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A big Christmas shopping 2018 is been prepared in the scenes of Lucky31 !


Near as far we know practically all and if that is not still the case, today sun as the time from him grant of time to deserves it! This operator regulated by the laws that comes into force on the territory of Curaçao knows by the intermediary of a strategy marketing without flaw be noticed on 2012 for his ideal without control a to want still and always upset the French e-Gaming. Back a zest for rather admit the whole Europe that opens to a regulation of games of money on the internet more and more flexible!

At lucky31, this doesn’t laugh when there are bonuses evenst that come in game and for the last of this year, the rests without restraint its wide shoulders on the account of Christmas 2018. Hang to your chair because the program are of good doses of adrenaline, from the passion with of astonishing twists of gameplay and the prize flowing of generosity! we are very far of see the beyond of the horizon of signs of casinos in line lifts of a phone dedication with of powers of prize for at least derisory that clearly ashamed the big casinotier Lucky31.

Fortunately, Lucky31 right the bar in undertaking to his image what he is any his originality. a tournament of Yggdrasil slot machines is treats already of receive on his place thousands of players from through the world is ready to fill the small wave of challenges proposed. And not anyone they are qualified of powerful in redistribution of earnings on slot machines Yggdrasil brand that result never for to find the solution that their will of have in place. Excited to the idea of filling the pockets of those that their will a attention any particular to the eve of Christmas 2018!

By definition the party family by excellence where the players can is rejoice of slashing the champagne when of objectives will carried out to term. Far to be at its first shot test in the material the casinotier Lucky31 do can what predict a future event that displays of good probabilities to seduce a maximum of players present in the four corners of the world! This is not certain but this is an evidence!

To go far…

To thick his wallet with a pizepool of €65 000 + a draw shielded from gifts!

To finish in beauty this last month of the year 2018, Santa Claus do will not able to prepare the day planned but by against, the a decided by the through of a tactics of is do forgive of his absenteeism programmed in offering the most good looking gifts carefully stored in his sled steering wheel. In 2018, not of man in red at the long beard white in seen at the operator Lucky31 but in other hand the organization of an important Christmas Shopping is announced between the 12th of December at 10:00 CET this until the 16th of December to 23:59 CET!

This religious celebration what all the world wait for with impatience for all tear energetically the packaging of gifts hidden under the tree and y discover their content progresses to great steps. this bonus event baptized (Christmas Shopping) wants to compete of joy and to good mood what range this moment real who has for but of gather the members of family with €65 000 from pizepool and the gifts to do more have enough fingers to hold them!

To fill one or several objectives on a trio of Yggdrasil slot machines to make sure a qualification in the pizepool between the 12th and the 16th of December 2018 !

But before thinking to be granted a place well the hot on a ranking dynamic that recognize not least of 700 places, you will do evidence of discipline. To play in mode real on a selection of Yggdrasil online slot machines. All with of 5 reels and of a universe film close of our reality the objective will of fill of objectives in browsing these games of slot.

To reminder, between the wednesday 12th of December and the Sunday 16th of December 2018, the players registered on the Lucky31 casino can participate the Christmas Shopping 2018 in playing on the trio of slot machines Valley of the Gods™, Hanzo’s Dojo™ and Baron Samedi™.
To afford a qualification well deserved, the objective on Valley of the Gods™ will be to activate 3 statues 3 times on Hanzo’s Dojo™ and penetrate in the free spins mode and finally playing always with real chips with a minimum bet of €0.50 per spin on Baron Samedi™ from trigger the voodoo Re-Spins.

After a passage in the pizepool and a prize in cash in your pocket comes the draw the 17th of December 2018 with €5000 in gifts hidden in virtual chests !

At the time the ranking closed of the 700 positions booking not least of €65 000 prize in cash the players present in this fork can in a first time be proud of their respective course. In second and for the encourage to win still more range this Christmas Shopping 2018 organized by the provider Yggdrasil and Lucky31 Casino, these will of this bargain the bringing to be able to win one of the 7 gadgets when of the famous draw!

A roundup as the operators from Lucky31 casino calls it as well that reaches its beginnings when on Monday 17th of December at 00h01 until the 17th of December at 11:59 pm CET. A date giving the downstream to integrate the section of draw in the window of missions on one of games participants. The information visible since his account player where from this moment specific, the will question of select the chance a chest. His content prove is a prize yes absolutely nothing. In the worst case, spider webs but without more than material to bring a possible comfort face to the defeat.

The prize proposed can be delivered absolutely everywhere in Europe and for those that have their residence place out of the euro zone they can receive an alternative prize or the value in cash that they have won. These gifts are 2 Ninebot Uni-Segway, 1 Mini Drone with camera, 1 VR, 1 Bose Quiet Comfort headphones cancellation of noise, 1 Nintendo Switch red/blue and 1 Hoverboard with bluetooth speakers. Gifts in a scale of value of €375 to €1050 coin. When we inform you that the Lucky31 don’t laugh at its clients I think what we did not wrong to affirm it.

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