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How to become a VIP player ?

Putting yourself in the shoes of a VIP ranked player in an online casino can be a sign that these types of players usually involve people, who like to buck money without really worrying about their money loss. We can also think that the price of the entrance ticket can very quickly change the opinion of some players who not necessarily this type of budget.

We will talk about this a little later and objectively following this table that brings together trusted VIP online casinos. We will also talk about the benefits that VIP programs bring to those who are members of the daily life. Finally, I will give my opinion about this type of bonus.

Casinos VIP Bonus


Regent Casino draws on the same origins as its little brother Mr.Play about its panel of offers for regular players more commonly known as VIP customers. In its structure dedicated only to these top level players reside a myriad of benefits to the deposit! The entire VIP structure works through a well-honed system focusing on a regular and equitable redistribution of points of participation! By playing in real mode on the thousands of instant casino games offered by Regent Casino regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and MGA in Malta, every bet performed results in a reward in equivalent points! These points also make it possible to evolve in the layers of the VIP program in order to activate more and more privileges! And what advantages ?! Examples include higher bonus packages, faster withdrawal processes, larger withdrawal and deposit limits, monthly cash back and more!


What is rewarding is that once money is wagered in the lobby of the Mr.Play online casino, it is instantly transformed into bonus points! Rather nice as new aren’t you? Each newcomer can be certain to enter the VIP program of the platform as soon as his first betting in real game mode is engaged! Different ranks are available to you if you want to put your suitcases for a long time… The different levels are 7 and of course more you will be able to progress in these different layers and more you will have access to benefits of high flight! For example, because the list would be long in this ranking VIP online casinos, exchange rates of more interesting points, faster withdrawal procedures, anniversary bonuses, free games on Sunday, casino tournaments VIP Live, larger withdrawal and deposit limits, personalized bonus offers, a dedicated account manager, monthly cash discounts and more!


At Casino Clic, the spirit of a VIP player is based on his ability to be faithful in the long run. If he is able to credit his account and play regular money on the Games Real Time Gaming of the platform then he will promise himself to a beautiful future within the VIP program of this prestigious ensign. Yes, I’m not chewing my words. In this year 2017, the Casino Clic is shown as a reference in the matter! To realize this, just check out his magazine available on the guide. Placing at the disposal of its clientele an army of high quality services, Casino Clic has established between its walls a VIP club that will rejoice to amaze more than one. Built of 4 reels, the VIP square of this platform encourages its members to progress by simply entertaining themselves with the use of real money. This progression in this VIP club will take part in the accumulation of VIP services such as this opportunity to enjoy exclusive gifts and rewards, upward retraction limits, invitations to tournaments in exclusivity, to take advantage of this bargain to play with more consistent table limits, to enjoy withdrawal requests processed faster and I pass!


The weight of BoVegas VIP program is so impressive that it dominates other online casinos available on the current market. All privileges are granted in this structure on the sole condition of being faithful by playing regularly. It is by making frequent deposits that the VIP ranks will light up to open like flowers in the spring. BoVegas is a Real Time Gaming virtual casino with incredible progressive jackpots. Large pools full of money and everything has been set up through the VIP club of BoVegas so that the latter can relieve themselves by exploding sooner than expected! Many benefits and all listed here would prove to be the course of the fighter. Therefore, I will mention only a fraction of what is programmed within the enclosure of this VIP structure. Each passage from one VIP level to another knowing that there are 4 are celebrated with free money of several hundred pounds! There are free spins granted on these favorite games, weekly raffles to offer bundles of tickets to the lucky winners, cashback bonus organizations surrounding the 15% on every deposit of every week, videos slot tournaments organized exclusively, a personalized help service and the list and still very long.


