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King Kong™ has provided great inspirations for NextGen Gaming developers to develop a fixed slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 lines. Known to a wide audience, King Kong™ is a character of pure fiction who is a giant gorilla over 20 meters in height. A primate quadruped and herbivore who spends most of his time destroying everything in his passage.

King Kong™ is at the origin of many adaptations and not only to the cinema from 1933. Its history according to the times has lain on paper through novels and comics. Put into practice for the entertainment side as we will see through this slot machine King Kong™.

NextGen Gaming Publishers have retained a film version of King Kong™ to inspire their own creation in the form of a silver game. The film produced in 2005, which has many similarities to the one that made King Kong’s™ fantastic story in the year 1933. The image video presentation carefully conquer an island near Japan but without much indication of its location. This land is populated by very aggressive prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs, plants and venimous insects.

It is aboard a ship that explorers armed to the teeth will go to this island filled with fierce predators. As a result of many adventures, they will eventually go into downsizing but they’ll have what they came for. King Kong™ captured, chained and then placed in the ship’s hold. Until then all is well but it is time for the disruptive element of this fictitious story to come to life.

King Kong™ is a monster with exponential muscle strength. He waited all the time for the return trip to concentrate all his intelligence and cunning in him. The sailors eventually arrived at a good port with the victory in the eyes and the boat barely moored that King Kong™ took advantage of this general release to Volatilize. It was then that King Kong™ took advantage of his freedom to explore this new world where he took the city for a playground…

The King Kong™ video slot has a panel of features that I have to say is quite complete. Each option that is an integral part of the gameplay will play an important role in tracing the greatest episodes of King Kong’s™ escape.

The simple wilds will be present. There will be two special features which for the first is Hell Banana and the second King Kong™ smashes. With this trio of feature mixed with earning multipliers and free games up to 150, King Kong™ has a fairly large range of bets.

It ranges between £0.25 and £50.00. King Kong™ is a fixed slot machine and therefore its 25 pay lines will not be subject to manual activation. However, to adjust a bet value before activating the 5 reels for the time of a spin, users will be able to fluctuate denomination values available between £0.01 and £2.00.



A recurring feature of NextGen Gaming slots videos is aimed at wilds. Icons represented by the portrait of King Kong™ that play a big role in the course of the game in order to encourage the formation of pay lines. When it reaches its final goal, the feature will select the line that is able to serve the most profit. To achieve such a result, the wild is similar to the joker. Therefore, he will act as a substitute for symbols. In the King Kong™ game, the wilds will be able to replace all the icons except those that represent the scatter. During the course of the game, the wilds will be able to use their force on reels 2, 3 and 4 only.


Now we’re going to look at the feature in banana name of hell. This is an extension of the simple wild that I just presented. To unlock this special option, it will be asked to get on the central reel a simple wild. This is when the King Kong™ game will be a first reversal with the appearance of King Kong™.

An imposing gorilla not frankly sociable that will literally reduce in a thousand pieces the central reel and that with the strength of his fist. A surprising staging when we discover it for the first time and is highly intensified if the sound is open. Personally, I jumped because I really did not expect this.

My time so much better because this is the goal sought by NextGen Gaming Publishers. Surprise his audience and it was rather successful concerning me. After pulverizing the central coil, King Kong™ will grow screams of anger while ascending to the top of the slot machine to eventually evaporate into the wild. Prizes will be derived from this grandiose spectacle with quality graphics. Despite its very poor condition, coil 3 will be completed at 100% by wilds, and reels 2 and 4 may in turn be colonized by simple wilds.


The second special option of the online casino game King Kong™ bears the name of King Kong™ Smashes. Yes, that’s right, King Kong™ will create a veritable carnage from the top of his skyscraper where he sits perched on a long-range radio antenna.

To enter the core of this feature, the game will require to get 3 scatter icons where King Kong™ is mentioned on in capital letters from the left side to return to the right. Once this goal is validated, the King Kong™ game will take a spectacular turn with a magnificent three-dimensional cinematography where all the cameras will be robbed. King Kong™ will then be designated as the number one public enemy, and the authorities will have to shoot him even if the city is left unattended.

In this option, players will embody King Kong™ and say that they will have to defend themselves against a horde of propeller fighter planes determined to want its thick fur. To make money, the goal of the King Kong™ feature will be to annihilate all the liners in King Kong’s™ fists.

To do this, the hands of King Kong™ will be visible on the interface. There will be one to position on the right to neutralize the planes coming from this side and a second to the left to defend the opposite side. The goal will be to spray the maximum of planes to increase its lot of free spins.

After three missed tests, the featuring will end in its unfolding. By smashing up to 6 fighter planes, the game will be in a capacity to offer 150 free spins where the profits arising from these will be doubled at the end of the course. At the end of the first step that is to guide King Kong™ so that he can defend himself, the game will pose an ultimatum to the players. The latter will either validate the activation of the free games or choose a mystery bonus among three symbolized by uppercase letters.



Without wanting to make pun, King Kong™ is a fantastic slot machine that reflects the side Beast of King Kong™. A primate of a formidable force who crushes anyone who is in his path but who is in a capacity to measure his titanic force when it comes to seizing this young woman in her mighty right hand.

The game comes with great graphics that give a crazy desire to put in action the game. In terms of action, I do not think we can do any better. The bonus game as this is how we can qualify it in addition to the special feature King Kong™ smashing is very captivating.

What I enjoyed in this feature is its user experience side that invites players to get in the shoes of King Kong™ so that he can defend himself from the top of his building. These ways of being able to direct it in these combat actions with the help of the left and right buttons. The soundtrack also plays an essential role with multiple sonorities that reinforce the overall atmosphere of the online game.

The suspense and action series are amplified in a very important way to add a final touch to the game. King Kong™ is not only a very interesting game in terms of its gameplay but its power of redistribution is very good with a theoretical payout rate for players of 95.14%.

As many readers will be able to understand following my story, King Kong™ is an online slot that I recommend with the biggest R’s. An online casino game that I chose to place in the favorite NextGen Gaming slots videos of the Avis Casinos site and that is not ready to decamp.

Speaking of top ranking games at NextGen Gaming, I also recommend the slot machine A Dragon Story™ which carefully image creatures coming straight from the imagination of novelists and novelists inspired by legends oriented to the field of science fiction.

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