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Koi Princess™ is a three-dimensional slot machine that has been published in recent months by the Swedish company Netent. After a hard work, Koi Princess ™joined all the virtual casinos of the brand on November the 25th of 2015.

It must be said that we were anxious to discover it and to make it available to our internet users in game situation completely free and unlimited in time. No headaches at Avis Casinos with in addition a full screen and compatible version on tablet and mobile. In short, let’s interest us more ready to Koi Princess™. This Netent online game promises to make travel its public.

To do this, they export them to the Far East where more precisely in Japan. With a sound that permeates and adapts perfectly well to the circumstances of the game (calm, moderate, rich in action), Koi Princess™ has amazing graphics that do not really give the desire to leave the game.

As usual and especially that they do not change, Netent developers always integrate a character in the scenery. The latter manages every time to have a good reason to add his grain of salt. A way to increase the playful side of the game and amplify this atmosphere which has the major principle of being confused with the real.

As the title of this video slot can let him imagine, a princess rode in the vicinity. It is a rather reserved protagonist who does not really dare to put forward but I must say that it hides well its game. The action unlocked by the features that are in the number of 8 will give him more fluency to free himself from his shyness. She will start hopping, clapping briefly, pronouncing small sentences in Japanese… In three words, real happiness. Its aim will be to energize the game as much as possible when triggering multiple actions. No worries to have on this side, the challenge that has set itself Netent is more than validated.

Behind this ravishing and innocent princess hides in an orange mist more at least thick a temple. A sacred building that dominates this little corner of the world by having a plunging view on a river where the water is crystalline and particularly fishy. A stream powered by a large waterfall that we can see in activity from the right side of the game interface of the machine under Koi Princess™. The graphic elements are not lacking to embellish this little corner of Paradise where the peace and the sweetness of life are in perfect harmony.

But it’s not just the three-dimensional graphics that will have the advantage of marveling the players. Koi Princess™ down records in terms of features to play and earn money. To begin with, there is a special feature that has the principle of activating a bonus bet. A number of 4 random features including a 5-Hit, random wilds, expandable wilds as well as a level Bonus.

Features bonus feature that will also number 4 with the naming of sure win free spins, the wilds reels Free Spins, a fortune wheel and finally win coins. Then we will take care To dissect these multiple features so that everything is clear before making the decision to play for free at Koi Princess™ since Avis Casinos.



As usual, I always enclose the range of bets in the introductions of journals Online casino that I publish on the website. On the slot Koi Princess™, the latter is an exception because its range of bets will be influenced by a special feature called Bonus bet. This option can be turned on or off before each new launched.

The button to validate this feature is present at the bottom right of the screen. By activating it, this will double the starting bet to be able to engage the 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines of Koi Princess™. Faced with this willingness to double the value of his bet, the machine offers probabilities of entering a bonus or random feature much faster than normal. Without this special option enabled in the game, the betting range is between £0.20 and £200.

With the bonus bet option activated, the minimum bet is £0.40 for a Bet Max of £400. A thought for the gamblers who will certainly find a good opportunity to entertain with the video slot Koi Princess™.

This online casino game Netent has absolutely nothing similar compared to the other variants that we have been able to discover so far. In fact, Koi Princess™ includes in her womb 8 features that we can describe as special and which divide into 2 parts. The first includes random options and the second part focuses on features Bonus.


Let’s start with the random features with the 5-Hit which are to be clear 5 shots at which are represented by a wheel that is split into 5 equal parts. Each fraction of this wheel represents a symbol that when it is designated by the needle of the wheel will be added on the screen in order to accentuate the chances of forming a winner line.

Two forms of wilds will also be present to act also in this direction. Regarding the silver game Koi Princess™, it is about wilds expandable that will be able to manifest several times on the interface history to amplify the level of potential gain. There will also be randow wilds. The latter will participate greatly in obtaining prizes, knowing that they have less impact on the game than the wild expandable which they have the power to act as joker on the whole height of a wheel.

The last random feature of Koi Princess™ is dedicated to a bonus game that is represented by the head of a dragon. To enter this level, you will have to get to the screen 3 icons of this kind. Once this has taken shape, the game will suddenly be accompanied by a three-dimensional cinematography that illustrates with ease the sudden rise of this dragon in the air to reach the top of a mountain. This massive that is responsible for creating this beautiful waterfall that we can observe in the main game.


That’s when the transition between random feature and bonuses are going to take place. Indeed, when this feature orchestrated by the Dragon will be born a wheel that will aim to present the four features bonus.

For reminder, these are named the Sure win Free spins, the wild reels Free spins, a wheel of fortune and finally win coins. The first 2 bonus features I just quoted are free games that are programmed to offer 10. The sure win free Spins option has game conditions similar to those of the main game with this extra bonus bet option that allows you to double your initial bet.

Additional free games can be won. On the other hand, the wild reels free spins feature, will not be able to offer spins in as extra. On the other hand, Wilds will be able to appear on reels number 1 and 5 in order to reinforce the total of chips in progress. A Wheel of Fortune will also be able to see the day as this is the case for the Good Girl Bad Girl casino game.

The latter is made up of 3 levels which each have a number of 12 slots. These sections are accompanied by different symbols like start, x1 (when the bonus bet is activated), x2, x3, x5 (when the bonus bet is off), double, collect… The last bonus feature is headed for win coins. To make it simple, these are instant gains where it is likely to take up to 5000 chips with a single payment line activated!



Koi Princess™ is an online slot that really comes out of the ordinary with a very impressive quality graphic. Nothing’s missing. Everything is there to offer an unforgettable game experience to such an extent that I am not ready to forget this Netent title.

In addition, the 5-reels Koi Princess™ game is featured in our favorite Netent games section. The soundtrack offers a real moment of relaxation with elevations that accompany perfectly well the different series of actions perpetrated by the features.

Has options that are in number and that are all as original to each other by offering up to 8 different ways to collect chips in cash. The stagings are unique with this princess who accompanies us in the victories but also in the losses. The latter accentuates the deep realism of this game of money with multiple states of soul which have the advantage of being in perfect agreement with the elements that take place in real time.

In addition to offering graphic content that is particularly dynamic and rich in twists and turns, Koi Princess™ is the ideal game to try to earn money quickly. In addition to offering an incredible number of ways to play, the slot machine has a fixed jackpot worth 100 000 coins. This is not the one of King of Slots™ with 750 000 chips, but the game is still worth the candle. In my personal opinion, Koi Princess™ is a playful game and paying.

This has been my experience from the site with regular triggers of functions and especially the opportunity to be able to discover them all and that in a fairly limited time. Moreover, the rate of redistribution of the bets of this video slot is 96.00% under so-called normal conditions. By activating the bonus bet feature, this index brings an upward trend that displays a percentage of 96.28%.

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