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Virtual Horses
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Greyhounds
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Trotting
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Speedway
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Cycling
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Tennis
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Racing
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Virtual Velodrome
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Horses
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Greyhounds
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Speedway
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Trotting
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Instant Velodrome
Add the 09/27/18
Starting from £0.50

Leap Virtual Gaming and its history

Leap Virtual Gaming is defined as an international company that has planted its sharp claws in the world in the midst of the expansion of multi-platform virtual sports games. A real boon for this genius of the realization of ultra realistic sports games in three dimensions having this subtlety to be able to deploy on several platforms.

At these beginnings, about 9 years ago, Leap had taken a certain pleasure to be noticed in the face of his limitless obstinacy which consisted of betting on the development of skill games. Variations that have very quickly made a tobacco to the public by finishing the headlines in many news sites eGaming.

Since lending 5 years now, Leap Virtual Gaming has taken a turn at 180 ° to express itself more on the issue. From now on, it concentrates all its energy on its undeniable capabilities in the direction of the incredible development of its infrastructure. A very complete structure that supports the production of sports games only based in high definition.

This requires a large staff to accomplish many tasks. Teams of men and women decide the work through different departments as exclusive development tools to artists and graphic designers qualified as real geniuses.

A huge project with the main motivation to be among the first source in relation to the elaboration of sports games put into action by the fruit of a surprising realism. Being counted among the few players creating games of this type, Leap Virtual Gaming did not put on long fire to stir relentlessly the curiosity of many operators of the sector.

A consistent log of contacts that was going to be built and take advantage of this wealth to propel Leap Virtual Gaming into the stars by inviting him to redouble its effort in terms of experience of play, graphic quality and sound, image of branding and compliance in other ways for the output of bets through a NRG system (random number generator).

Regarding the making of these many virtual variants, Leap virtual Gaming does not make in lace. Therefore it only takes and keeps the best. High quality technology to carry out the production of its securities in full serenity.

With its own graphics engine, the developer who according to my sources wants to remain rather discreet about its origins to develop its own GPA. A system that allows it today to enjoy total independence in addition to easily remedy the setting up of games contest.

The GPA presents itself as an ultra-complete development solution that also allows the collection of image modules, audio and video tapes with a deep realism all carefully coated in a control interface more flexible. A frame offering at the same time total freedom to give this endorsement to the employees of this company to draw the most stunning visuals that the gambling industry is never yet known.

In terms of the online betting reserve, the interfaces of each game respond to a relatively demanding set of specifications. Nothing is left to chance and this starts with this ability to display its graphic rendering on the mobile network and IOS.

No difficulty in transcribing to perfection all this gift a player needs to see on the screen to satisfy his desire to establish prognosis. The interfaces are known to be particularly intuitive, well organized and linked to a seamless and relatively powerful consistency. As they are, the Games Leap Virtual Gaming are very nice to take in hand. They remain customizable depending on the platform on which they are broadcast.

Has active variants on all media enabling operators to enjoy negative return growth and to extend their market share to unsuspected levels of prosperity. Coded in the rules of art in the most modern format is HTML5, the variants of the toy library of leap offers optimum comfort of use for both bettors and operators. Of course, this online casino provider offers a particularly important language catalog by having taken all precautions not to omit the language of Shakespeare.

Leap Virtual Gaming is required with a range of several sports betting!

Leap Virtual Gaming betting these sports games into 3 distinct categories:


★ The first offers variants of type scheduled. A section that includes between these walls horse racing (horses), dog (Greyhounds), trot (trotting), cycling (speedway), cycling (cycling), football and tennis. Scheduled games are programmed events throughout the day.

For all the fans of virtual sports, there is always a moment in the day when it is possible to bet on his favorite sport. A wide range of virtual games are inked in this topic providing this sensation by playing to get lost literally in the heat of the action to such an extent that these titles are absorbing. Unique and ultra-realistic environments that offer choice in terms of betting with this opportunity to be able to set up a game consisting of Multiple Betting.


★ The Instant section is a group of horse, greyhound, speedway, trotting and velodrome racing games. Enough to satisfy a wide range of players who follow these sports that have become very popular around the world. In this topic, players become the first mouse clique of real players by holding this cool opportunity to play as many times as they wish.

According to activated games, every 90 to 120 seconds, New bets can benefit from inclusion in the session. For example, to have this choice to make sports bets on the winners of the first and second place, on combinations and still much more! The offer is remarkably well diversified providing ease of use and sustained excitement for all predictors.


★ The retail is acting in another style. A way of working well at it since in this group of virtual sports games these are planned in advance. A variety of sports betting such as football, tennis and horse racing that are broadcast in real time from many places such as kiosks.

The challenge of offering a most realistic game environment ever known

Note that Leap virtual Gaming is incredibly complete in terms of its offering of virtual sports games. Its implementation is not ready to separate from this vast project linked to the production of this type of ultra-realistic product that sometimes leads to doubt the reality. Captivating variants, packed with graphic details associated without burrs to soundtracks to small onions to guarantee an unforgettable game experience and both rewarding for that own experience of predictor.

In collaboration with 1×2 gaming which was the forerunner of this mode of internet entertainment in 2003, Leap Virtual gaming is displayed as the continuity of its efforts that it still continues to feed today. Compared to Leap, 1×2 Gaming can be qualified as its great brother.

Of course, a hard work but without wanting to spit in the soup, it must be recognized that the quality of the current achievements of 1×2 Gaming are very far from being beautiful fixed. In addition to having a powerful infrastructure, Leap Virtual Gaming marks additional points by having made the graphic and sound quality its propaganda instrument in the eyes of the operators and bettors of the world integer.

Presentation of virtual sports games with no download of Leap virtual Gaming

In this topic devoted exclusively to variations of the online casino software Leap Virtual Gaming, it is possible to open any game of this publisher to discover its contents. Variations that require no download and that offer a moment of unlimited entertainment all in a completely free gaming environment. Each virtual sport is accompanied without any exception by a table of earnings. Concise explanations in relation to the sequence of each variant proposed by Leap Virtual Gaming.

Rules of the game written in this way to speak to beginners who have the projection to learn with the help of pedagogical writings but also for the most confirmed. Lovers of free sports betting who would be looking for a precise answer in this objective to continually improve their already existing capabilities to become victorious with more regularity.

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