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On January 24, 2016, I had presented one of the last creations of the publishers of games Netent intertainly under Guns N ‘ Roses. A developer of online casino games that no longer really has a secret about the superior quality of his 3D creations that he counts in large numbers in his toy library. Netent comes back from more beautiful on this Friday, April 29th, 2016 with a new three-dimensional slot machine under Jimi Hendrix™!

To make a little bit of history about this man, Jimi Hendrix™ was born during the Second World War. Specifically on November the 27th of 1942 in Seattle, Washington, United States. The main activities of this icon during his time were motivated and influenced by the genres psychedelic rock, blues rock and hard rock.

Jimi Hendrix™ was a songwriter, performer, singer, musician. He founded between 1966 and 1970 the Anglo-American music group the Jimi Hendrix™ experience. Despite this very limited musical career of 4 years, Jimi Hendrix™ did not put on the other hand to be recognized throughout his country as one of the greatest electric guitar players of his time.

In London in the capital of the United Kingdom on September the 18th of 1970, Jimi Hendrix™ lost his life in strange circumstances. Some claim that he would have died asphyxiated in his sleep and others are more focused on the hypothesis of a homicide sponsored by his manager Michael Jeffrey. To date, no one is able to give a clear explanation as to the reasons for his premature death.

Jimi Hendrix™ is a Netent slot machine that consists of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed payment lines. If we make the quick comparison to the level of its graphics, Jimi Hendrix™ has nothing comparable with those who animate the online game Guns N’ Roses™.

These are very caricature with a background that illustrates the fine felt what looks like ready to a semi-desert place. It is very easy to notice the mountain ranges clearly coming from another world to see their morphology. The sky is imagery by horizontal alternating strips of different shades of blue color.

Of distant planets are also scattered all over the sky. By lowering our eyes to the mainland, we can notice plants with quite strange characteristics. Disturbing, they let us open our minds to what resemble giant poppies.

A battery is almost buried in this sandy soil. On the left side you can see a bass drum and a ride cymbal. On the other side is planted in the ground an electric guitar. I must say that the atmosphere is quite strange and when getting the prize, the game will start to bloom with the appearance of poppy flowers on the sides of the slot machine that will marry the interface of the game.

Representations such as the different photographic shots of the face of the singer Jimi Hendrix™, peace and love symbols, eyes with dilated pupils, electric guitars of different colors or hearts will be colonized in their periphery by buds that will open instantly to let see colorful flower petals. A grandiose spectacle that allows after their quick passage to give birth to fairly substantial prize discounts.

Speaking of money in this video slot Jimi Hendrix™, this last but the package with a whole truck of features. The styles and ways of winning are multiple which makes all the richness of this game of chance.

In terms of features, players will be able to each spin that passes unlocking re-spins, wild substitutions, wild transformations, a special Pick and Click feature that gives access to 3 free spins features, Coin earnings with random multipliers of (x8 to x30) and a fixed jackpot worth £80 000!

As much to assert, that users of the video slot Jimi Hendrix™ is not likely to get bored anytime soon. This is in any case my point of view. As I said in this introduction to Jimi Hendrix™ rules of play, this one has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 frozen lines.

With this configuration, this online slot offers a range of bets starting from £0.20 to go up to £200.00. A relatively broad field of action that will most likely invite all players to operate this new masterpiece produced by Netent.

To go further…


I’m going to start this winning table with featuring on behalf of purple Haze. To begin with, this option is identifiable by the portrait of Jimi Hendrix™ holding a cream-colored electric guitar on the shoulder.

The Jimi Hendrix™ game offers up to 2 different ways to activate this feature. It will be able to activate itself when its own symbol will rest on Reel 1. When this case comes to life, the icons 0, J, Q, K and a will turn into wilds items for the time of a spin.

Once this part ends and it has released tokens or not, the Purple Haze icon on the number 1 reel will turn a wild symbol in turn to transmit parts to the players. The second way to play with the Purple Haze feature will be from the Red Guitar Re-Spin option and it falls to spades since we will be interested now.


The Red guitar re-spin feature is symbolized by a guitar Cream color with pretty red patterns, black greens that rest on a purple color. A very nice musical instrument by the way which after 4 demonstrations on the reels of the slot machine will trigger the long-awaited feature.

All the reels will relaunch to keep the icons of the famous guitar. At the end of this spin, if new guitars of the same physical appearance are found on the reels then a second Re-Spin will go into service and the new guitar icons will remain frozen also. The Red guitar Re-Spin feature will end when there is no more cream guitar with pretty motifs at the end of the spin.