OrientXpress is a French VIP online casino that offers up to 4 levels of prestige without a name. Within its renowned VIP program, OrientXpress players can access them from their first deposit by occupying the rank of Bronze and then Silver, gold and the best one, the ultimate status of VIP’s in Platinum name! The VIP Club of OrientXpress Casino is chock full of mystery gifts following the passage in a higher ranking, monthly cashback bonuses defying all competition, loyalty points convertible in cash, loyalty promotions increased up to 75%, Have a manager account for 7 days a week and 24 hours, to be able to participate in monthly draws with the key of gifts and travels leading to dream destinations, etc. At OrientXpress Casino, VIP players are treated like royalty!


Players who like to gamble money by gambling will be able to have fun with the VIP program of Happy Hugo Casino. An online entertainment platform that in addition offers the Netent casino games and opens up access to a full VIP structure of benefits. A full VIP service that offers up to 3 levels, the common point of which is to offer lifetime bonus percentages on each deposit and above all without the slightest requirement of placing before starting a withdrawal request. The first tier offers 10% on each transfer, the second 20% and the third 30%! What better way to dream after that?


The Moons Casino is renowned for its excellent tournaments that are worth more than a hundred thousand pounds each time and its raffles full of gifts. His VIP club is just as prestigious as the rest with a program that breaks down into 6 levels. As the program progresses with the regular injection of money that is rewarded in turn by a loyalty points system, moons ‘ VIP ranked players will have to expect a rain of benefits. In addition, access to games just for them, exclusive promotions, regular invitations to participate in privileged tournaments, more important bonus values than in the general lobby accessible to all, a dedicated manager, etc.


Stakes Casino is an institution that intends to treat its customers as kings and it also makes it known through its VIP program. A space that has the principle to thank loyal players of the casino By covering them with gifts. But that’s not all because this bunch of gambling enthusiasts can access great privileges like bonus forms that are not available in the bonus catalog that is in view of all from the bonus and promotions section. For example, players can take advantage of cashback bonuses, free offers without deposit, extra free spins, etc. A dedicated manager is also present to ensure that stakes casino VIP players can reach a level of user experience that is as high as possible.


Madame Chance VIP service is of good quality. Its entry is free and it is based on a system of loyalty points where the latter are obtained 2 times faster than normal. The enclosure of this prestige program is permanently energized by exclusive bonuses that offer great advantages to players. A personal manager is assigned to each VIP player in order to offer them a privileged place of entertainment.


Tropezia Palace is a digital casino that treats its loyal players as it should. By invitation only, the VIP program of this site is most complete. It offers advantages that many players would someday want to own as payment requests processed faster than normal, access to exclusive bonuses on the best games of the moment, to be able to escape from its daily train in flying to get to dream destinations and the list is still very long.


As for the other two online casinos below Lucky31 and Extra belong all three to the same group eGaming partners. These quality gaming establishments opened a VIP club on August 1, 2015.

This advantage works on a system of loyalty points called the super points. When registering, the player can directly integrate the program with the status of Starter that does not require any loyalty points to be able to access it.

The other three levels ask for a certain number of bonus points. The Silver with 175,000 points, the Gold with 350,000 and finally the last Platinium with a total demanded of 1,350,000 points.





What are the possibilities to enter a VIP club ?


Currently, we have identified and recorded 4 ways to become a VIP member within an online casino.

1 : The most advantageous is the administrations who consider a player as a VIP as soon as he has verified his casino account. This may sound strange at first glance but this is the case inside many virtual online gambling establishments. This has the first effect of indicating to the recent player depositing or playing for fun that he will not be put aside and that until the day he will make the decision to no longer connect to the site to play in fun or in real.

This is undoubtedly reassuring because we can already tell us in a corner of our head that whatever the amount of our deposits, all players on the site will be considered on the same level of importance in relation to listening to the assistance, the time to processing of replies, the deadline for payments,… Some form of trust can then be created quickly between the customers and the online casino. That is very important.

This first opportunity to become a VIP is therefore not a complete VIP program with several levels. This is a single rank where all players are tied to the level of all the strengths that the administration of the website can afford to offer to its clients.

