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Ice Ice Yeti™

The Nolimit City provider brings us a slot machine with 5 reels, 7 rows and 16,807 ways to win. Its two features Shake Yeti and Ice Ice Re-spins entertain us while allowing us to try to win a maximum of 8820x our bet in the company of our animal friends!

At the top of the Himalayan peak there was a city lost above the clouds with Yetis from everywhere. A civilization well above our, super organized, everyone has its role and knows perfectly what they have to do and respect their laws without having any incident. Gerry’s father, the Yeti is responsible for catapulting himself every morning to touch the gong and is soon going to retire.

That’s when Gerry should take over and you had to try a lot of times to come up with a perfect result. Make sure to first on the gong to wake up all the yetis. He practiced every day and one morning the catapult sends him too far to end up in this crazy hurled a few meters below their city.

As he gets up, a strange noise is heard and Gerry begins to look everywhere. It is a plane that seems to be struggling. Obviously, the Yeti has no idea of what it is, but during the fall of the plane something jumps out of this latter: a parachute landing next to our snow man.

Our Yeti is approaching and oh surprise! He’s a human! He’s tiny! He takes it by the foot but with the wind the parachute is re-inflated and goes much further. But Gerry is happy because he saw a human! He’s all excited! He has to go back to the city to tell everyone!

When he arrives, he keeps screaming so he’s nervous! Everybody’s following him. He wants to go to Grand Chief Vladimir to tell him! He begins to tell how he discovered the human but unfortunately no one believes him, not even the Grand Chief. He asks for evidence and Gerry tells him that the object in which the human has arrived continues there.

The best way to prove it is to take them all to the famous place. And here are all our yetis behind Gerry to see with their own eyes the airplane and may be human. The wind blew very hard and the aircraft was covered by snow. There is not a single trace of the device, Gerry turns incredulous and without knowing what to say.

The Grand Chief is angry. Gerry made everyone move from his post for nothing! He is so furious that he exiles for the Gerry blasphemy pattern until the day he brings back evidence of the existence of humans (for them it was only a legend!). He goes sad but not too long because after he is caught up by his friends Francis the foxy, Alex the pooh, Louis the cub, and Franck the little cheetah as in the game Ice Ice Yeti™.

They arrive in their secret cave where they all gather to have a little fun and no one sees them. The truth is not really normal to see completely different beings get along as well. And his friends were going to help him find the evidence that humans exist. They were the only ones who believed it and they were not going to let it down now.

They will take it down with a pulley underneath the clouds because this is where humans are supposed to live very low below. The four friends have to hold the rope that keeps Gerry, but all of a sudden they hear a weird sound as if someone was coming. They drop the rope and our friend the Yeti falls tumbling from the mountain to the bottom.

And, what does he see? Meadows, birds and also houses with lots of lights. He approached the dwellings and suddenly he saw the human who had jumped off the plane! It was him! And the other also recognized him! Impressive! He was really happy, but how could he explain that he needed his help to get home?

Gerry makes him a drawing in the snow and the human agrees to go and help him. So he is in a sleeping bag and hangs him in the neck so he can climb the Himalayas and show his own that he was not lying and that he did not have visions either! His friends had to be worried about the free fall of our Yeti.

When they arrive at the top of the mountain, it is necessary to reach the city and it is not the next door, but finally they arrive. He starts yelling at everyone as he did before to announce that he finally found the humans and brought back one as evidence. Everyone was following him until he arrived in front of the Grand Chief.

He had been exiled because he had not been able to demonstrate to the Grand Chief his discovery but now he was going to have to rectify and readmit him to them. When it shows the human everyone remains gaping and begin to applaud him except one: the Grand Chief. He asks him to follow him. Suddenly in the sacred cave, ice slabs begin to break as in Ice Ice Yeti™, and leave room for a spiral staircase that leads them to a secret place.

The Grand Chief shows him drawings on the walls of the cave that tell the true story. In fact the Chief knew perfectly well that humans exist and they kill the yetis. Before they all lived down below the clouds. But the humans were chasing them and killing them that’s why they had to go hide where they couldn’t get up because they couldn’t breathe for lack of oxygen.

And of course, the human being started to get out of breath and Gerry decides to bring him home. He had demonstrated what he wanted and as told him the Grand Chief was worth it to risk life of all his own for a mere discovery? The answer obviously was that no. Gerry asks his friends to help him back down to bring the human home.

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Ice Ice Yeti ™ is a slot machine with 5 reels, 7 rows and 10 symbols. It has two features Yeti Shake and Ice Ice Re-spins and 16,807 ways to win! The payment value symbols will be based on the total bet divided by 10 and the denomination value goes from £0.01 to £10 which makes a bet of ranging from £0.10 to £100.

The wild symbol is represented by the yeti that jumps on the screen and turns into W, can substitute any symbol to be able to form the combination of the line the most paid according to the table of earnings. The winning line will be paid from the left to the right and if there is more than one winning line they will all be paid!

You can also see different reels configurations depending on the game mode, main game or features games. In the main game the Yeti Shake will be triggered randomly: from 2 to 10 cubes of ice will break and become active. That is to say that regular symbols will take place in the game.

In the main game if a wild symbol of the Yeti arises it will reward Ice Ice Re-spins. The wild Yeti will break 2 or 3 blocks of ice to give way to a larger area. A Re-spin is rewarded if one or more sticky symbols lands on the reels. The sticky symbol is any symbol that increases the winning line or a wild Yeti.

The feature of Ice Ice Yeti will finish when there are no more sticky symbols on the reels, or when all the active areas are occupied by sticky symbols. All winnings will be valued at the end of the feature and the winnings will be calculated based on the payout table and placed on the adjacent reels. The symbols are 10: 4 rascal symbols (Foxy, Pooh, Cub and Little Cheetah), 5 symbols of ice cubes (A, K, Q, J and 10).

Opinion of the casino game Ice Ice Yeti™

The Nolimit City provider comes to entertain us with this slot machine of 5 reels, 7 rows and 16,807 ways to win under the theme of the Yeti or called more colloquially the abominable snow man. The interface Ice Ice Yeti™ casino game is well made, joking with a snowy landscape image, mountains and in the middle reels with ice blocks. You can also see a few snow flakes depending on the features which animates a little.

There are only two features: The Yeti Shake and Ice Ice Re-spins, it’s not a big deal. There is no scatter symbol, no bonus, no jackpot, no payout multipliers, no free spins brief even if we can reach a maximum of 8820x our bet does not make him a great game of money online. It becomes monotonous very quickly its return of 96.16% and its average volatility do not appear immediately the features and in addition it is not very generous.

The denomination value goes from £0.01 to £10 so the bet will be £0.10 up to £100, which can hook up a lot of players. If Lady Luck is with us and we raise the maximum prize which is 8820x times our bet, if we bet £0.10 we will earn £882 but if we bet big for example the £100 then we can collect £882,000 but I tell you it’s not going to be as easy as that!

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