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Legal Notice

By reading these terms of use, the user acknowledges having read the present terms of use and this step, he agrees to respect them fully. The user of the site acknowledges the competence and the necessary means to be able to access this site and to use it. goal is to provide quality content and on a regular basis for its visitors and subscribers. Before integrating any content, we take care to add a maximum of added value in order to differentiate ourselves from other websites that are also specialized in this sector of activity. Our goal is to offer the best for our readers in terms of information and free entertainment. Each user of the site must be aware that potential risks of loss of money can exist by playing casino games whether they are online or in land.

The entire administration of AvisCasinos is not responsible for the decisions taken by its visitors and subscribers to its website. We do not guarantee the accuracy over time of the information mentioned on all the pages of the site. In the event of a loss of money linked to the use of this site, we are entirely free from any responsibility for this situation.

For those who wish to play with money from an online casino, we strongly recommend before committing to read the laws that apply in their country of residence knowing that the latter vary Strongly from one country to another. is not an online casino and the latter will never be. By browsing the site, we can very quickly notice that it is impossible to be able to place bets with real money. It will never be possible to play with money on the site. All the games on the site are only available with a free version. No space on the site is paying and it will always be. All content is available free knowing that membership in the member area is free. To be entertained with real money, it will then be necessary in this case to leave the site to head to a virtual gambling establishment.

Cookies :

When browsing the AvisCasinos site, cookies are installed in your browser. The purpose of these cookies is to record the navigation information on the site (date and time of the consultation, page consulted, date and time of the click, place of Click…). This information allows to further personalize the site and in this way facilitate access for its members and visitors to the various sections proposed therein.

We would like to inform you that you can easily oppose the registration of cookies by configuring your Internet browser in the following way :

Microsoft Internet Explorer :

1. Choose the tools or Tools menu, then Internet Options or Internet Options.
2. Click the Privacy or Confidentiality tab.
3. Select the level you want by using the cursor.

Mozilla Firefox :

1. Choose Tools Menu > Options.
2. Click on the privacy option.
3. Cookies section.

Chrome :

1. Choose Edit Menu > preferences.
2. Click on the Personal Data option.
3. Cookies section.

Safari :

1. Choose Edit Menu > preferences.
2. Click on the Personal Data option.
3. Cookies section.

iOS :

1. Click on the Settings icon.
2. Click the Safari 3 option. Privacy and Security section.

Android :

1. Choose Edit Menu > settings.
2. Click the Privacy and security option.
3. Cookies section.

Windows phone :

1. Choose Edit Menu > preferences.
2. Click the Advanced Settings option.
3. Web Site and Application Cookies topic.

Chrome mobile :

1. Choose Edit Menu > settings.
2. Click on the privacy option.
3. Delete navigation data topic.

When you log in to the site, if you make the decision to check the box (remember me), your session will remain active for a period of 90 days (3 months). To end this period, you just need to log out of the site before you leave it. If not, and even after you close your Internet browser or when you shut down your Internet connection tool, your session will always remain active. This case gives you the advantage of being able to automatically connect to the site when you make the decision to consult it again. This only adapts to your computer and the condition for it to work that you have not emptied the contents of your navigation caches (Cookies). However, and as a security measure, we invite you to log out of the site before leaving. In the event that you use a public computer or share it with other users, we strongly suggest that you do not check the box (remember me) just before you log in to the site. reserves the absolute right to update its legal notices at any time without prior notice of the terms of use of the site.

Only the French version of the legal notice has a real value.

Updated July 04, 2018.