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UK Gambling Commission

In partnership with the competent authorities of Great Britain and to avoid the overflows, the Gaming Commission was the subject of a foundation under the Act of 2005 with the aim of effectively regulating commercial gambling in its territory. Moreover, as there is a succession of criminal laws, let us therefore look at that of 2004. It is connected with the games of chance (licences and advertising) which imposes on any operator wishing to carry out its activities by dealing with British consumers or by having the willingness to advertise it to comply with a directive imposing to apply for the annual acquisition of a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

It is not only the online gambling operators that are closely monitored by this regulatory corporation but also the National Lottery in order to meet the requirements under the law of 1993. The Gambling Commission is defined as a non-ministerial, independent public corporation that is welded with the department of digital, culture, media and sports. It is more than 300 employees who represent this regulatory organization, most of whom work in offices located in Birmingham while a good forty employees with this significant privilege to carry out their missions from home whether in England, Scotland or even Wales.

Several hundred people are therefore constantly working tirelessly to validate and maintain the main objectives that we will be seeing in a short time. This large family of workers gives the green light to an operator in demand for a licence from the time when the following main objectives are respected to the letter. Prevent by any means possible that the game is transformed into a source of crime of any form whatsoever. That the game finds its development in a healthy environment by acting in a fair way with the players. To ensure the continued protection of minors and others who may be vulnerable to exposure to the game. These are of course the main lines of protection of the consumer and many others are travelled on a daily basis.

In regard to the National Lottery, the objectives are to ensure that each lottery site that is an integral part of the National Lottery is managed properly. That all interests playing in the favor of consumers should be respected both formally and informally. By default of these two rules of gold, the British Gambling Commission is doing its best to ensure that the behavioral requirements of the National Lottery are applied at the highest level.

As we have seen earlier, the UK Gambling Commission has a major role in issuing annual authorizations to operators and British particulars. The goal is to give them the endorsement to offer in all legality digital playrooms, virtual slots, bets of any other kind, live games, lotteries, Bingo, other forms of games by chance both online and by phone, digital casinos and finally gambling software.

The UK Gambling Commission is very strict with regard to its conditions of license and its codes of practice. To validate its control objectives, this organization conducts evaluation series to ensure upstream that licensees adequately meet the requirements imposed. When the operators are caught hand in the bag and therefore they do not respect a part of the measures when obtaining proof of non-compliance, measures are taken as soon as possible. Sometimes large fines are distributed but in most cases the licensees conscientiously revise their bad behavior. At the end, the Gambling Commission does not take any real criminal action but does not deprive itself of distributing warnings see blame under the ground of bad conduct.

Consumer Complaint Management

Gambling Commission deals with a lot of points to ensure a healthy gaming environment for all but there are elements that it does not deal with directly. This is precisely the case with the complaints of the players who would have this need to make their discontent known. The Gaming Commission in the UK is unwilling to resolve the players ‘ complaints. It is therefore impossible for her to allow a customer to recover his money on a bet placed or even on a virtual slot machine. This is also the case on a prize-winning disputed by the National Lottery.

However, operators licensed by Gambling Commission UK must have a complaint processing cell of its customers and provisions allowing a dispute to be able to be returned without hassle to a independent third party. The operator of the National Lottery does not escape this rule with this obligation to have procedures for handling the complaints of the players. Despite its inability to directly resolve disputes between disgruntled customers and operators, the Gambling Commission grants itself this right to examine cases to know of itself even if the operator fulfils its obligations as defined in its operating licence.

What the player must watch before depositing money

seems logical but we thought it was good to talk about it to leave nothing to the pleasure of ignorance. Before transferring any amount of money, it is essential to turn into an inspector for purposes of checking whether the online casino in which you are about to play with real money is approved by the British Gambling Commission.

Generally, just go to the bottom of the platform site and look for an HTML link or logo that redirects to the official website of the Gambling Commission. But this is not enough to be sure that the operator we are aiming for is well regulated in the country. Then you have to go to the license register to see the type of activity that it is allowed to offer and also if of the Regulations measures were taken against him. From this page, you can also read all of the domain names of the website, company name, registered office and current status of the license (or licenses issued) (operating license, personal management, personal functional, site). Also have an eye on the terms and conditions of each game allowing to be helped to understand easily what bets are made. In this momentum, be able to self-verify the launch offers or casino bonuses and their associated terms and conditions.

If an online casino does not have a seal of the UK Gambling Commission, it is not listed on its platform is that it operates illegally. As a result of this contentious act, the Gambling Commission is entitled to take of the measures against the operator concerned. For example, and as a first step, make sure to freeze the most used means of payment such as MasterCard, Paypal and VISA. Thereafter and with rather radical means of pressure to initiate legal proceedings that could lead to the trader being found to be illegal to an obvious financial catastrophe and to a potential prison sentence.

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