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This year, the La Riviera Casino celebrates its 5 years of well-deserved existence! A dedicated platform for its players to allow them to travel through games of extraordinary quality, populated by breathtaking features that will undoubtedly capsize the hearts of the most experienced players. The Riviera Casino has a formidable strike force that has made him an online casino open to English players.

Once logged on to this online entertainment site reserved exclusively for a major and responsible audience, you would have to be crazy to make this impulsive choice to turn back. All the ingredients are present to allow the players to savor with delicacy the mountains of services stretched both in the direction of the amateurs but also towards a mass of players more experienced in Internet gambling. More doubt possible to understand without the energy of a great discernment that the La Riviera is an excellent address to buy chips and try its luck through a thick jungle lined with games that currently incubate a solid core of over 200 titles!

It is no surprise that the assistance of this Honorable Casino has a department composed for most of its staff of English agents. In addition, women and men duly trained in the casino games sector, who therefore know how to answer the TAC and aim to guarantee an exemplary quality of communication.

To add spice to its infrastructure, the La Riviera casino does not eyebrow to invite its customers to visit the biggest bonus zone that the eGaming industry has been able to know to date! This is not a joke with a full-cracked bonus catalog of any kind that abounds with real benefits for future explosive game sessions of animations and exorbitant price redistribution.

One of the main specialties of the La Riviera that echoes the internet remains its special ease to provide games featuring from the contents of their scales of gain impressive progressive jackpots. Unlike many other English online casinos that pride themselves on being carriers of astronomical fortunes, with the La Riviera casino it is possible to win prize pools exceeding without difficulty any the bar of €500 000!

To realize this, you just have to connect to its online platform to find that many progressive jackpots are gaining weight from its home page. Accessible on mobile and computer, La Riviera Casino is proud to display a variety of gambling games that represent many categories. All players will find themselves on a small cloud with slot machine cars, table games, video poker games, blackjack, roulette and Keno variants!

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A bonus overdose is to be prevented when entering the promotions section of the La Riviera


Yes indeed, it is easily possible to become addicted to the bonuses of the La Riviera. They are so attractive and fair that many are the players who consume these nudges to try to win the jackpot.The fairness of the bonuses set up for all the offers that follow will reflect a requirement of 30 times the deposit amount plus that of the bonus before being able to claim a withdrawal request validation. It is rather rare to be aware of such a low level of condition when we know that the platform is powered by Real Time Gaming Software (RTG). A software that has the art of proposing countless forms of bonuses but which does not always show tender when it adapts conditions of use.

Because of its fifth anniversary, the La Riviera did not remain marble. Precisely, he took full advantage of this little party to revisit his welcome bonus! A fresh opportunity to be able to make it more lucrative and here’s how it looks. This inscription bonus is dehulled under the first 3 deposits. The first part in this spirit to offer 200% up to €200, the second of 100% up to €100 and the third to guarantee a bonus of 100% up to €200!

So it’s worth €500 free that pleases to come and slip into the banks of players eager to want to trust him for the future. But this first bonus does not finalize as abruptly as once the 3 deposits have been emptied of their substance, a second bonus free spins of 50 units will present itself as a flower in spring! This pack of free spins will be reserved only for the use of the Eternal Love slot machine.

Being able to be reimbursed for some of his losses during a game session would be truly the absolute dream. Well, let’s make it clear that this fantasy may be the fruit of a reality within the platform of the La Riviera Casino! As mentioned in the introduction, there is everything and absolutely everything to seduce a wide clientele. The cashback bonus contributes to its daily efforts by this sign with a 20% discount in favor of the unlucky bets. To benefit from it, you must show willpower with a deposit of €250 minimum to be sure and certain to 100% to be able to benefit from an incredible amount of €500 available daily every Friday!

To give importance to the days that refer to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, each of these weekdays is dedicated to bringing a new stone to the bonus building. They show up with promotions based on percentages with deposit limitations. Incremental bonuses that increase with respect to the transfer level. The more the value of the deposit proves to be consistent and the more the bonus sets the percentage follows this path. These offers may be valid on all deposits of the day or on a number set up in advance by the terms and conditions that strictly frame these special days. Free spins can also hatch allowing once again to satisfy all the types of players that make up the active community of the La Riviera.

A VIP program worthy of the name that sweats high quality services!


In order not to let its bonuses and its event promotions sink in solitude, the La Riviera casino has been on the way for years already a VIP program. Attention not any one as this has been meticulously built to accommodate a high-end clientele. Its engine is powered by a system of loyalty points.

The essence of the players to allow them to move in the program and thus climb the 5 pillars founder of this club. The latter bear the names of Bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond which is the strongest of all with a myriad of privileges. All these levels offer to some extent generosity every time accumulations of loyalty points increasingly strong knowing that at the beginning €50 of bets gives this endorsement to Count 1 bonus point in its member area.

Also weekly and daily cashback bonuses, no deposit bonuses with increasingly diminished conditions over the passages in the top layers VIP, an anniversary bonus, withdrawal limits increasingly advantageous knowing That they start from €2 000, waiting periods to collect its increasingly shorter earnings, exclusive offers on the new games of the Real Time gaming propulsion Software and I pass the best yet!

Pure entertainment with games packed with features!

