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Laromere Casino: Love is in the air!


In the casino it smells love from afar, and yes it is the week! From February the 8th to the 14th we breathe happiness: every day of the week there will be different offers and there will be for all tastes! From free spins, purchase vouchers, cash money, tokens, loyalty points… In short there is everything to make you happy!

Pierre was a very cheerful little boy who lived in a big city with tall buildings like the sky that only by looking at them one has dizziness. Lots of people who went from one place to another and the little boy liked to imagine why people were running everywhere. He also liked to go to school because he was playing, learning and doing lots of interesting things.

He did not have many buddies despite being a very open boy he did not have many real friends but Mary was part of it. They were always together, and everything was fine. But the month of February has arrived and the teacher had a great idea. The children had to come by two, well dressed to dance all afternoon!

Only to think about it Pierre did not know how to react because he had no fiancée and his mom had told him that Valentine’s Day was for adults who were in love and who celebrated by offering flowers, gifts, chocolates… But he was small and he didn’t think about these things… He was a little bit worried about the prom and it was all over. Mary approaches and asks what happens to him.

He tells him about his worries that there was a prom at school for Valentine’s Day and that he had no fiancée to go there and he will have to dance alone. Mary begins to laugh out loud, and responds to Peter by telling her that on February the 14th it is the feast of love but also of friendship and as they were the best friends of the world so they could go together. Pierre was happy, more hassle, everything was solved!

Valentine’s Day starts on February the 8th of 2019 at Laromere!

You can exchange 10 free spins after each deposit! That is, every time you make a deposit, you will be able to call customer service so they can provide you with your free spins. On Saturday February the 9th of 2019, the top 20 players who will have bet the most on the game Swinging Sweethearts™ will be rewarded with Amazon vouchers worth £100 each!

On Sunday the 10th of February you will have to pick up a free gift from the customer service of the casino Laromere after making a deposit, but only once in the day. If you deposit £20 you will receive a bonus of £10, if the deposit is £40 the bonus will be £25, if it is £50 the bonus will be £30 and if the deposit is £100 the bonus will be £75!

The day of Monday, February the 11th of 2019 will be reserved for tokens! You will have to try your luck to win one of the ten casino chips worth £500 by making a deposit during the day. On Tuesday, February the 12th of 2019 will be reserved for free spins! If you deposit £50 today you will be able to receive 50 free spins by claiming it to the customer service of casino Laromere. In addition, this offer can only be claimed once.

On Wednesday, February the 13th of 2019 will be the day of loyalty points! During deposits the customer service will give you loyalty points and a special bonus code. If you deposit £25 you will be given 10,000 points of loyalty, if the deposit is £100 you will be entitled to 45,000 points, and if the deposit is £200 you will have 100,000 loyalty points! Finally, on February the 14th of 2019, if you have made at least one deposit during the promotion, by contacting the customer service they will offer you a series of 50 free spins!

Opinion on Love is in the air of the casino online Laromere

On February the 14th it is the day of love demonstrations between couples, which offer themselves flowers, gifts, chocolates but it is also the day of friendship feeling sometimes much deeper and the casino Laromere is going to celebrate this event offering us a week filled with gifts!

Promotions are exclusively reserved for the account holders of the casino Laromere, which play mainly on slot machines. Prizes cannot be changed for cash. Each deposit made must be played in its entirety at least once, in order to be able to make a withdrawal it will only be allowed once the first step will be completed.

All the symbology of Valentine’s Day is well represented here, hearts, soft colors, red passion. Anyway, we don’t need anything! Moreover, if we add that the casino is going to pamper us with its promotions every day from February the 8th to February the 14th of 2019 by offering us different bonuses every day.

Not great prizes or anything that appears, no big trips, no big prizes in cash, but rather loyalty prizes! It all depends on what we are looking for, but it is true that comparing it to other competing online casino bonuses that came out in this period, the daily promotions are not frankly attractive.

The absence of large pools or fabulous travels is felt and we only have free spins, purchase vouchers from Amazon of £100 or even casino chips of £500. In addition, to be able to make a withdrawal you have to play the quantity 30 times, which I see a little exaggerated for this type of events. Not very motivating! But that’s for sure! We are not told in the main page of the promotion of Valentine’s Day 2019 baptized Love is in the air. It is necessary to read the general conditions to the end so as not to make the mistake of embarking and after realizing the fault committed.

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