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Justice League™

NextGen Gaming is a publisher who has gained popularity by staging through five-reel slot machine the famous Comics of American Origin which is more commonly called the DC Comics. In other words and much more familiar with the English language DC’s initials are no more or less than an abbreviation of the words of Detective and Comics. A comic book publishing house that gave life to a crowd of super heroes whose origins date back in the early 1930’s.

Justice League™ is a chance game of pure fiction that centralizes in a single online casino game the original members of the Super heroes who were born in 1950. In this group of heroes with superhuman powers are present Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern as well Q’Aquaman!

To locate briefly these characters classified in fiction that have crossed all the countries of the world, Superman is a hero who was imagined in January 1933 in the head of a writer on behalf of Jerry Siegel. Superman is a character with multiple powers, including physical, extra-sensory, mental, and gravitational. His first appearance in the Comics was marked in April 1938.

Batman who for my part is the super hero who my most fascinated being young was created by taking the appearance of a comic then shortly following this first adaptation in the comic book Detective Comics on March 30, 1939. Unlike Superman who has allowed Batman to exist in the mind of talented cartoonist Bob Kane, this protagonist of fiction does not have power beyond our reality.

In truth, Batman is only a simple human who clothed his famous disguise to actively fight organized crime by appealing to his excellent physical condition that leads him to become an inveterate master in martial arts.

In addition to having an exemplary physical condition to carry out its various missions aimed at enforcing the order in the city of Gotham City, Batman is a being endowed with intelligence much above the average of other individuals inhabiting the Earth. In addition, Batman holds high skills in the fascinating world of computer science.

Batman is known to pull himself out of business every time he is ambushed by his enemies. Batman Masters on his fingertips several foreign languages and he loves above all camouflage himself to surprise his antagonists like the famous Joker.

Wonder Woman was present in the first wave of the super heroines of the comic books that were born. Still today Wonder Woman has never been so popular with young audiences. Wonder Woman is defined as the Princess of a tribe of Amazons and her true identity is Princess Diana.

An Amazon ambassador living in the world that we all know who inherited different supernatural powers and multiple gifts hand-delivered by the Greek gods. Question spooky Powers, Wonder Woman retains a ray whose holding in it a Super Force, to be able perform series of actions at a speed that exceeds the mind, to be able influence on the mind of other by applying an absolute mental control where no one is able to resist it or to have in it powers of regeneration.

Still in this sphere DC Comics, Flash is a super hero who was imagined in 1956. In the beginning, Flash was a human whose profession was that of a policeman. One day not like the others, his fate was marked by a tragic event.

He will suffer a terrible accident that in strange circumstances gave him powers. Multiple donations such as the ability to travel in time, to heal serious wounds in a stroke of magic wand or even to be in full capacity to control the own molecules of his body.

Green Lantern is a hero who was set up in October 1959. The main mission of this super hero is to Watch over the 2814 sector as well as on our good old planet Earth. It has a magic ring that allows it in the main lines of materialize what it needs at the moment, translate foreign languages in order to communicate in the best conditions with other alien colonies or to move more easily by flying at a brisk pace.

Created by Paul Norris, Aquaman is a superhero who defines himself as the King of the Atlantis which is an underwater city. The main powers of Aquaman are the fact of being able to communicate by telepathy with other intelligent entities living in the depths of the ocean or withstand the heat where to any kind of energy that could bring him nuisance.

After brief presentation of these super heroes, we can very quickly understand that the slot machine Justice League™ will bubble from scenarios with the key to this multiple animations. Therefore in this context, one can suspect that the gameplay will follow this path by making available a few features.

This is obviously the case with to start this enumeration of the simple Wilds, 3 special features titled (Rescue Team), (Metropolis attacked) and (Power-Up superhero), a Bonus game (scatters), a channel (attack Bonus) as part of the free spins, Extra spins free with Free spins (Super hero spins), Re-spins, gain multiplier (x2 up to x10) and finally an option leaves or double.

In summary, a colony of options to pass for sure a moment of play unforgettable but if you love a little bit the slots on the theme of Comics. If this is the case, it is currently impossible to find any better elsewhere than at NextGen Gaming. Never on this day 1st of November of 2016, a slot machine challenged himself to offer content distilling in his heart as many superhero.

The video slot Justice League™ offers as a configuration at the level of its framing a number of 5 reels, 3 rows and it makes available 243 possibilities to seize juicy profits. At the level of its betting range, Justice League™ is a slot machine that offers a range ranging from £0.30 up to £60.00 which may seem low for some players lovingly engaging spins beyond this limit. To make a sum of money available between this fairly flexible scale, a single point of adjustment will be noted present. This is a module that allows you to select a denomination value. The latter range between £0.01 and £2.00.


The Justice League™ online casino game powered by NextGen Gaming is remarked among other things by its strong focus of features. Game options that will probably delight a lot of players as they show themselves to be flourishing profits.

