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Lemur Does Vegas™

Lemur Does Vegas™, a Spinomenal provider slot machine lands on our screens by acting as a mediator to allow us to converse with a very elegant lemur. In the program, some features including a multiplier of winnings, a bonus game with a wheel of fortune, extra wilds, extra bonus who will want to make us win money as much as possible in the decor of a casino land based in Las Vegas. A jazzy music setting the mood to start on the wheel hats and a significant amount of surprises that has concocted our lemur.

In the lemur Kingdom, King Francis has just made an incredible discovery: a weird bag is drifting. What can be inside? The King makes it bring back to the edge of the shore. They’re coffee beans! We have to go see his scientific lemur to make the coffee machine, and be able to enjoy this elixir if enjoyed it.

The effect of this beverage is not expected and the King of the lemurs keeps stirring in every way. He decides to take advantage of all his lemurs. And the realm becomes completely addicted to caffeine. They perform their stains in fourth gear, but above all they do not sleep. Which in the long term can give problems, but at the moment they are all happy.

The worst is when they stay short of grains… The lemurs become aggressive, and suddenly… Mario the hyena the super enemy of King Francis comes to sneer him under the nose. He was the one who left the coffee adrift. He has more than that… But what does exactly he want? He wants the King of the lemurs abdicated and leaves him the crown. But this is another case!

But the situation turns against the hyena because Maurice one of the lemurs went to chat with the slaves and turned them against Mario. The lemurs go home with plenty of coffee bags but especially knowing where the plantation is. They start working like beasts again and the first thing they build when they arrive is a big land casino in Las Vegas for all to go to have fun.

Features of Lemur Does Vegas™:


In this slot machine without download Lemur Does Vegas™, there are multipliers of winnings, extra wilds, a bonus game with its wheel of fortune, free spins that will be very well explained with a button at the top and right of the screen features. By pressing this option specific to Spinomenal casino provider, a leaflet will open allowing to understand fairly quickly the principle of functioning of the features internally to the gameplay. Which for my part comes up to be quite original. The theme and symbols are quite traditional but the difference is that one is accompanied by a super elegant lemur protagonist as a guide.

Anytime during a win, a multiplier number may appear, and any win in this round will then be multiplied by the value in question only during the base game this will not be valid for other features. While the reels are spinning, up to 8 symbols can manifest on the 5 reels of the slot machine and then increase the chances of winning! Wild symbols can multiply the winning lines by x2 or x3 according to the symbol that will fall on the reels and this only in the main game.

When a bonus symbol (a wheel of fortune with the word bonus listed below), that there if on the reels and it will light up. To get the bonus game it will take 5 bonus symbols to illuminate. When one of the reels illuminates the value of the bonus in question will be retained. The average amount of the 5 reels will be used as the basis for earning multipliers in the bonus and will be used as the betting value in the case of activating lots of free spins and valid only in the game of base.

When you are entitled to the bonus game, you see the lemur pushing a wheel of fortune on our interface in the dark. Suddenly, the screen lights up and you discover a wheel of fortune! You have to click on the spin button to rotate the wheel. You can collect winnings multipliers, extra free spins in each round. Once all the spins are used, you will be rewarded with the amount of winnings obtained and the combination of the free spins you will receive.

During free spins, any new winning combination will trigger a re-spin feature. All winnings combinations will remain in place and the non-winning symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols. New symbols to be added to a winning line will remain in place and the game will turn to new. The re-spins will continue until there are no more winning combinations. The game will only pay the last re-spin.

Opinion of Lemur Does Vegas™:

Lemur Does Vegas™ is a Spinomenal provider slot that has just joined the internet to come and make us have a good time with a very chic lemur, winning multipliers, a bonus game with a wheel of fortune, extra wilds , extra bonus that will help us reach the top all in the mood of a Las Vegas casino. A slot machine of 5 reels and 3 rows and 25 pay lines under a jazz rhythm to agree this chance to make us move our corps.

It is true that the symbols and the theme is quite seen but the difference is accompanied with this lemur well dressed and nice that keeps making good and applaud when there are gains. It’s original and it puts the mood, the jazzy accompaniment is also in symbiosis with the theme which makes a whole well worked to try not to look like other games of money on the same theme. The values of coins range from 0.01 to €10€ which makes us a range of bets between 0.25 and €250, of which to satisfy most of the players.

What is not bad also is to be able to try the features with the button at the top and right of the interface. When one clicks a flyer opens and we have 5 boxes that open winnings multiplier, super win, bonus game, extra bonus, and extra wild. It’s really great to be able to try these features in this way. Everything is very well explained also what changes some games we do not know where we go but here everything is clear, this is a good point for the provider Spinomenal.

We can enjoy from the beginning of the feature so the slot machine with no download Lemur Does Vegas™ has a fairly high variance, which we have no news is back to the player, but after trying my conclusion it is a fairly generous slots so it’s perfect because all the ingredients are well present to spend a pleasant moment of diversion. The decor is cared up to the smallest detail and this little lemur with its nice built makes us company, what else?

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