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Imperial Riches™

Imperial Riches™ is a free 5×3 reels slot video that uses the Avalanche™ technique instead of spinning the reels. Three Free Falls features, the Lucky Pond bonus game and the jackpot game with 5 different jackpots 3 progressive and 2 fixed but also with wild substitutions! In a magical interface with sacred fish we will be able to try our luck and try to win one of the jackpots!

In the Chinese countryside, Master Yang has a huge house with a beautiful pond next to it (interface of the game Imperial Riches™). A ggod witch Liu goes away dressed as an old lady ask him for food and where to sleep for a few days because she thought she had lost everything in a fire and she wanted to go and find her family in the north.

The master, a well-known sage, does not hesitate for a moment and grants her his hospitality. And do not suspect for a moment the true reason for her visit. In fact, a wicked sorcerer Ming, had passed as a disciple and was going to lead a revolution from within by hypnotizing the rest of the disciples.

Ming hypnotized the disciples one a day, and would finish in two weeks. But that was not to mention the presence of the good Liu who did not want Master Yang to have problems. And she was going to use all her strength to help him, she couldn’t let the naughty Ming get away with it.

When Ming hypnotized someone Liu was passing behind and desensorizing him. Ming thought she was getting to the end, but the good witch was doing the opposite. On the last day when Ming thought he was done, he realized that all the work he had done was useless, he had failed!

The good Liu was going to turn him into a golden fish (symbol of the Lucky Pond game) and send him into the pond without anyone realizing what he had prepared. But Master Yang had realized it and to thank Liu he had her build a small house next to the pond.

Features Imperial Riches™:


The wild symbol in the main game and in free falls can appear randomly anywhere on reels 2 to 4 to replace all symbols except scatter symbols. The substitution of the wild symbol will pay the highest combination on a winning line in agreement at the pay table.

In the main game and in free falls, the symbols will fall on the reels instead of turning. A winning line will trigger an Avalanche. All symbols in winning combinations except scatter symbols light up and disappear leaving room for a second avalanche of symbols to try to have higher payouts.

Earnings with scatter symbols are paid only once during the Avalanche™ feature. The winnings of the scatter symbol will be rewarded in full after the last avalanche. The Avalanches will continue until there are no more wins.

3 scatter symbols will randomly appear anywhere on the reels in the main game will activate 10 free falls. Each additional scatter will appear anywhere on the reels in the main game only activate sets 5 additional free falls, Free falls start when there are no more winning lines and the feature of the Avalanche™ ends.

In free falls all winning symbols from the winning lines will be counted as jewels. The Lucky Pond bonus game feature will be enabled if jewels have been collected. The Lucky Pond bonus game will begin when the free falls are over.

The jewels collected in the free falls will fall into the pond and they can be eaten by the bonus fish or the fish coins. The probability for each jewel of being eaten by fish coins or bonus fish or going straight to the bottom of the pond is equal for all.

The jewels eaten by the fish coins will reward coins in accordance with the pay table and this win will be multiplied by the level of bet. The jewels eaten will be displayed on the bonus fish indicators. If the bonus fish eats 3 jewels during the Lucky Pond bonus game, the jackpot will be activated.

The Lucky Pond bonus game will only end if all the jewels collected are played. The Jackpot game will start after the Lucky Pond game. Free falls are played on the same level of bets and coins as the round that activated them. Free falls winnings will be added to the initial earnings.

Starting from the Jackpot game 50 Jewels will fall into the stretch and can randomly trigger coin winnings and/or one of the 5 jackpots. The Jackpot game has one fish coins and five jackpot fish. If 3 jewels have been eaten by the jackpot fish this jackpot will be won.

Each jackpot fish has an indicator just below the jackpot counter that will increase each gem eaten. The jewels eaten by the fish coin in accordance with the winning table and this earning will be multiplied by the level of bet. Jewels eaten by the jackpot fish will be displayed on the indicators under the jackpot counter.

The probability of winning the progressive jackpot is correlated with the size of the bet. A maximum of one jackpot can be won in the Jackpot game. The Jackpot game will only end when all the gems are played. The jackpot game has three progressive jackpots and 2 fixed jackpots. The existing jackpot of each type is displayed at the top of the game.

The Jackpot game has 3 progressive jackpots which means that with each bet a portion of the bets is added to those jackpots which are the MEGA, MAJOR and MIDI. 3.8% will contribute to the Mega Jackpot, 1.5% will contribute to the Major Jackpot and 1% will contribute to the Jackpot Midi.

None of the jackpots can be won when playing in fun mode. At the end of the Jackpot game, the total winning stake in the Jackpot game will be added to the winnings in the round that triggered the game. When a round triggers a certain Jackpot it will be blocked and simultaneously assured that no other round can claim that jackpot.

Opinion about Imperial Riches™:

The Swedish provider Netent comes to offer us an Imperial Riches slot machine™ 5 reels and 3 rows under the theme of China with its features Avalanche™, free falls, the bonus game the Lucky Pond and the jackpot game with 5 different jackpots! All the symbology of China is represented: lucky coins, gold bowls, bamboo shoots, gold fish, a gong, lanterns: there is nothing missing!

In the middle of a pond, the reels are placed and on the sides you can see red lanterns that stand out on the green-toned decoration. We see fireflies and the Asian music that accompanies our game Imperial Riches™ really goes in unison. It’s very relaxing. When one enters the game lucky leap of the fish a gold and a silver let themselves be seen at the bottom of the pond which is covered with coins.

When you enter the jackpot game you go back to that pond but this time you find five different fishes plus the fish coins. We look at how the jewels fall and hope that they will reach the fish and not land at the bottom! It’s a pretty entertaining game!

The return to the player is 96.88% which fits well in the average games but the volatility is not very high which means that we have to wait a little to be able to see the features trigger. It’s not really good but it’s true that the game Imperial Riches™ is worth it so we forgive Netent.

The coin values are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10 or €0.20 with 10 betting levels i.e. you can bet €0.15 per turn with €0.01 of coin value and level 1, up to €150, a coin value of €0.20 and level 10. It’s not huge but we still have a choice, so it’s good for all the players and their wallets.

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