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Jackpot Raiders™

Jackpot Raiders™ is a video slot of 5 reels and 20 paylines from left to right. The game has eight regular symbols that win if 3 or more are aligned in a paid sequence starting with the leftmost. There is a scatter symbol that activates the compass if 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels.

There are also 5 card symbols that rewards free spins jackpots and 5 gems that reward one of the 5 jackpots. Finally, there is a collection of relics that reward sunken City free spins.

Sam is a young researcher is going to meet Bear a reward hunter and they have to leave both in airplane to go as close as possible to the jungle. Sam had found a treasure map as in Jackpot Raiders™ and she wanted to go to the scene but not by herself. In fact Bear was one of his father’s best friends.

The treasure map consisted of 5 different Forgotten, Rare, Mythical, Ancient and Legendary maps Jackpot Raiders™. These 5 maps formed one but it was necessary to find the correct combination and for that bear was an expert. He was the only one who could help him in this area.

After arriving in the jungle, you had to follow an endless trail to get to the entrance to the cave. It wasn’t going to be that easy! But Sam had full confidence in Bear but as this one told him it’s not all won. But he will do everything possible to help him by remembering the good old days with his friend.

Once you got there, you had to shell out the maps but for that Bear is an expert! In two times three movements, he manages to decipher this puzzle of maps. With his compass (feature Jackpot Raiders™) that never leaves him they finally arrive at the treasure room, but what surprise will await them?

Features of Jackpot Raiders™:


The compass can be activated by landing 3 scatter symbols or in the pick & click of the chests. When the compass is turned on it will also reward 10 free spins jackpot or treasure hunt bonus game. The scatter symbol will only appear in the base game.

It will reward the compass when you find 3 or more in the same round. If we find 3 we will be rewarded by the compass, if we find 4 by the compass and 1000 coins, and if we find 5 the compass and 10,000 coins.

The pick & click chest game is activated if 2 scatter symbols are present on the reels and offer prizes such as 20, 40 or 80 coins, 10 jackpot free spins, treasure hunt bonus game or 1 random map of the card collection.

In the collection of maps, there are 5 different: the Summit shrine map, the Highland Gate Map, the Jungle Ruins map, the Desert Tomb map and the Templar Grave map. Each map appears only in its own reel.

When a collection is filled, 5 identical maps collected players are awarded 10 free spins of jackpot. The free spins awarded are played with the average value of the coins of all the values used in the collection of cards.

Maps can also be collected in the treasure hunt bonus game and pick and click chest. All maps collected are recorded between the game sessions. If multiple card collections are completed in the same rotation, the jackpot free spins modes are read in order starting from the lowest.

All winning lines in the jackpot free spins receive a multiplier of x3 winnings, there is no scatter or symbol card. There are 5 different gems that will reward a jackpot when 5 gems of the same color in a single session of free spins. The collection of gems will be reset at the end of each free spins session. The free spins Jackpots are played on the same lines as in the base game.

The Sunken City free spins are unlocked by collecting 5 relics found in the treasure hunt bonus game. All winning lines receive a multiplier of x10. We start with a gem for every jackpot collection. There is no scatter symbol and map in the Sunken City free spins. Sunken City free spins are played with the same lines and with the average value of the pieces used during the rounds that collected it.

The treasure hunt bonus game will be triggered only by the compass feature. When this bonus game is triggered players have the choice to play as Sam or as Bear. Sam offers better prizes when she opens a trunk but she is closer to missing her shot and not offering prizes.

Bear on the other hand has a greater chance of having prizes but it gets less prize from the chests it opens. Once the player chooses his character they will have three possibilities to cross the river and open a safe. There are three different levels. Every time the player opens a trunk it arrives on the top level and it can win larger prizes.

We have three levels, the first safe one can win from 50 to 340 coins, little chance of map and little chance of relic. For the risky level you can earn from 240 to 1200 coins with an average chance to find a map or relic. For the very risky level we can earn from 350 to 1800 coins and we have a high chance to find a card or a relic.

You can access a jackpot by collecting 5 gems of the same color that matches the jackpot. Gems appear in all free spins modes and will not be kept after free spins sessions. Free spins multipliers will not apply to jackpot winnings.

All jackpots are progressive, a 3.8% of each bet contributes to the jackpot, none of the jackpots has no limit to be paid. The payment of jackpots will be subject to audits by the online casino operator and the Yggdrasil slot machine provider.

The jackpot values will be displayed at the top and will be recorded in the server of Yggdrasil. The probability of winning the jackpot in each round is proportional to the player’s bet size. Each of the 5 jackpots can be won in a single round. Two players can’t win the same jackpot. Jackpots can only be played in real mode.

The 3.8% contribution for jackpots is distributed as follows: 0.7% Forgotten jackpot, 0.7% Rare jackpot, 0.6% Mythical jackpot, 0.6% Ancient jackpot, and 1.2% Legendary jackpot. And the starting values will be 40, 200, 600, 1500 or €15,000 respectively.

Opinion about Jackpot Raiders™:

The Yggdrasil provider offers us this magnificent slot machine Jackpot Raiders™ of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines! With a slew of features, bonus games, scatters, a good mix to make the player pass an unforgettable moment. The Yggdrasil provider has well mixed all the ingredients in the bowl to offer us a pure moment of happiness and excitement.

Indeed, there is nothing lacking in the video slot in 3D Jackpot Raiders™. The team of Yggdrasil has done a flawless job with a super well-made interface, the theme of treasure hunters in the Indiana Jones genre, all the symbology is well represented. The 3D technology always so present with very realistic graphics and a soundtrack that accompanies it wonderfully.

Bets range from 0.005 to €2 which will give us bets ranging from 0.10 to €40. A wide enough range but that does not reach huge bets which can be a handicap but I do not believe because the Jackpot Raiders™ game is definitely worth it. It is necessary to satisfy as many people as possible but for this time I think it will be the least of things.

Jackpot Raiders™, a new success for the provider Yggdrasil, the competition is fierce but it is at a great level. Few people can manage to make as many games as incredible as one another, one can only get there with an extraordinary and professional team like that of Yggdrasil.

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