Start with the Wilds simple of this great family of features of the video slot Justice League™. These icons have the appearance of the superhero group that feeds into action and suspense the game. This item will have the key role of acting as a symbol substitute. It may have a full grip on all the icons that form the game but the bonus symbols will hold him head.

Therefore, it will be inconceivable for the simple wilds to dominate the bonus items in order to replace them with another icon present in the gameplay of the casino Justice League™ game. In their modus operandi, the jokers will have the opportunity to do their small business on the reels 2, 3 and 4 only. By appearing on the reels 1 and 5, they will have no influence on the course of the game.

A special feature bears the name of (Rescue Team). At this precise stage of the Justice League™, the icon that will represent Superman through his portrait can be substituted by a simple wild icon on the only condition that the latter is located on the Reels 2, 3 or 4.


To enter the Bonus game which bears the name of (Daily Planet Bonus), the game will require without negotiation to get at least 3 items on the reels 2, 3 and 4. It is then that these illustrations symbolizing in a caricature way the planet Earth by a golden sphere will open an access to a free game sequence!

Is a number of 10 free spins that will be put into service with a gaming environment that promises to delight a considerable number of players. During this phase of the Justice League™ game, the free spins will leave room for a power gauge that can be seen throughout this event on the right side of the slot. As we can imagine, the goal will be to complete to 100% this gauge by getting on the screen icons simple wilds.

This power bar will have the principle of counting towers offered from a higher level named superhero. They will have the principle to activate once the stock of standard free parts will be exhausted. Notice that during this stage in charge of obtaining prizes, new free spins will be able to see the day by obtaining again 3 scatters bonus icons on the reels 2, 3 and 4.

Another option will be open to allow to win 1 free spin pass. That of a winged green monster coming from another world. It will be the missing link to activate the opening of the special function (Metropolis attacked). This repulsive creature will present itself on the interface of the video slot Justice League™. The objective will be to reduce to ash using an ultra-powerful laser ray. At the end of the attack, this will have the effect of granting one extra free spin which will not fail to add itself to the counter of the free spins in progress.

During the process of running the free game mode (Super hero) and this without any exception to the rule that will follow, the reels 1 and 5 will stop at each end of spin and simultaneous to allow one of the 6 super Heroes of the online casino game Justice League™ to show up to proudly unveil its powers and other supernatural abilities.

Multipliers will find a good reason to show up at this stage of the game. They will be understood and totally randomly between x2 and x10 and will be able to execute their compensation plans when items will be replaced by simple jokers.

During the operation of the free super Hero game session, the gauge will still be current to continue to post super hero towers. During the operation of this extension of the basic free spins, the bonus icons will not be able to be the subject of a staging to try to credit again standard Free Spins.


To finalize this winning table of the Justice League™ video slot, we let’s now talk about the special feature (Power-Up superhero). This game option operates in a totally random terrain. It will therefore activate itself when it is presented in a global way on the reel 1.

These icons that will allow the channel (Power-Up Super hero) to feature are illustrated by the powerful heroes of Justice League™. They will appear in order to colonize the entire reel number 1. Once this schema has made sense in the game, the reel 5 will take exactly the same look as the reel 1.

It is then that the 1 and 5 reels will freeze in time to leave the reels 2, 3 and 4 get in working condition by creating a Re-Spin (free spin). At the end of this raise, if 1 or several wilds point their noses then a second Re-spin will start operating.

This round under (Power-Up Super hero) will stop working when there is no longer the presence of simple wilds in the areas planned to accommodate them. It is then that all the prices obtained will be credited in cash. During its own operation, it is impossible to reset the sleeve (Power-Up Super hero). On the other hand, it is perfectly probable to be able to activate every moment that passes the channel (Rescue of the team) that we had seen a short time ago.



Justice League™ is a game of chance attractive that establishes the deep desire to know more about it when we see the magnitude of the number of features that is proposed in its gameplay.

Justice League™ is an online casino game that has the peculiarity of merging several Super Heroes coming straight from the imaginary Comics. I must say that these protagonists progress in perfect symbiosis in the game. Each character exhibits with finesse his unique powers from another world as well as his physical abilities to provide the game a very diverse content in terms of staging relayed by short videos .

Graphically, Justice League™ is a NextGen gaming silver game that holds the road with sound effects that many other slot machines should draw for example. Once in the heat of the action, it is hard difficult to leave his universe with features that are chained to the thread of the spins. The winning table integrated into the game of Justice League™ already talks about this exciting finding that has the gift of making saliva by displaying an index of redistribution of theoretical bet for players of 96,501%.

Might as well assert in the company of this data that Justice League™ is a game of money that ranks among the elite of the online casino variants of the NextGen brand Gaming. Ranked without any hesitation in the topic of favorite gambling Casinos reviews, I recommend to accompany my opinion on this title to test at least once Justice League™.

To experience it by oneself to really realize its great aptitude for distribute chips in regularity and offer a content particularly addictive.

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