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Hugo’s Adventure™

Hugo’s Adventure™ is a free Play’n Go slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed payment lines. The Air Ace features with flying wilds, extra balloons, air mines that will take away a life and the Underwater Adventure that will guide us averse to a possible victory of up to 5000x our bet! We’re going to have fun with this super friendly troll!

Hugo the troll, along with Hugolina, his wife and two friends Fernando the toucan and JeanPaul the chimpanzee (paying symbols of Hugo’s Adventure™) go on holiday to the island of peeled mountains. It was a trip that was offered to Hugo by someone who he didn’t know. In fact, the tickets were in an envelope that had been placed in the mailbox.

Always willing to go on a mop, he jumps at the chance and leaves his children Rut, Rit and Rat at Hugolina’s mom who is super happy to have her grandchildren with her. She is all the more delighted that her daughter needed a good holiday to be able to rest without thinking about who sent the tickets to our four friends are leaving.

But soon they would realize that something was wrong! And yes, too good to be true. Upon their arrival in the beautiful island besides our Hugolina goes straight to the spa to relax and the boys go for a walk outside. Unable to stay in place the three friends plan to go for a walk without talking to Hugolina otherwise she would not agree.

But when the toucan and the chimpanzee arrive in their room, they drink the fresh fruit juice that someone had prepared and fall asleep like babies. Hugo then decides to go for a walk on his own. But his instincts warned him: there’s something wrong.

During his walk Hugo finds a plane and does not hesitate for a moment: he jumps in and starts it. Here’s Hugo doing loops but this joy will be short-lived: his enemy Don Croco in another plane sends him mines to shoot him down! No, but it’s good! Croco explains to him when he gets closer that Hugo had fallen into the trap and that he was about to die.

Hugo throws a coconut he found in the plane and it’s Don Croco who’s skyrocketing. Hugo returns to the hotel and finds his Hugolina all relaxed. When he doesn’t see his friends coming down for dinner he picks them up in the room: they were still asleep and Hugo prefers not to wake them up. He’ll be able to have a one-on-one with his pretty wife.

Features Hugo’s Adventure™:


Hugo’s Adventure™ is a 5-reels, 3-rows, and 10 fixed-line payline video machine. The wild symbol represented by Hugo, can replace all symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols. The scatter symbol that is represented by the aircraft will only be visible on reels 1, 3 and 5.

The bonus symbol that will be represented by the submarine will only be visible in reels 2 and 4. Air Ace will be triggered when 3 scatter symbols are visible, that’s when we’ll be given an initial life. More lives will be given when Hugo hits a ball +1.

A life will be lost when an air mine hits Hugo. The feature will end when the number of lives is equal to 0. The maximum number of free games is 20. If Hugo still has 1 life at the end of the feature, the bonus game Underwater Adventure will be triggered.

If Hugo has 2 lives, the bonus game starts with 1 extra life. During free spins, Flying Wilds can appear on the reels. When they appear, Flying Wilds moves a reel to the left at the beginning of each free round until they disappear from the playing area.

In addition, it is possible that up to 4 extra balloons (symbols x2) will appear at the end of each free spins in random locations. These symbols multiply the winnings up to a maximum of x16. Underwater Adventure will be triggered when 2 bonus symbols are visible.

The submarine will turn, giving 1, 2 or 3 initial lives. We’ll have to choose treasures under the sea. Each selected treasure will award a cash prize based on the total bet. Level 1 assigns x2 or x4, level 2 reward x4 or x7 and level 3 reward x10 or x14. The maximum price is x25 the total bet. Some treasures are dangerous and reduce the number of lives to 1.

At the end, for each remaining life, the golden submarine will rotate to reveal a total earnings multiplier of x2, x3 or x5. The multipliers are added together to obtain a total winning multiplier that will give maximum x20. The total winning multiplier applies to all winnings earned during the game.

Opinion about Hugo’s Adventure™:

This time the provider Play’n Go is based on a series of cartoon tv, to offer us a funny and fun slot machine that allows us to have a great time in the company of this crazy troll ready to live all the adventures possible. From the beginning we are immersed in fiction, the introduction video, shows us where the action will go!

A completely delirious troll will accompany us on our treasure hunt adventure, it’s Hugo! Accompanied by his companions in fiction and his enemy Don Croco. It must be said that this series was a hit in the 90s and the potential audience is huge. We see the character in the features with his plane or in the sea: he gets grilled from time to time or a shark removes him from the middle in the underwater adventure.

It’s not just an online slot machine, we’re really with Hugo in his adventure, and that’s really good! Not just a story of seeing the reels spin, but we are well involved in the story. It’s great! The features are triggered quite quickly and very regularly which is great for the player. Volatility is very high and the return to the player of 96%, we can not complain!

No objections either in regard to the range of bets, as they range from 0.10 to €100, so the audience reached is really very large, with bets for all wallets! All players have their place here, and can do as they want, it’s great! We really see that the provider Play’n Go team feels involved and does its best to get out of the gambling that comes out of the usual, well-played!

Air Ace and Underwater Adventure features have different versions. Everything is left to chance, you can earn lives or lose them, several versions are possible. Free spins are going off quickly, we don’t have time to get bored with Hugo’s Adventure™ one of the latest novelty of Play’n Go!

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