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Lilith’s Passion™

On the 24th of april 2018 the provider Spinomenal brings us this slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows, 50 lines of payment a back the player of 95.35% and a volatility average. Its features: Stacked wilds, Sticky Wilds, Mystery Symbol, win multiply will help us to try to win a maximum of 2000 coins!

When Lilith was created she was the equal to the man. God would have done the same day, but also with of materials uncleaned they lived all the two in the garden of Eden. All their necessities were covered and they were happy. But little to little this happiness is broken up because the man wanted always be higher to her.

And it was some chose that they are character do could not allow. The man wanted to be the stronger in his thirst without limits in his eternal need to dominate without leave the least chance to express herself or just to give her opinion. He only wanted his beauty, his silence, his submission.

Despite of live in a world wonderful where the do missed of nothing, Lilith had not the right to the word. The narcissism deep of the man the relegated to the back plan always behind him the best the perfect. And this is then that the need to satiate its passions, from do not is leave do and to have its own thoughts made that she wants to go out of the garden of the Eden. Life was become unbearable and she didn’t want to continue like this.

Before to all, she’s returns to the Creator and full of rage swear that she doesn’t rent more never his name and starts his travel to forget this place that do the a not left flourish. The anger of creator was evident, the thunder starts, the rain, the wind, and to same to make account boost by the wind Lilith would cross the border.

She wandered in the other world for of centuries, couldn’t stop or to watch in back. This world that was full of people as the creator had wanted the women docile and subject. The only emotion that do the left not it was the rage because she has gone for nothing. She had failed and the world continued without her.

Tired in its tests of flee and all abandon she meets Satan that married her and to this union only out of hordes of demons. She created in power to destroy better: if it could not change the world then she would the destroy. If her children were cursed then the children of other could not no longer exist. It was as if the destruction was his only right to the word.

She appeared in the dreams of men and their flew their sperm and inseminate herself to have children, but all those that she had were demons because the Creator had cursed and she would the rest of its days to have children demons. A day Lilith pushes Satan to pervert Eve, who depending on the Bible was made from the rib of the man. This is for this that she was yes good what if subject. Satan disguised in a snake and possess carnally Eve and from this union was born Cain, the first man to commit a murder in killing his brother Abel.

Lilith, queen of succubus, of the vampires, as we can see in the content of the slot machine Lilith’s Passion™, is a devourer of men and a murders of children. If we have the misfortune of invoke her we can fall in its claws and know the desolation but this is not all the points of view from everybody because some think that she is the personification of freedom of expression. She teaches us not be low (this is an insult) and to assume our responsibilities.

The game of chance of Lilith’s Passion™, shows us all her symbology the blood, the bodies perfects the apple, Eve, the fire of the hell ,the magic potions, the demons,in short absolutely nothing lack in this slot machine who has for goal to make spend us an excellent moment in company of Lilith.

Features of the slot machine HTLM5 Lilith’s Passion™


We can find the symbol Bonus represented by a cauldron of potion in the main game 3 times or more then we will triggered the Bonus feature. The wilds are represented by the image of Lilith a magnificent redhead and they count as any that symbol except those that represents the Bonus and Free Spins.

5 symbols wilds in a line of wins give the x200 bet. The free spins are the image of a game man very good looking with long hair and the look sad. 3 or more symbols free spins trigger automatically 10 free spins and pay the setting total x3. The setting by line is the same that has triggered the feature, only in the main game and the reels two to four.

The feature of Stacked Wild will be activated if 3 symbols wild cover the whole reel and a re-spin is trigger when the stacked wilds will take place. For the basic game the stacked wilds can appear only on the reels 2 and 4, for the mode re-spin they can land on the reels two, three and four. If 2 stacked wilds appear in the same spin they trigger only 1 re-spin.

The sticky wilds can happen for the mode free spins, for that the reels turn 1 or 2 symbols sticky wild can appear and these symbols remain to the end the free spins for we help to increase the possibilities of forming winninglines. The sticky wilds are represented by the head of Lilith and a chain to each side.

The mystery symbol are the regard mysterious of Lilith, when the reels have stopped and these symbols are in the game of casino mobile Lilith’s Passion™, they uncover and prove 1 random symbol except the bonus and the symbol the free spins. Only in the main game. The multiplier of wins is represented by the plumping lips red with flames around.

As the reels turn a symbol multiplier of wins can stay and apply a multiplier on the tour winner that can be x2, x3, x4 yes x5 and only in the main game. The symbols mean will a heart inflamed, a rose with of blood on the edges, a mouth ready to bite an apple, and a glass in silver with the blood inside. The most lower will A, K, Q, J and 10 of a game of cards.

Opinion of the game of casino Lilith’s Passion™

On the 24th of April 2018 the provider Spinomenal brought us a slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 lines of payment under the theme of the femme fatale Lilith. The values of bets will from £0.01 to £10 which reports to a scale of bets based between £0.5 and £500. Is on in a for all the wallets of the most shy to the more launched. The truth is that the more important are the bets more the possibilities of win big increase.

The back is about 95.3% and the volatility is average what done what we do must not wait too much to try the features. The charter graphic of game of chance Lilith’s Passion™ is absolutely beautiful. A large panel of colors bright where dominates the red blood atmosphere mysterious the images perfectly in agreement with the theme we attire and we done continue to play. There are enough features for do not boring us. The feature bonus is excellent! We must choose of pots where out of prize, which change of only have of reels that turn, I have enjoyed!

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