Fortunately there are still online casinos such as the La Riviera to set an example for competing companies freshly landed. This platform is a reference in everything it undertakes and few people can have the guts to say otherwise. With its well-appointed lobby, the categories of games are very easily accessible with a presentation of the titles very purified and with this comfortable option which to pass its mouse over an X game allows to know its characteristics through a terse description.

The no-download mode is not available for stability of its servers but the La Riviera offers a version with certified download without hosting viruses. A casino software that asks to follow a few installation steps relatively simple to implement. A 5-year-old child could do so without any assistance from an adult. It is to say how much the installation of the Real Time Gaming software of the La Riviera is very childish to install on his desk.

In addition, the download time is ultra fast and the software is very lightweight. In short, advanced technology all the more so that players can play very well in real as in free with correctly responding versions to the question of mobile. Everyone can be entertained whether it is from a fixed PC or laptop, phone or even with the services of a touch pad.

What is not common to other online casinos that I have encountered during my entire life as a player until today is that the La Riviera takes the trouble to present its games in the form of magazine. A point not to be neglected when one wants to understand in every detail a casino game in order to be able to explore all the strategies that can be put in place. By taking the trouble to write quality articles for each of the games of chance they offer to their customers, one feels a real passion that emanates from this very dynamic administration in the effort.

Demonstration videos made by members of the La Riviera team offer more importance to games turning to the categories of online slots, video poker, Blackjack and roulette. A good initiative offering this opportunity to novice players to know all the mechanics that make up these forms of gambling on the internet. When you are connected to the site and you are heading to the games section, you can very quickly appreciate a lobby that has been thought of in every detail in order to guarantee a more than respectable user experience.

On the other hand, I have been snooping in every corner of its cockpit but the toy library of the games does not yet offer visibility to entertainment sessions with dealers and live dealers. A little discomfort to underline in this review on the La Riviera casino.

A cashier with anonymous and ultra-secure means of payment!


Very experienced in the security system, the La Riviera is part of the family of the most reliable English casinos in terms of protecting the identity and preserving their digital data classified highly confidential. All reliable means have been put in alliance to create a climate that meets the most demanding performance in terms of data protection through secure SSL technology.

Digital padlocks that fill the daily work that consists of encrypting all the sensitive information collected on the servers of the casino La Riviera. It is in my opinion, crucial to verify before any new initiative the level of security of a virtual casino before proceeding with the registration formalities. It flows from source because it is better to be notified before making a mistake that one might regret. Fortunately, I do all the investigative work before validating a platform and therefore, the La Riviera fills up the hand and every day that parades its qualities of commitment in the face of the protection of the personal information of its many customers comes harder.

The English players can therefore debit and credit their casino account serenely by making for example credit cards like VISA and MasterCard but also the bank transfer and the crypto-coin Bitcoin which wins more and more land at casinos making anonymous gambling on the internet. The master motto is based on the EUR with a minimum amount accepted in the order of €20 in order to begin to align bets in real mode. The payment period varies from its VIP status but never exceeds 10 working days once the applicant’s account is verified at 100%. The withdrawal is €20 without management spawning except for the method via the bank transfer which requires a minimum withdrawal of €150 with a fee of €20.

A dedicated customer service that responds in the language of Shakespeare Day and night!


The direction of the La Riviera only wants the best for its customers and the assistance is an option that overlooks all the others. A good casino is always represented by impeccable assistance, professional in any point and in all possible situations and especially available in English at any time of the day or night.

The players are kings and the La Riviera allows this reality to be reflected through its help page. By fulfilling these criteria, this is what has earned him such success until today. Especially in the hexagon but also beyond the borders of France is almost everywhere in the world. A casino that has the bottle and who knows how to react quickly to any kind of demand and even the most capricious of them. Players can be immersed in this certainty of being framed by high-level professionals in the field of online gambling.

In terms of joining them, nothing is simpler! Once again, the La Riviera marks a point in versatility, making sure that everyone can find a shoe at their feet in terms of means of communication. It is therefore possible to create a dialog via e-mail at the standard support address[at] or for players with VIP status at support[at] But it is also conceivable to seize an alternative that offers this opportunity to be able to call them directly by phone from a green number on 0800 907 654.

Opinion on the La Riviera which no longer counts the decorations in exchange for all this energy used in the service of the players

The La Riviera is a dean in the English online casinos industry. It serves as an image to many casinotiers who wish to take the leap by deploying their wing in this already saturated market. Nowadays it is quite difficult for a new casino company to settle down durably. There are still exceptions, examples like the La Riviera that has always been able to draw its pin from the game. It is undoubtedly the surprising quality of his English customer service that made all the difference.

These bonuses worthy of the name with requirements respecting fairness to the letter. This is important and its games also follow this condition with redistribution rates far from being held in the eyes of all as misers. Despite the fact that the La Riviera is only powered by a single software that is that of Real Time Gaming, this does not prevent to spend pleasant moments of relaxation with various games and in sufficient number to avoid creating a climate of routine play.

Just like its many bonuses, the toy library of the games is constantly energized with the introduction of novelties even more impressive graphically than the previous ones. The Riviera casino is in my opinion a good place to spend a good time with rewarding games in every sense of the word, attractive bonuses, a dedicated customer service and winnings paid in accordance with the deadlines shown in the cashier. What more should be asked besides the creation of a live game section?

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