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Jingle Spin™

The provider Netent always to the small care with its customers, just released the last batch: Jingle Spin™, a slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows with lots of original features that will catch us and make us have a good time with Santa Claus, his elves and gifts!

In the Springle family, all Christmas are happy, Mary the mother and Joe the father have two children Kate and Ted. They just bought a camera to film all the important acts of the family, but especially Christmas is a time that the family adores, the Christmas tree, the biscuits, smells them-good with the orange slices with cinnamon sticks (as in the instant slot machine Jingle Spin™), the gifts that amaze each year the children… In short all the preparations that bring together the family and that brings out all these feelings of happiness!

But this year is not going to be like the others, Joe the father a firefighter by vocation died in a fire during the summer that had burned all the hills around, it had been the deadliest in 30 years! The rest of the family does not recover, the mother works a lot of hours in a hospital as a nurse, since she had married she had not worked, but need oblige and she had resumed her profession!

About children, everyone responds in their own way. Ted the elder, does not go on a good path, the loss of his father has completely disturbed him, he is alongside small thugs who dedicate themselves to steal cars on the car parks. When Kate, she helps her mom in all the stains and has had to grow up too fast but she assumes her role!

Kate a great enthusiast of the cameras, feeling nostalgic begins to re-visualize the old videos, and suddenly she discovers a red handle and a hand stretched towards the Christmas tree! It must have been Santa Claus. She shares it with her brother Ted but he doesn’t care of her! She had to figure out how to check her suspicions!

It’s Christmas Eve and the hospital just called Mary, she has to go to work tonight to replace a colleague who has fallen ill! It’s the catastrophe, she’s asking Ted not to go out and look after his little sister, but Ted’s plans are other and as soon as his mother leaves, he takes his stuff and goes out. Kate takes her camera and follow him.

She finds out that her brother is a little punk and filming her stealing a car and going home. When Ted come back, she blackmailed him with the camera cassette to help him know if this hand is really Santa Claus! So they prepare the house with wires from everywhere with bells, and the camera filming through the hole of the door… They’re also preparing supplies for the night. They soon fall asleep…

That’s when the bells sound… The two brothers wake up! They dress and go out in pursuit of that person who had entered their home! They see like a red glow that jumps from roof to roof, it’s him, Santa Claus exists! They see the sled and then decide to hide in it. The big red man comes back and leaps inside, throws his toy bag at the back, whistles to the reins and goes flying at a dizzying speed! The two brothers cannot believe what is happening: they’re flying over the houses!

It goes too fast! Kate’s cold, asking for a blanket for Santa Claus who didn’t know he had company! Stress loses control of his sled, the reins go crazy and goes in every direction until the moment they all fall to the ground! No casualties but the sled is broken, the gift bag is gone and the reins have fled! What a catastrophe!

Kate and Ted ask Santa how can they help him it’s their fault that this disaster happened! They decide to split up, Kate goes to get the reins, and Ted and Santa Claus will pick up the toy bag. We absolutely must save Christmas! They will make every effort to not leave thousands of children without toys tonight! It’s not going to be easy, but we have to hurry!

Kate goes looking for reins while Ted and Santa steal a car to find the toy bag. They get sued by the police and end up getting arrested and put in the dungeon while Ted fled with the compass in search of the bag. After a good time, he finds him but we have to go and join the others.

Kate also tamed the reins and went to get the others. Meanwhile in prison Santa Claus organized a party with all those who were arrested that night! When the police realize that it is actually him and not an impostor they release him and he can then find his two friends. The elves went to repair the sled which was not in very good condition, and we left it as new!

Now a big problem arises to them: there is not much time left for the day to rise and the gifts have not all been taken to their recipients! Time is more than a solution: call back his elves to help! So early so soon said, Santa’s elves come out of the toy bag with the Big Book of addresses: Kate reads names and addresses while Santa Claus and the elves (as in Jingle Spin™) hand out the presents and Ted drives the sled!

Phew! Finally everything is fine and they end up in time after making the race of their lives! All that remains is to bring them home before their mother arrives to work from the hospital. So she doesn’t realize what happened at night. Kate and Ted helped saving Christmas!

Jingle Spin™ features and rules


Jingle Spin™ is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed lines of winnings that has wilds, free spins and 4 different features: Spreading Wild Bauble, Free Spins Bauble, Coin Win Bauble, and Surprise Bauble.

Wilds symbols substitute the winning combination the higher possible on a bet line. The feature contained by assisting dwarves above the reels is activated when a wild symbol appears randomly in the bottom reel.

In the main Jingle Spin™ game and Free spins, Spreading Wilds can appear on any reel and are activated when the spreading wild Bauble falls on a natural wild symbol that appears on the reel and substitutes all symbols except the regular wild symbols. Spreading Wild symbols substitute the higher winning combination. They change all adjacent symbols and diagonally intoSadditional wild symbols.

The Free Spins Baubles held by assistant dwarves directly above a wild activates the
Free Spins. The number of free spins won will be randomly. At the beginning of the free spins, the Christmas ball wheel gives 4 baubles in the hands of the assistant dwarves. A fifth bauble will be added to the reel when they are stopped.

The dwarves pass from hand to hand the baubles from the most right to the left in each round. The extra free spins will activate when the Free Spins Bauble held by one of Jingle Spin™ elves will be directly recovered by a wild symbol appearing underneath the Free Spins Bauble during free spins mode. The additional free spins earned will be automatically added to the free spins in progress.

The Coins Win Baubles amount will be multiplied by the level of bet plus the winning lines, that is to say that the coin-winning line is equal to the value given in the earnings table multiplied by the wagering level (the number of coins wagered by lines) and only the highest winning will be paid.

The Surprise Bauble contains one of the features Baubles: Coin Win Bauble, Free Spins Bauble or the Spreading Wild Bauble, it activates when a ball passes to the hands of the elves and falls into the surprise package. The surprise feature will be randomly and will win us coins or free spins.

Opinion of the redaction of Jingle Spin™


It’s Christmas soon and Netent knows very well how to care for his fans: The Swedish provider has just released its latest one in the name of Jingle Spin™. An instant slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed payment lines under the Christmas theme. We find our good Santa Claus and his elves who came to help us to win the maximum possible (up to 94,750 coins)!

A very neat graphic charter, our good big man dressed in red who pulls a lever to spin the wheel, the elves that pass each other the balls and the last throws them on the tree, the symbols that move on the reels… The soundtrack is consistent with what we have on the interface and more the elves and Father Christmas emit sounds of the style “He Ho”, “Ahhhh” “Hop” and the sound of his laugh!

This online video slot Jingle Spin™ has 4 features that activate randomly and that allow us not to get bored! It has a return to the player of 96.48% and an average volatility which is not bad at all! I’m sure this game is going to be a success!

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