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James Dean™

This character probably tells you nothing but this personality was destined to shine in the middle of the cinema in the years 50.

Today, the production company of online casino games NextGen Gaming has chosen to pay homage to this young man who left on September 30th of 1955 at the age of 24.

To the memory of this American actor of Indian origin, NextGen Gaming presents its latest creation with a slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 lines of payment.

James Dean™ took his first steps in his acting career by promoting the famous Coca-Cola sweet soft drink. Shortly after this appearance on the screens, he wanted to devote most of his time to this passion that he had since his early childhood. It opened in the midst of advertising, theatre and cinema to be spotted by a size in the world of the production of Hollywood films.

A well-known man known in this environment and named David O. Selznick. It was then that James Dean’s™ career experienced a severe surge of prosperity. He kept the course and chained with more serious and lasting roles in time by winning multiple opportunities for various television series of the time. Shortly after these episodes of his short life, James Dean™ signed important contracts. The latter allowed him to present himself as a leading actor for films that for the East of Eden earned him an Oscar nomination in the category of best dramatic actor!

Other than his passion for role-playing games, James Dean™ was a sports car enthusiast and he personally owned a Porsche 550 Spider. Crazy about speed and with one evening not like the others, James Dean™ took all the risks on the road to embark at an excessive kilometric speed. This earned him the power to be arrested by law enforcement for the purpose of receiving a nice ticket to pay. Apparently, that evening was not a lesson to him.

Once the police were away from him, he began to press the accelerator pedal and he continued for several kilometers. The weather was foggy and therefore the visibility was not the most excellent. James Dean™ did not brake until a road user in front of him struck him with full force. Assessment of this accident. James Dean™ was killed instantly and the driver of the second vehicle was able to get away with a few bruises.

The interface of the slot machine of James Dean™ traces with ease this side bad boy that James Dean™ staged on a daily basis. The icons by themselves with aviator-type smoke goggles, a moto, a Porsche 550 Spider and other illustrations like his personal star at Hollywood walk of fame symbolizing forever his talent as a film actor.

At the level of its features to fix a bet, the slot James Dean™ offers the opportunity to be able to set a denomination value between £0.01 and £2.00. This is the only adjustment point in order to be able to play with sums of money between each spin that are based on a measuring scale ranging from £0.01 to £50.00. Side features, NextGen Gaming Publishers have put the package to guarantee a dynamic game with a high potential for prize redistribution. In the clear, it will be possible to activate simple and expandable wilds, free spins (scatters) with earning multipliers and a feature click me.



James Dean™ is a game of chance that offers Re-spins that will have the feature of associating with expandable wilds. That is to say, columns of jokers that will have the primary mission to fill the entire height of their reel and then to form lines for the purpose of making them pay. What is appreciable with the video slot James Dean™ is that this phenomenon which we can say is quite particular will be able to show up on reels number 2, 3 or 4.

With such a setup of the game, the odds of winning will be much more substantial. The re-spins (free reminders) will be numbered 3 each time three faces of James Dean™ on blue background will show up anywhere on the slots of the slot machine. Other than the expandable wilds, the game also features simple jokers. They will have the feature of replacing all the icons of the game except the items of the features that we will discover afterwards.


James Dean™ offers his players free spin that will be numbered 10. A nice score that will be activated by the presence of 3 stars scatters of James Dean™. The place of appearance on the 5 reels is strictly irrelevant. From the moment they appear in the number of 3, they will open access to 10 free spins.

During this special session of the game, all prizes will benefit from a earnings multiplier of x2! But it’s not over yet because a new symbol will show the tip of his nose. This is a clap that is a tool that is used to announce the start of an action when making a movie. Represented in front of a flash of light, this illustration will aim to offer free spins (caption) that will be counted on the top right of the screen during the first phase of free spins.

Each item of the clap offers a trick. Once the 10 base spins are completed, the counter of the legendary towers offered will operate with an even more advantageous prize multiplier that will be in the order of x5!


To more strongly dedicate this slot machine to 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 lines to James Dean™, NextGen Gaming developers have wanted to offer a final feature in the name of James Dean’s™ bonus choice. To enter this special feature, you will have to collect on the screen 3 icons of this talented actor who is dressed in a turtleneck sweater of wine color.

This feature can be active in the main game with an earning multiplication power of x150! In the program of the free bases games with an x300 multiplier and during the free spins named legend with a multiplication index of x750! To play, just click on one of the three James Dean™ icons. It is then that the game will deliver a multiplication or a collect that invites the player to take his money and then find a standard game situation.



James Dean™ is a fabulous game and I particularly enjoy dedicating games to people known to the general public whether they are extinct or even our world. The game traces the life of this bad boy with his powerful car that intervenes when the free spins are triggered.

We do not hear in the distance a police patrol with the sirens lit that howl in the night. No, there is not the presence of this detail but the sound remains a real treat with its agility to increase the level of suspense and adrenaline. The feature to play are in sufficient number which allows everyone to be able to find favorite game options. The bonus game is very exciting with completely insane earning multipliers that can climb up to x750!

The pay is so beautiful fixed with a theoretical rate of 95.42% which is for videos NextGen Gaming slots a good clue. With its neat graphic chart that traces the strong events of James Dean’s™ life, this online game should in my opinion convince many players to discover it.

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