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La Bomba 96™

The Nextgen Gaming propulsion provider makes us travel this time to Mexico with a new game: La Bomba 96™. A no-download slot machine, 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed payment lines with few features that will try to make us have a good time.

The village of San Pedro in Mexico is a peaceful place, very typical, the technology has not yet made its appearance, and it is good to live there especially if we search a spirit of tranquility. Animals and humans live there in perfect symbiosis… Until the day that Maria appears. She was fleeing from her parents because they wanted her to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

Why would you tell me? Well it’s very simple, Maria has a passion: to make bombs! And for this family of Mexican aristocrats this is not frankly their dream! He wanted a normal girl, say that rather easy to manipulate and who would marry a nobleman, or a governor and be able to maintain their social position.

The problem is there, Maria is a very independent girl and with a lot of character. She wants to travel, make friends, and especially be able to develop her passion: the bombs. She knew a young man Pablo who had made him discover this world there, a young revolutionary who had explained everything to her.

Maria is not like her parents, she is a young woman who does not support injustice, who does not understand why money can separate people, and especially that the strong terrorize the weak. When Maria’s parents discover her friendship with Pablo, they plan to have her locked away from her dangerous friendships according to them.

But it was without counting with Pablo who had listened to everything and who came to warn Maria who does not waste time and goes away but not without robbing the safe of the family to give them a good lesson! But where to go now not to be discovered? Pablo had the solution, his uncles lived in San Pedro, a little godforsaken town in the Mexican mountains. It was the perfect place!

Pablo’s friends helped him to leave without making a fuss to take her to this small village, but the road is going to be long, that’s why they leave at night, so that no one can suspect! Maria has a little trouble leaving hers but she has no choice, it is her freedom or the emotional prison at perpetuity!

After travelling all night long, Maria and her friends finally arrive to San Pedro. Pablo’s uncles, Berta and Antonio, always helpful, prepare them a good breakfast and while everyone takes strength, Pablo explains the situation to his uncles who do not doubt for a moment to offer their hospitality to the girl.

In the village there is no Tv, no phone, you would really think you were back in the Cro-Magnon era, but it was the best place to disappear! Pablo’s friends had to go home, after the meal they embark on the way back leaving Maria and Pablo in good hands.

When Maria wakes up, Berta the aunt makes her visit the places. Towards the exit of the village, there is a long building and she finds amazed that it is a factory of bombs! Barrels of gunpowder, Molotov cocktails, bombs of all kinds! Incredible she couldn’t have fallen better.

Maria asks Berta why in a small village so quiet there were bombs. It was simple, on June the 14th, it is San Basilio, and in his honor they throw bombs from everywhere (outside the village of course!) They don’t want to destroy anything just smell the burnt powder!

But what day was it? No, it’s not possible. June the 13th! The party is tomorrow! Maria was anxious to get there! Berta explained to him that the men dress with the typical costume and the women put their best attire to shine that day. The hair tied in ponytail and with a flower the same color as the dress.

The signal for starting the festivities will come from the bell tower of the village, where the bells ring for three minutes, and after a “Hola muchachos!!!!!” of the Mayor, everyone has to go to the building of bombs, take it and then run out of the village, and start bombing the building reserved for this purpose.

Throughout the year and in their lost moments, the men build a building to destroy it on the day of the feast, with the bombs that the women made, so everyone participates. It must be said that they do not have a lot of distractions in this village! So they have fun as they can!

The night had been long because Maria had not been able to sleep, but the big day had arrived! Maria is beautiful, she tied her long brown hair in ponytail as she had been told by Berta, a red flower on one side, a beautiful red and white dress with a breathtaking cleavage that Pablo’s aunt lent her.

Even the Speedy Gonzales mouse, which had been collected by the family, took part in the festivities carrying powder barrels (which can be seen in La Bomba 96™ crossing the interface from one side to the other). Maria was happy! Impossible not to be in this atmosphere and this smell of burnt powder! But something was missing…

Features and rules of the money game La Bomba 96™


The pay line and the scatter will be multiplied by the bet value and we can win 5 free games with 3 Bomba, the raised amount will be placed on reel 2, the amount multiplied by 2 on reel 3, and the amount multiplied by three on reel 4.

During the free games, any Bomba that appears wins the amount of this reel. Two Bombas during the free games lead to the extra free spin, three Bomba will earn 2 extra free spins that will be played on the lines and bets that triggered them. Free spins cannot be reactivated.

The free slot machine La Bomba 96 ™ has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed winning lines. The payments are made in accordance with the table of earnings that we will detail further. All winning pay lines will be added, and start with the leftmost reel to the right one.

Opinion about La Bomba 96™

Nextgen Gaming provider could do better with La Bomba 96™ game. An interface too simple, the bomb icons with an almost childish graphic, a lack of features that does not catch us. The music is in agreement with what we see but seen the games out lately I cannot give him a positive opinion. No jackpot, no bonus game only free spins and payout multipliers. Not terrible all this.

The denomination values range from £0.01 to £25, which means that the bet can go from £0.25 up to £625, and maybe plug in the gamblers, but its lack of features is felt right away. The volatility of this slot machine without download La Bomba 96™ is average and its return to the player of 96.27%, which is not bad at all.

The only thing that animates a bit all this is the little mouse that passes from one side to the other of the interface, behind the reels, and which carries powder barrels, which explode from time to time. It’s a pity but I cannot give the average to La Bomba 96™, but it is true that it must have for all tastes!

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