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Kawaii Kitty™

Following the Great 88™ slot machine implanted in Asian land, publishers Betsoft Gaming did not take time to be quiet by offering again a new horizon for be entertained in front of a 3D video slot under the title of Kawaii Kitty™. A new type of slot machine that inflates the already well-consistent toy library of Betsoft mobile games ToGo ™ Gaming.

Kawaii Kitty™ features graphics to perfection with a set of pastel colors drawing with lightness and in every detail one of the main pieces of a large house that seems to be the room a young boy’s bedtime. In this room flows the time as with it can meanwhile the next return of its master a female kitten to tender intentions and particularly I’m a cracker.

By wisely desiring this moment, this small ball of harmless hairs with a broken white color will remain nicely seated on a small chair padded with foam. It will benefit from the coming of the players to impose themselves durably in the gameplay of the slot Kawaii kitty™ by contemplating with all kinds of gestures the unfolding of the adventures of the game Kawaii kitty™ through its 5 reels, 3 rows and its 10 fixed pay lines .

In its gameplay, the Kawaii Kitty™ online game will be able to offer a fixed jackpot worth £50 000, wilds having the peculiarity of being extensible, re-spins as well as a double feature up.

In regards to its range of bets, the online slot Kawaii Kitty™ neither goes with the back of the spoon to offer the opportunity to play from £0.20 and for those who like to blaze money an opportunity to be able to put into play up to £100 by rotation.

A scale of value that is far from negligible for a game Betsoft gaming. In order to allow players to influence a value before triggering a spin, they will have access to denomination values ranging from £0.10 to a maximum value of £1.00, room levels ranging from 1 to 10.

Regarding the number of lines and for reminder, the three-dimensional slot machine Kawaii Kitty™ offers 10 taking into account that these are frozen and therefore it will be impossible for users to be able to activate them manually.



Kawaii Kitty™ is a game of the brand Betsoft gaming that puts it full view at the level of its graphic quality and the multiple emotions released by this extra that comes down to being that wise little female kitten.

On the other hand, when you want to know the content of the gameplay of Kawaii Kitty™ it’s the cold shower. You can quickly realize that fishing is going to be very skinny when you go through the short table of earnings that accompanies the slot.

There are only 2 features that despite this penalty for players have the advantage if I can express myself so to activate successively. A configuration that allows to strengthen their power of action in the game and to offer in this way prices with more important weights in the face of a longer period of time.

It is not as if these 2 features that I will present in a brief moment were dissociated between them. In this case, the Kawaii Kitty™ game would require a certain set of symbols before crossing a price redistribution heading which would therefore require more time to be able to activate.

During that time, the injections of bets would be more substantial and profitability with such a set-up of the game would surely be a formidable braking, relying of course with gameplay like the one of the Kawaii Kitty™ silver game.

Fortunately, Betsoft Gaming publishers have opted to set up a 3D video slot with certainly a low level of features but retaining in one corner of their mind this idea of obtaining regular prizes for users. The Kawaii Kitty™ 3D video slot offers symbols of illustrations that focus largely on objects.

Utensils of different natures which have the role to occupy as well as bad this famous female kitten of this tender history so that she does not know the coldness of boredom before the next coming of her master whom she loves so much.

The items are mainly close to toys designed for pets such as a mouse, foam fish of different colors, a butterfly knot but also food such as pate for kittens, tasty croquettes, milk as well as a comb to allow it to preserve its shiny fur.

There are lots of icons that have the principle to harmonize as it should the 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 pay lines of the Kawaii Kitty™ slot machine but those who will follow will allow the configuration of the game to live important twists with juicy prices at the end of race! These are wool balls of which one is violet and the other yellow straw.

This is the favorite object of this female kitten who loves to train for hours to measure and amplify his agility by taking a certain pleasure to go out and retract his little claws in the fibers of this wool.

These freshly quoted representations will play a significant role in the gameplay of the Kawaii Kitty™ game as they will be the only solution to allow Wilds to get into service. Jokers but not any of them since they will be able to complete the full height of their reels.

Speaking of reels, the 2, 3 and 4 will be able without any difficulty to receive the expandable wilds in order to allow them after a short time to form pay lines to keep only the most powerful in terms of prize.

Following a few brief disturbances on the interface of Kawaii Kitty™, the events will spoil a notch at the top with the action of a re-spin which is by simple definition a free ride. In the case of a grant of new earnings thanks to the intervention of the re-spin, the latter will give rise to a second to succeed him and that until there are no more tokens of released.

If at the first re-pin the latter offers absolutely nothing more than a failure in obtaining chips then the game Kawaii Kitty™ will resume its normal short by quickly shipping players in the main game.

Concerning the fixed jackpot valued in £50 000, the latter does not impose a certain number of symbols in order to be able to present itself to the light. Therefore, this prize pool will be able to explode at any time and even playing with a more or less small sum. The three-dimensional slot machine Kawaii Kitty™ does not require to play in bet max (maximum bet) to try to win this colossal sum.



About the Kawaii Kitty™ online game I’m not going to go there by 4 ways simply by saying that I’m pretty disappointed with the consistency of its gameplay. I find it a pity to have left only 2 ways to the audience of Kawaii Kitty™ to accumulate chips in her bankroll.

Personally, I really did not expect such a small number of options to entertain. As a result, this leads to a major drawback of installing a fairly game routine. Once a wild expandable has been triggered, a re-spin then takes control of the machine and this is over with the gameplay demonstrations of Kawaii Kitty™. I find it quite a pity especially since the game of Chance Kawaii Kitty™ has a theme open enough to be able to accommodate other features like free spins or a level Bonus.

In addition to this deficiency in its game features, Kawaii Kitty™ is not the best of the videos slots 3d Betsoft Gaming if one is to put a lot of pockets in front of a game time more or less longer. Of course the remuneration is present on a regular basis but it is not necessary to rely on this redistribution to become rich even if the latter has an ally that is a fixed jackpot of £50 000.

As we know, these pools with whopping content do not fall every day unless you really have a chance and take advantage of this bargain to play lotto on that same day. Despite this profound disappointment and this is only my personal opinion, I liked the theme as well as the graphic quality of the mobile slot machine Kawaii Kitty™.

This ambient decor with pastel colors exudes a deep sense of serenity. This crunchy little female kitten adds a layer with its multiple gestures which has for gift to add even more sweetness to the game Kawaii Kitty™. My opinion therefore remains divided between the aspect of diversification of internal features and the incredible quality of the graphics of this video slot mobile ToGo™.

Kawaii Kitty™ is for my part a game of money that is neither to be tested absolutely nor to flee.

Subject : Kawaii Kitty™ ~ A video slot Betsoft ToGo™ accompanied by a female kitten!
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