed in the Blaze Promotion and one must know that the position of the ranking can change throughout the tournament. Weekend cash prizes will be credited to players ‘ accounts as cashable funds before April 10th of 2019. The cash prizes in the global ranking will also be credited to players ‘ accounts and withdrawn before April 10th. The casino Lucky31 reserves the right to modify or cancel the tournament at any moment.

The pool of the overall ranking will be €2500 and the jackpot of the ranking of the weekends is divided as follows: The first prize will be €500, the second prize will be €100, the third price €75, the fourth prize will be €50, the fifth Prize will be €25 from the sixth to the tenth prize they will earn €10. Which forms a total quantity per weekend of €500!

Review of the blaze of Lucky31 tournament:

One of the strengths of casino Lucky31 is live roulette, and that’s what it shows us with this tournament every weekend of March 2019. The only condition is that you have to bet on the Blaze Roulette game of the Authentic Gaming technology that propels the automated game to a higher level that is broadcast from a studio and not a traditional casino. Blaze Roulette is a semi-automatic game that operates 24/7 hosted by a live broadcaster between 7pm and 1am.

The design of the environment makes the player feel as if he is participating in a televised game with LED lights in the background and on the betting tables. The dealer depending on the times tries to make the show as realistic as possible, it announces the result of each round, marks the winning number on the physical board, presses the button to rotate the roulette. A unique atmosphere is created and the different camera angles reward a gaming experience Authentic.

For those who like live roulette it’s a pretty interesting tournament but obviously not accessible to everyone. The conditions of bets and withdrawal are correct. The money earned is directly sent to the user’s account and the funds must be withdrawn before April 10th of 2019 without further condition. As a result to this, it’s still not bad I find. It is also clear that in order to be able to play you have to have an account on Lucky31 casino otherwise it is not possible to participate in this tournament.

The Blaze Tournament is not giant in prizes but it remains quite well as a whole and the last weekend the prize pool increases to €1000 which gives a little more motivation to players: 5 weekends to meet the challenge and position itself in a ranking that is going to give prizes to the top 10 every Monday! With a little luck and if you like Live roulette you can find yourself among the first and collect prizes every weekends!

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