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Lucky Neko Gigablox™

Daruma dolls bring good luck and players can see it in this lucky Neko Gigablox game™ of classic Japanese inspiration. The symbology will leave no doubt to the players where they are with among others the cat. A beautifully represented organization and 3 features: Lucky Neko, Gigablox and free spins (as in 9K Yeti™ another marvel of the provider Yggdrasil) will try to have their cash backed up.

The story of the daruma doll is intimately linked to that of the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, the initiator of Zen Buddhism in Japan. This monk, originally from India, is said to have lived between the 5th and 6th century AD, but his history is intermingled with legends and exists in different versions (like most Japanese stories), which leaves the mystery hanging around his origins and his life.

Most stories tell that the monk Bodhidharma, during his pilgrimage, stopped for some time in a Shaolin monastery in China where he developed the teaching of Chan Buddhism as well as the martial art practice, shaolin kung fu. After returning to the road, he decided to stop in a cave to meditate until he reached the Enlightenment. He spends nine long years observing the wall of the cave, sitting, without moving and without closing his eyes.

Legend has it that at the end of the seventh year, the monk fell asleep with fatigue. When he awoke, he was so angry with himself that he decided to cut off his eyelids and never fall asleep again. He perceived this weakness as a lack of discipline and wished to make amends with the gods by mutilating himself in this way.

According to legend, green tea plants sprouted at the spot where the eyelids were discarded. Since then, Buddhist monks have been drinking green tea to stay awake and meditate for long hours. After nine years in the same sitting position, without moving an inch, the monk Bodhidharma lost the use of his limbs.

Some stories tell that his legs and arms have atrophied, others say that they would have fallen out of his body. This is why the daruma doll is represented without arms or legs. The intense expression of the daruma, with its two large eyes open without eyelids, embodies the struggle, determination and perseverance of the monk Bodhidharma.

The first manufactures of daruma dolls date back to the 17th century. The monks of the town of Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, came up with the idea of making papier-mâché talismans with the image of the monk Bodhidharma to bring good luck to farmers.

Their incomes generally depended on luck at harvest time and, because Japanese culture was very superstitious, having a lucky charm did them good. Later, the peasants began to make daruma dolls themselves for sale in order to increase their meagre incomes in times of economic hardship. A few decades later, the use of the daruma doll gained popularity and spread throughout the rest of the country.

Today, the city of Takasaki still produces more than 80% of the daruma made in Japan. A round body, with no arms or legs. But there is an explanation of why the daruma doll was designed to always regain its original vertical position. Is it the same principle as a tumble? Regardless of the force she is being pushed around with, she will always get up.

The daruma is a beautiful illustration of the Japanese proverb (nanakorobi yaoki) which translates as (fall seven times, rise eight times). By saying it in another way, no matter how many times you fall, you always have to get up to reach your goal. The daruma is a lucky charm (just like the Maneki Neko), but above all it is a powerful symbol of perseverance.

The most remarkable feature of the doll is its two large open eyes, devoid of eyelids and pupils. The theory that explains this is related to the history of Bodhidharma and the moment he ripped his eyelids off to stop falling asleep. The facial hairs painted on the figure match the eyebrows and beard of the monk Bodhidharma.

Some people write their wish on the doll so as not to lose sight of it or to make their vow more official to themselves and the Gods. Although there are daruma of all colors nowadays, the most popular traditional color is red. A first theory assumes that Bodhidharma, after his trip to China, wore a long red robe like the Chinese Buddhist monks during his nine years of meditation in the cave.

According to another, much darker theory, the red colour may have originated during a period of devastating smallpox epidemics in the country. In a culture as superstitious as japan’s, this disease could only be a curse sent by a vengeful god.

According to popular belief, red was the favorite color of the god of smallpox, so people began to wear red clothes to attract the good graces of God and be spared from disease. Thus, the red color of the daruma doll was used to repel disease and help with healing.

Features of Lucky Neko Gigablox™:


Japanese lucky dolls seem to be the stars of Yggdrasil’s new slot machine, Lucky Neko Gigablox™. It’s a completely atypical online gambling, and it’s not just its theme or graphics. The layout, major payments and features involved are well organized, and not quite the kind that players usually expect. The Lucky Neko, the Gigablox and the free spins also present on Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine™ will make it a super fun game.

For starters, Lucky Neko Gigablox™ will be able to run at 6 reels, which offers 40 to 85 lines. Gigablox symbols, occupying 4×4 or 6×6 positions, can appear as players spin the reels, and they will be able to get free spins with a larger play area with wonderful rewards that can go up to 6,953x the bet.

The name Gigablox comes from the 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 symbols that can sometimes appear on the reels, larger versions of the regular symbols that appear. In free spin mode, the same symbols reach a size of 6×6, but it is with the larger playing area that is present.

Wild symbols appear in this Lucky Neko Gigablox™ game, and are used as a substitute for regular symbols. They can also appear in Gigablox versions, which will increase their usefulness. Reach the free spins, will be done through the Lucky Cat symbols, when at least 5 appear. Each of these symbols offers players 1 free spin.

The maximum that players will be able to get in Lucky Neko Gigablox™ is 16 free spins, if the symbols that trigger it appear as Gigablox. For this mode, the play area is boosted, with more lines (6×8 reels) and 85 lines (instead of 40). There will then be larger Gigablox symbols, plus a randomly selected symbol (Blessed), which will pay 5 times the usual amount of the basic game.

Opinion about Lucky Neko Gigablox™:

The Online Gambling Lucky Neko Gigablox™ does not have an imperative need for players to make exaggerated bets to be paid. They will be able to do well because from the beginning there are many winning lines. Players will have the choice between 8 coins values, and depending on the value, bets will range from €0.08 to €100 per spin. Free spins, winning multipliers like in Niagara Falls™ will be there, in addition to the wilds and Lucky Neko to make it a great game.

The prizes that will be offered on Lucky Neko Gigablox™ are greater than those that players can normally find at Yggdrasil. That is why they will be able to obtain salaries of up to 6,953 times the bet. The return to the player is 96.40%. That is to say, the game will offer its players a good game, on the stakes, and daruma dolls from Japan seem to have inspired this 3D slot video.

The symbols of the game will be a Golden Cat Wild, Lucky Cat Scatter, four types of dolls of different colors as symbols of highest value, and symbols of a deck of cards as low value symbols. The little news of Yggdrasil once again will not disappoint the players because here everything is at the top. Whether, are the soundtrack, features or graphics chart, everything is synchronized. This Lucky Neko Gigablox™ game is crazy with the talking dolls, you really have to try it!

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