Another feature that is much appreciated by the audience is present in the gameplay of Jimi Hendrix™. This is a Pick And Click. In other words, a feature that has the principle of asking users to make selections using their mouse to advance in the game and collect coins at the same time.

To penetrate into this special feature, it will be required to get on the reels 3, 4 and 5 Jimi Hendrix™ dressed in white playing electric guitar while standing face. It is then that the feature on behalf of Pick And Click will take life to allow users to win 1 price among 4 offered.

These are coin winnings, and 3 forms of free spins including Crosstown Traffic, Purple Haze and Little Wing. The operating principle of this feature is quite simple to implement. The object of the game is to click on a wall of sound composed of speakers in order to reveal 4 forms of symbols. When players have collected 3 similar symbols that refer to a prize, it will be automatically assigned.

The coin winnings can be earned in the feature I just summed up but it is quite possible to be able to get it from the main game. These coin winnings are represented by a gold coin with Jimi Hendrix™ profile view face. In the specific case where 3 icons are found on the reels of the video slot, a random gain will be awarded with the key an equally random gain multiplier between the values of x8 and x30!


A short while ago, I mentioned the term free spins. In the gameplay of the Jimi Hendrix™ 3D slot machine, there are 3 free spin modes.

These are the CrossTown Traffic, the Purple Haze and the Little Wing. As the illustrative image here can illustrate, the elements of the slot machine will evolve once the feature is activated. The ground will be replaced by a water point where the famous poppies will continue to gush out of nowhere when acquiring a prize.

The sky and the mountains will be represented by 2 large clouds of clear brown smoke. Even more strange, 2 electric guitars will be held floating above the surface of the water and vertically. A rather peculiar staging that I must say has quite troubled me at the moment. I will now go back to the different modes of the free games to describe with detail their own principle of operation.

★ the free spins feature CroosTown Traffic is illustrated by a flaming electric guitar. To be able to enter the feature, you will be asked to count 3 symbols of this nature. That’s when 6 free spins will go into working condition.

Of the expandable wilds will join the party to make things worse and increase the rate of potential earnings for this free session. In the first round, the wild reel will appear on reel 5. To the second free spin on reels 4 and 5, in the third round on reels 3 and 4, concerning the fourth on reels 2 and 3, on the fifth on reels 1 and 2 and finally for the last spin is the sixth on reel 1.

★ The free purple Haze game option is represented by a guitar that is embalmed by a violet smoke. 3 Such icons on reels will allow players to activate between 6 and 12 free spins! During the course of this Purple Haze feature, items 10, J, Q, K and A will be surrogate wilds! Hello the probabilities of getting prizes at that time!

★ the Little Wing option is identifiable by a guitar that has received a projection of a blue liquid. By bringing together 3 icons of this style, the Jimi Hendrix™ game will award between 6 and 12 free spins. During the Process of this feature, between 3 and 5 wilds will be able to present themselves in overcoat in the game in a random way to amplify the chances of winning.


The last option to make money with the video slot Jimi Hendrix™ is dedicated to the Wilds. Pretty powerful jokers I must say that will be able to present both in the main game and in the gameplay of many features of the game.

The Joker is easily recognizable. It is the portrait of Jimi Hendrix™ that allows to identify it in the middle of the other icons of the online slot. Able to act several times during the end of a spin, the jokers will respond present to encourage the formation of pay lines. To act in this sense, the wilds will hold a surrogate power that in the game of Jimi Hendrix™ will allow them to substitute all the icons of the game except the scatters.



Jimi Hendrix™ is simply a real time bomb at the level of possibilities for making money. Players have access to 6 features including 3 free game modes. Each option adds additional character strength to this Netent slot video. True, the graphics are less appealing than those of the online game Guns N’ Roses™ but Jimi Hendrix™ down records in terms of ways to play. The routine does not exist in its gameplay unless you play it for hours. Jimi Hendrix™ is a 3D slot video that has a very strong theoretical redistribution index.

The latter is 96.9% and a jackpot worth £80 000 can fall into the players crate every second that passes! In my humble opinion, the money game Jimi Hendrix™ must be rubbed off at least once because it deserves to be with its many advantages in terms of its redistribution probabilities.

In addition, it is quite rare to be entertained with an online slot that has such a feature paraphernalia. A strong point that allows this virtual slot to offer playful content while earning money quickly. In writing this, I am thinking in particular of the part winning feature which offers a random earning multiplier based between x8 and x30!

To conclude, Jimi Hendrix™ is a very good online casino game that I could not help but add to the favorite Netent games of the Casinos reviews site.

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