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Ivan and the Immortal King™

The provider Quickspin brings us his slot machine in 3D Ivan and the Immortal King™ under the theme of tales and legends,take us to make a travel to the Russia of tsars and tell us the story of Ivan and the Queen frog. This good prince that must defeat Koscheï the Immortal King to recover the love of his life.

The tsar and the tsarina had three son and wanted them to get married and enjoy their grandchildren and family life. The grand tsar sends so the three brothers to a field with their arcs to shoot the arrows as far as they can and know what the destiny would prepare to them.

The three brothers go out and pull the three arrows at the same time. The arrow of the elder lands in the courtyard of a Lord, the daughter of the Lord has bended down and picks up the arrow. The second tire his arrow and it’s going in the courtyard of a rich trader, and the daughter goes and picks it up.

When the younger of the brothers sends it so far that he late days to find it and when finally he arrives near of a pond this is a frog that has taken it. He asks her to give it to him but the frog said that what his destiny wants, he has to marry her.

The tsar fit three beautiful weddings for its three sons. The older is married with the daughter of the lord, the middle one with the daughter of the merchant and finally Ivan the younger is married with the frog. All the world will remind these feats in all the kingdom! But the poor Ivan was the saddest of the three.

One day the tsar done asks its three sons to come. He wants to know which one of its three daughters-in-law is the best seamstress, and he wants them to sew a beautiful shirt for the feast days. Ivan goes back home and sadly he said to his wife what his father asked him. The small frog said to her husband that he hasn’t to worry just to go to sleep.

She removed the skin of the frog and invokes its aides to sew the shirt. The next day the most beautiful of shirts was sewn with of golden and silver threads. The tsar couldn’t believe it, it was the most beautiful of the three!

A little time after, he asked its sons to come again and this time, he wants the three wifes to make some bread. Again afflicted, Prince Ivan go back home and say to his wife that she must prepare the best bread, and again his wife said to him to not worry and go sleep.

The two other sisters-in-law send a servant to spy the frog but as she was more tricky she done a false dough and introduce it in the hoven. When she sees that the servant has gone she removes again the skin of the frog and transform her in Vassilissa a beautiful young woman. And she asked again to its aides to make her the best bread to offer it to her father-in-law.

The next day when the prince Ivan see such a beautiful bread is prepared his sadness disappears. The to it bring it to his father. The two other breads were completely missed but his was well decorated and Ivan’s wife had won the challenge. The tsar invited its three sons and its daughters-in-law to come to a feast in the castle.

The two other brothers make fun of Ivan because they say to him if it would come the feast with a frog. Again Ivan go sad and tells to his wife what has happened. She said not to worry and to go first only, then when they hear a noise as of thunder do not worry she will come at this moment.

The prince Ivan suit its indications, goes to the castle alone and the brothers are still make fun of him. But after a moment we hear a noise that is very similar to a thunder and suddenly appears Vassilissa in a good looking coach drawn by horses. And the festivities could start.

Prince Ivan delighted by the situation go at home and burn the skin of the frog. But when his wife goes, she tells the error that he had committed. If the prince had not burned the skin of frog in three days she would have been to him for always because of spell that her father had thrown to her.

Now, he must go and search her by seas and mountains at Koscheï the Immortal King, she turned into bird and flew away by the window. The prince Ivan walks long time until the moment where he finds a small old man to whom he tells its misfortunes. After a long conversation, the man offers a ball and he says him to follow it what the prince Ivan does.

In his way and for his travel, he meets a bear, a wild duck a hare and a pike but when it was about to kill them, they all say all the same thing that they can be useful one day, and the prince leaves them live. He continues his travel and arrive to a forest where he sees a cabin and goes inside.

He has arrived at Baba-Yaga the witch, but he didn’t know it. She prepares a bath she feeds him and she gives him to drink and this is then that Ivan says her that he was in the search of Vassilissa. The witch knows everything of course, she says him that she is at Koscheï the Immortal King and that won’t be easy to find her.

To kill him won’t be easy said to him Baba-Yaga, his death this she is the end of a needle, this needle in an egg, this egg in a cane, this cane in a hare, the hare in a chest in stone and this chest in an oak and the oak very well kept. Ivan pass the night at the witch’s house and go the next day, he doesn’t late to find the oak!

Suddenly appears his friend the bear and uproots the oak the chest falls and breaks, from there jumped a hare, but out from we don’t know where appears his friend the hare that pursue the other and broke him in pieces. A cane fly from here and the wild duck hits her in the sky and an egg falls in the sea.

The hopelessness of Ivan is felt. He cries because the egg has fallen in the sea. But a pike is approaching of the edge and has in his mouth the egg. Ivan doesn’t last to react. He takes the egg and breaks it and recovers the needle which he breaks the tip. Koscheï the Immortal is struggling but it doesn’t worth, at the end he dies. And the Prince Ivan goes to search his Vassilissa in the castle of Koscheï to bring her back at their house and live happy very long time.

Features of Ivan and the Immortal King™


The Baba-Yaga surprise is the first. Baba-Yaga is a witch enigmatic that arrives generally when we haven’t got too few symbols scatters. If she is on good mood she helps to progress in the travel. When she appears she’ll hide 4 adjacent symbols that will be replaced in two ways.

Or, from 1 to 3 symbols hidden will be replaced with symbols bonus scatter in the base game QuickSpin, or with scatter progressive in the free spins. Or with only one symbol paying randomly replaces all the symbols hidden guaranteeing a winning. In the free spins she can appear after any spin except if the most top multiplier is active.

If 3 or more symbols scatter bonus (a chest) appear on the reels then the feature Koscheï free spins will be activated. If we view 3 bonus scatters we will have 10 free spins in the level of chest. If we have 4 bonus scatter we win 14 free spins in the level hare and by against if we have 5 bonus scatter this will give us 18 free spins in the level duck.

We have also the Free Spins Multiply Levels. If we collect 3 scatters progressive (skull with a crown) we can activate the next level multiplier. Each time that we active 4 free spins are offered. Its free spins have 6 levels and we can follow our progression in the gauge that is on the left and on will access to this feature when the symbols scatters will be offered in the Baba-Yaga Surprise Feature.

Opinion of Ivan and the Immortal King™

On the 3rd of December 2018 the provider Quickspin have presented us his new slot machine in 3D of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 lines of winning under the theme of tales and legends. We can bet since £0.20 to £100 which done a range enough large to please a lot of people.

The graphic charter is not so bad and especially when the feature of the witch is triggers and that she comes to walk around the interface this is enough original, or when you win the free spins we change the decor… The volatility is average and its back to the player is 96.29% that is very correct. We see that the provider Quickspin has done an effort to reach the most players possible, but on sent when same the lack of a jackpot, more features (there are only two) but however this remains correct.

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