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Jumbo Stampede™

The Isoftbet provider introduces us to a new 3D slot machine featuring 6 reels, 3 rows and 4096 ways to win Jumbo Stampede™ which is scheduled to be released in January 2019! Free spins and payout multipliers that will aim to fill our pockets because we can get to win up to £614,400!

In the middle of the African jungle, all the animals have just come together: a new group of reckless and dangerous hunters has made its appearance. They are pests have no pity, especially one, easily recognizable with his beard, and a tiger tooth that he wore as a pendant. Everything is worth to bring the best trophies home, and they are especially well organized!

The animals were accustomed but there it was different, this brutality they had never seen! They had to get organized and scare them out of the jungle, but it was going to be complicated. They mostly came to look for elephant ivory, but they slaughtered everything they saw. The leopard as can be seen in Jumbo Stampede™ brought together all the animals to establish a plan.

Practically everyone was there, rhinos, zebras, antelopes, leopards, only elephants are missing. But that noise that is heard in the distance and that makes the ground tremble is them! They arrive breath and horrified: when he was trying to defend himself the king of the Elephants lost one of his horns and fortunately he had not lost his life!

His sacred horn it must be found, but those damned took him away and immediately left because the other elephants had come to his rescue and the hunters had decamped. They no longer had ammunition on them and did not want to risk their lives. They went back to the camp with the king’s horn, it was an outstanding trophy!

Why not ask the help of the jungle boy? He was the only one who could infiltrate the camp and retrieve the horn. The leopard took care of him when the tiger had killed his parents and raised him as if he were his little one. He explains his idea to the rest of the animals and unanimously grant trust to the little boy of the jungle.

Grateful to the leopard and in fact towards all those who had taught him something in life, the little boy does not hesitate, and decides without hesitation to help them, there was no other way to find it! And how is he going to go about it? Very simple, he was going to approach the camp…

He is captured by men who initially reluctantly lock him in a large cage. The rage invades but in the evening the leopard makes a visit and tells him to keep calm. It is necessary to let him gain the confidence of the hunters to let him out and get the sacred horn of the elephant King of the Jumbo Stampede™ casino game iSoftbet. Listening to the advice of the leopard, he is no longer so violent towards humans.

One morning before the boy of the jungle wakes up, the bearded man leaves him the door of the cage open and the little guy comes out. They make him take a bath, then give him some stuff. It’s not his style, but it’s all for the good of all! He gains the beard’s hunter confidence and he even leaves him a pocket knife and wants to teach him how to hunt!

He does not suspect anything at the moment, he sees the hunter returning several times in a kind of hut, what can there be in there? He had to wait until the night that they all sleep to be able to go check, during that time was always the debacle in the jungle as can be seen in the gameplay of the free slot machine 6 reels Jumbo Stampede™.

The animals every time are more frightened even the most dangerous, and the king of the elephants has so much grief because of his lost sacred horn, that he is almost on the brink of death. The night has fallen, and the little fellow is entering the hut… What a horror in his eyes! Everything he discovers leaves him frozen like a stone and his gaze arises on an animal.

His friend the little white wolf, he was there with his eyes wide open, as if he were watching him! The tears of rage flowed down his cheeks and he swears the vengeance of his best friend! And then he turns around and sees the sacred horn of the king of the elephants. Then he runs inside the jungle. He comes to announce that he has found the sacred horn, but that he will only return it if they help him to avenge the bearded.

Finding his forces suddenly the king of the elephants asks if he has a plan, and of course he had it! They were going to set him a trap between all and giving them a lesson they all would leave! The leopard would lure them into the jungle and when he was uncovered and isolated the elephants all together as in Jumbo Stampede™, would rush him.

And this is what they do, the leopard approaches and the hunter alone goes to his pursuit, when he arrives in the middle of the jungle, and sees himself alone, the king of the elephants with the little man above and the others behind, rushing on him. He tries to shoot with his gun but someone had to unload it!

They do not allow him to escape, the king of the elephants hits him and sends him to tens of meters. No escape, death on the job, revenge is done. The other hunters and the people who accompany them are frightened, it is better to leave and not come back, they learned the lesson.

Jumbo Stampede™ game features:


Isoftbet prepares us for January 2019, the release of his new free slot machine Jumbo Stampede™, with 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 ways to win under the theme of wild animals and more precisely in this game the elephants will be the protagonists. Wild, scatter, free spins, and gain multipliers will be able to win us up to £614,400!

The scatter symbol is represented by a baby elephant in a gold currency, That if we find 3 or more symbols anywhere on the reels can reward free spins, for example if you have 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols we will have 8, 15, 20 or 50 free spins.

The wild, represented by the word wild in a sunset, can replace any symbol except the scatter, to form pay lines. The wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 but never on the first. The winning table is in currencies and all winnings will be multiplied by the denomination value chosen.

During free spins, any wild in winning combinations will transform the wilds into x2 or x3 and behave like two or three separate wilds on the reels where they appear. To announce the feature a troop of elephants will cross the interface and leave room for the night.

Jumbo symbols (big elephants) and any wilds can be used as jumbo and will pay the winning combinations even if they are not in the non-adjacent reels. Extra free spins can trigger during feature and we can win up to 50 free spins!

Opinion of the 6 reels casino game Jumbo Stampede™:

Isoftbet provider will introduce us in January 2019 its new free slot machine called Jumbo Stampede™, built of 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 ways to win under the theme of jungle and wild animals. This is not a typical machine, and it is better to already announce that it is only provided with free spins and multipliers of earnings, but the denomination value (from 0.01 to 1.00) and the bet ranging from £0.20 to £20 allows the most modest players to access it.

It is true that for big players this may not be their place but it takes for everyone! Moreover, it is true that the return to the player is 95.94% but the volatility goes from average to higher which makes it give prizes even if they are not high practically since the start. For my part, I can say you that I saw better games at Isoftbet but it did not displease me, so I give him the average.

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