2 : The second option to be able to become a VIP member is to pay when registering. In almost systematic way, the entrance ticket revolves around the £500. A sum that remains consistent but that clearly marks this difference between a player with low deposits and the one who plays harder by being entitled to VIP privileges but paying a certain amount of money before that. This second way of being able to enter a VIP club is illustrated by a very specific promotion, which is the high roller bonus. This entry is therefore valid through a specific deposit amount (around £500) and sometimes with a bonus voucher that must be mentioned in cash when depositing money.

3: Most of the online casino administrations on the Internet particularly enjoy regular players. Those who connect and who deposit money monthly, weekly see daily. This makes sense because by putting a brief moment in the place of the virtual casino, it is this type of player that allows the casino to be able to function properly, even if some of them are rather lucky in the game. Seniority is therefore much appreciated by these online gambling rooms provided that this loyalty is fueled by a regular activity in deposit.

If not, it would have no effect on the casino. This seems logical to everyone but we saw fit to emphasize this in this article of bonuses and VIP program of internet casinos.So it’s after a certain amount of real play time that the players involved can have a big surprise. A casino agent can send them an email or contact them by phone by offering to open the VIP program door and in a free way. The latter can of course accept as rejecting this proposal.

4: We kept the best for the end because it is this form of membership to a VIP program that satisfies us the most compared to the other 3 that we just talked about. The latter bears some similarities to the third one since it is based on a system of loyalty points that can only be carried out on the last participation of the players. These bonus points are counted each time the players bet 1 euro. Losing or winning bet, it doesn’t matter. The members receive at the end of each euro a value of 1 loyalty point in their respective account.

Sometimes this rate increases. It is influenced by the type of game on which a player is betting money. A bet of 1 euro on a slot machine game will offer more points than if the latter is placed on an online roulette mat. A value table is present in the bonuses and promotions page of online casinos that offer this kind of loyalty system. At the end of a certain amount of points that players can consult at any time in cash, they have the possibility to convert them into real money, exchange them in store against a lot (pen, laptop, mobile phone, tablet…) and this we are now interested in being able to integrate the VIP program. This last possibility refers to the game rooms that we have listed in the table above.

What are the benefits of a VIP program ?

Most of the time, casino VIP clubs are built in several levels which is the case regarding online gambling halls DublinBet, Lucky31 and Extra. As we can understand it the more players progress in the layers of these programs and the stronger the strengths will be strengthened with new ones to justify this rise in power in the site.

Generally the statutes of the VIP players are available in 4 bearings and they are called Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinium. The advantages are multiple with some that are locked in the recent presence of the player in the program (Starter) and which gradually unlock by climbing the ranks. The strengths include, for example, an accumulation of higher loyalty points with the same level of bet as normal (£1, special offers and bonuses, much larger deposit limits, faster payment treatments, More substantial withdrawal limits, more sustained table limits, promotions for slot machines like free spins, birthdays with unexpected gifts, dream trips,…

Important thing, VIP players have a contact email just for them so that their requests are processed in a faster time than if they were normal players said.

My opinion regarding bonuses and VIP program.

I think a VIP club is the icing on the cake. An online casino without a VIP structure is not a real virtual gambling establishment. It has to be said, but it remains my humble point of view on the issue of VIP Club online casinos. Of course, you sometimes have to deposit enough money to be able to become a privileged player, but as a result of this, many advantages are within our reach with priority listening and exclusive offers that are offered regularly. A personal manager is also present to ensure that players live an online gaming experience that is as entertaining as possible with more sustained winnings thanks to the various exclusive bonuses that enjoys players VIP.

This status remains an option and nothing more. Some players play for months and months in the same casino without finding the interest of joining the VIP structure of the site. This does not prevent them from collecting pleasure by playing to win and withdraw from time to again pretty sums of money. The VIP program is not a must in order to be able to make a profit in the long term. It is just the prestige and privileged side that the latter reflects and that is what makes all its charm. A lot of players are looking for this particular atmosphere that this status option exudes. This has the effect of allowing them to find some form of excitement in order that they can entertain themselves online in the best conditions that is.

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