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In the early years of 90, Hugo™ under the real name of Hugo Delirium was a French television show which was broadcast on the screens by calling on the channel France 3.

Presented by the ravishing Karen Cheryl, this show of pure entertainment was accessible every morning before taking her bag or satchel to go to school. Some time after his launch, Hugo™ Delirium changed his format to become a weekly. An advantage was born of this evolution that of being able to compete with the player who was physically present on the television set where the show of Hugo delirium was transcribed live.

It was a first in the audiovisual landscape. A game that offered the chance to be entertained in real time from his television station while playing this revolutionary video game where the aim was to guide with the help of his mobile phone Hugo delirium in his many adventures (extraction of gold in a mine, perilous swimming in the midst of alligators and crocodiles, excursion in plane…).

Some keys of the mobile devices of that time could then allow Hugo™ to move for example in a mine filled with gold but also to avoid narrowly traps of different natures. At the beginning of the years 1990, mobile phones were light years from what we can have in our hands today.

The quality of the game as well as its playability index still had great strides to make to allow the players to live entertaining to enjoy great victories. But at this time of our history, the technological level of the game Hugo delirium was the most grandiose. For two beautiful years, the TV game Hugo Delirium could have a great success before disappearing screens in a stroke of magic wand.

He did not completely disappear from the radars because he had the project to convert then to the already expanding medium of video games but without a real ascent to the level of his popularity. In purpose, Hugo™ is a family game that ended up falling into oblivion.

Today, publishers Play’n GO have taken over the torch to revive Hugo’s delusion of his ashes. To be done, they developed a slot machine under Hugo™. A kind of homage that in the gameplay of the game allows connoisseurs of this ancestor of video games to relive its key moments.

Hugo™ is therefore an online casino game that presents itself with a particularly colorful background where Hugo does not hesitate to wield with unconsciousness dynamite to pick up whole cars of gold. Yes, for those who don’t know it yet, this troll is obsessed with this high-value yellow metal. Not really in its entirety but if we could compare it to a cartoon character we could easily do it with the miser in person in the name of Scrooge.

The interface of the slot Online Hugo™ sits on a railroad track a few steps from a disused mine. This is what people in the region think but in reality or rather according to a local legend, this deposit would house a monster of an unnamed ugliness that is armed with a large sharp knife and likes to use it as soon as it has the opportunity.

It will be necessary to show distrust by exploring this site of gold but Hugo delirium counts well on the players to guide him in this unknown world. The Hugo™ game of chance is built of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 pay lines.

The symbols of the game refer to Hugo™, a witch who does not plan to help the players but to kidnap Hugo™ line the sweet friend of the troll, the greenish monster who hides in the depths of the mine where of course the biggest gold nuggets Resident.

Other than these characters that encompass the wild and perilous adventures of Hugo™ are drawn from TNT bats, linen bags filled with low-volume gold nuggets, a pickaxe, and capital letters and several digits.

In this fantasy world governed by a troll not having all his head to see it ready, the game Hugo™ offers a good range of features in order to allow each of the players of the game to get in action.

In the heat of the action there will be simple wilds with x2 winning multipliers, scatters opening the door to free spins which in turn will do the same to give way to extra free spins, a bonus game that opens in the case of a course without a fault a winning multiplier of x500 and to finish a chance to possibly be able to pocket a jackpot worth 1 million of coins!

With such a family of features, the series of action may succeed without the slightest problem on the horizon and I confirm it through my various tests of this slot machine with no download. Before each new start or more commonly called spin, players will be able to put into play moneys based on scale ranging from £0.01 up to £100.00.

To be able to set a specific sum of money, the Hugo™ game of Play’n GO allows the choice to select a denomination and coin value on the lines that will be active knowing that this online game offers 10 to maximum.



Hugo™ is a video slot that has the advantage of merging its simple wilds with a winning multiplier of x2. Of course, the multiplication value is minimal but I can say that it does a relatively good job.

A wild multiplier that proves its effectiveness by having the strength to be able to present itself as the morning dew on several areas of the slot machine. All the places are valid to allow the Hugo™ wilds to transform all the icons of the game except bonuses and scatters to activate the pay line the most generous at the moment.

