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Imperial Wealth™

The Isoftbet provider offers us Imperial Wealth™! A slot machine of 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 payment lines under the theme of China, which will take us to Asia with the Fortune Tree Bonus and the Imperial Roar for a good free spins package in ability to promote this chance to reach a maximum of 40,000 coins. What’s up?

In ancient China, there was an emperor Ming who lived eager for conquests and riches. His insatiable greed led him to plunder everything he found in his path to become the richest in the world. He never had enough with all that his father Fong had bequeathed him with so much sacrifice, and he never plundered it, everybody appreciated him and covered him with gifts.

Ming is one of the worst emperors in the world. He thinks that if all the world afraid of him, he would be more powerful but he was completely mistaken. Fear is not the best asset for a leader. And he was going to find out for himself. Even his wife the empress Yeng did not recognize him, she said that it was not the same person she had married.

Despite everyone’s advice, Emperor Ming did what he wanted. He sent his soldiers to all the villages to get the taxes. If the villagers do not want to pay directly then they leave them without anything, in pure misery. We had to change all that because he could not continue in that direction. His father and wife kept telling him.

Even his son, five years old, did not tenderize his heart. He showed himself ruthless, and no one dared confront him. But one day, the young child fell ill. The emperor brought in the best doctors who incredulously find him nothing and then they think this might be a spell that someone threw him.

Then one day, a strange little man, shows up at the palace and tells the emperor Ming that the state where his son is expressed by the vengeance of an angry people who can no longer bear his whims and demands. Not knowing what to do, Ming asks him that he must undertake to save the life of his son.

The strange little man then tells him that he has to get rid of everything he has acquired in bad manners because that is what is killing his son slowly. Furious, the emperor had him thrown out of the palace, thinking that it was all lies, but seeing that his son was not recovering from his illness he began to think.

Moreover the empress made him say that if something happened to the child he would feel guilty until the last hours of his existence. She told him to think of what the queer man had told him. Finally, he decided to start with one of the last looted villages and ordered his men to make absolutely everything they had carried.

The little boy seemed to feel a little better, the fever was gone. Ming wondered how what he had done could influence the state of the child. He decides to start again with another village. This time the little one starts to eat a little and everyone remains perplexed.

The boy was getting better and better and the emperor felt better and better every time he made the looting to the villagers and he saw his son improving his state of health. The little man returns to the palace to ask how the little boy was and the emperor was ashamed to have thrown him out of the palace.

He asks for forgiveness and he also had a question to ask him, who is he and how did he know what to do? The odd little man replied that it was very simple that he was his conscience and that he had lost it when his airs of quantities had taken over. Then the emperor never went to plunder any village and lived in peace with all his own.

Features of the Imperial Wealth™ free slot machine


The bonus symbol for Imperial Wealth™ video slot is represented by sacred doors will trigger free spins but also the Fortune Tree bonus feature. If it is found 3, 4 or 5 times on the reels then 5, 10 or 15 free spins will be activated. The Wild symbol represented by a pagoda can substitute any symbol, except the one of the Bonus, to form winning combinations.

When the Fortune Tree Bonus feature is triggered, you need to take envelopes from the tree to randomly add free spins, extra wilds and payout multipliers. During free spins, if 2, 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols are found on the reels then 3, 10, 20 or 30 free spins will be triggered, and a maximum of 100 free spins can be given.

Imperial, gilded and majestic lions can let out a roar at the beginning of a normal lap to give you luck. The Imperial Roar feature rewards extra wilds, 5-of-a-kind wins, wild Reels or Bonus feature. And if fortune smiles at you can earn up to 40,000 coins.

Opinion of the casino game Imperial Wealth™

Provider£ Isoftbet brings us a new slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 payment lines under the name Imperial Wealth™. The theme of China and Lucky Charms is quite recurring and this machine enters the lot, but it is not boring two Imperial Roar features and the Fortune Tree Bonus with different variations and rewards make it alive.

Bets range from £0.01 up to £1 the total bet goes from £0.20 to £20. It is not the great joy for the high-roller but perfect for beginners and people who do not have a wallet too thick but who like the sensations that the slots produce on the internet. The volatility is average and the return is 96.51% which is not too bad, the features do not delay too much to trigger what is good enough for the players.

The graphic chart is pretty well made with vivid colors represented by shades of red, gold. The soundtrack quite in tune with the theme gets a little heavy, a little monotonous, but it is possible to put it in silence and then be able to continue to play without disturbances. Despite the features the Imperial Wealth™ machine remains average, no jackpot, repetitive music and a bit tiring in the long run. The Tree of Fortune makes it a little more different and saves it from being a simple copy of the other online casino game of the genre.

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