In addition to giving a serious boost to the players so they can reap the rewards, the wilds symbolized by the troll Hugo™ delirium offers lots of chips more or less important. By displaying 2, 3, 4 or 5 times on the screen, this substitution feature will distribute 10, 100, 1000 or 2000 chips respectively!


Hugo™ features in its gameplay a feature that many players enjoy. This is my case and I would of course like to talk about the free spins option which translates into a feature that is intended to offer free spins.

With Hugo™, the principle to achieve such a status in the game is to collect on his screen 3 icons scatters. Symbols that illustrate the portrait of a wicked witch who has not found better than kidnap Hugo™ line who is to recall the girlfriend of the main character who is the troll in the name of Hugo™.

Once this scattering configuration has taken life anywhere on the 5 reels of the slot machine, the free spins will not snap right away as we can get used to with the Play’n GO game setup.

There will be a transition between the main game and the free spins sequence. A cover page will then see the day in a split second. The latter will present 3 modes of play with free spins and by logic, it is asked to select one to be able to start to be entertained for free.

The first mode offers 5 free spins with as the evil witch character. The second represented by Hugo™ with 10 free spins and finally the third with 15 free spins accompanied by the green monster in the name of Don Croco.

By logic, we all would choose the game with the creature because it offers the most free spins. Yes, but what you need to know is that in this world a new icon will do in a burst of magic its appearance.

An item that will look like Hugo’s girlfriend. The more the number of free spins selected will be lower and the more powerful this new symbol will be. With the witch it will be 150, with Hugo™ of 100 and with the monster of 50 chips for each appearance.

As with the simple wilds, the scatters have the power to transmit lots of chips in addition to offering free spins. By getting 2, 3, 4 or 5 times this icon of the witch not frankly convenient, the game will redistribute respectively 1, 3, 15 or 150 coins.


The online game Hugo™ goes even further in his offer at the level of his game features with gameplay which offers a bonus level.
In this particular mode, players who manage to access it will have to listen to their instincts but before that, the slot machine will have to present on his interface 3 icons that carefully illustrate a chest that presumably contains pounds of solid gold.

Once this configuration has come to life, the players will be exported to the bottom of the mine that Hugo™ wants so much to visit, burst with dynamite to extract the maximum of gold and become the richest of the earth.

This is how he sees his life and he will ask the players to guide him so that his childhood dream becomes reality and not infinite illusion as he has always lived until today. In this special level, the goal will be to progress in rooms by randomly opening access doors.

Each time it will be a repercussion to offer chips in hundreds or see thousands in some cases. But be careful because the monster Don Croco is never far away. A repulsive being that looks like 2 drops of water to a crocodile escaped from a zoo.

He holds a machete firmly in his mighty hand, wears a helmet of speleologist and he tends a mocking laugh every time he scares Hugo™ once more. If the players suddenly find out behind a door, it will be the end of the bonus game Hugo™ and the latter will have to resume his course called normal.

On the other hand by making good meetings with gold, Hugo™ will be able to go down even lower in the deposit. The first room has 4 doors, the second 3, the third 2 and the last one if the chance is to make you will offer a multiplier of x500 that will multiply with all the profits obtained since the beginning of the Hugo™ feature bonus game.



Hugo™ is for my part an excellent virtual adventure slot that traces the greatest moments of life of Hugo Delirium. A real renaissance for this fictional character who is unlucky every time he is 2 fingers to get what he wants either gold in astronomical quantity.

This game of money merges both humor, love, fear and greed that are staged by features with very complete and original content. Most of them ask us to make choices and I have to say that I really like this kind of entertainment. This interaction between the players and the game is very pleasant.

Side features, there is really something to delight a lot of players as I have been able to remark at various places in this table of the winnings of the online game Hugo™. Their ability to pay is very good with a theoretical index set at 96.00% that makes it a good score if we take the time to refer to the other slot machines of the toy library Play’n GO.

Hugo™ is therefore at all I just mentioned a quality adventure game that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for this kind of theme to spend a good time. The percentage of disappointment may be very low and let’s not forget to specify that a fixed jackpot with a value of 1 million coins can be pocketed at each time!

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