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A moose name for an English online casino that literally stands out from the ordinary eGaming by offering a real breath of oxygen in terms of graphical and ergonomic innovation. Owned by Myeg B. V, Happy Hugo is a digital casino sign that was founded in the summer of 2016.

In comparison to the date of publication of this notice (3rd of November of 2016), we can infer that this is a very young establishment. Despite this observation, this does not prevent him from shaking the world of gambling online by showing off his many qualities that his other rivals will certainly never hold.

Happy Hugo is undoubtedly distinguished by its high level of originality by being represented by a mascot. A small orange-colored robot that spends most of its time traveling in the confines of the universe. He would like to realize his most expensive dream of discovering a planet where intelligent beings would gladly accept to play with him.

An android at the pre-teen stage with a big heart that wouldn’t hurt a fly. By traversing the universe with a rocket resembling that of Tintin, he hangs out with him packed full of bonuses. Promotions that have the advantage and not least of not counting any wagering requirements!

In other words, bonuses whose pre-withdrawal conditions are not welcome and therefore non-existent. In the middle of all its planets that are counted in our galaxy, this small articulated robot has seen fit to land on the ground and here it is integrated on the website of Happy Hugo Casino.

Smiling and constantly caring for the interests of the players, he reveals himself through the porthole of his ultra fast rocket from the home page in order to propose an excellent welcome package. Roughly speaking, a welcome bonus of a value of 200% up to 200€ and without the least requirement of placing before you can start a withdrawal procedure!

The web site of the Happy Hugo online casino is defined as being sober, keeping in mind that it does not take full view of it with aggressive colors associated with flashing in all corners. The images are therefore static, which opens the advantage of clearly and accurately exposing each of the options that are placed within the reach of the players.

The design of the site stands out with the hand of the other English online casinos that we can rub shoulders with at the moment. With Happy Hugo Casino, there has been a real substantive work towards the realization of the site. The goal is to make it unique and to allow the platform to prove that it is still possible to surprise against this abundance of digital casinos that swarm on the internet.

Most of these signs are industrially produced where only the colors differ between them. In return, the backbone of these English virtual casinos remains the same for all. In purpose to this disappointing finding, I find it very unfortunate because there are a thousand and one way to build a site and the casino Happy Hugo is a real proof !

Happy Hugo is a very easy-to-use online casino that is equipped with a navigation bar that allows you to travel in games that are currently more than 400 titles, the Hugo Club with its bonuses and unconditional promotions and the service to help players are qualified and English operators.

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Happy Hugo is not one of those online casinos that intends to attract its future customers with a particularly plump welcome bonus but which in reality boils down to being a monumental trap with impossible to complete withdrawal conditions.

At Happy Hugo Casino, the Welcome bonus goes far beyond the average of the listings if we reconcile it with other platforms like this. A welcome bonus which aims to propel the first deposit with a force of 200% up to a transfer limit of the order of €200. To be able to take advantage of an offer with such a level of attractiveness and what is more without playthrough, it is enough to create a free account and to provide some vouchers to verify at 100% its account.

Once the account is verified, it will then be possible to make a first deposit which must be at least €20 in order to be able to benefit from the welcome bonus. A money transfer bonus that is available on the first money commitment.

Good to know, when merging a bonus value on a deposit, it is at first the money coming from the latter which is put into play and then the sum of the bonus. A legitimate question can then arise. Can the capital from the bonus be cashed? The answer is no. Only the amount of the deposit as well as the potential profits that will result from the amount of the bonus may be the subject of a cash withdrawal. Before making a withdrawal request, the funds constituting the value of the bonus will be deducted from the bankroll.

But when we have a minimum of curiosity in either one can only want to advance more frankly in the club of Hugo. Indeed, the bonus range has been reviewed from top to bottom to give way to unconditional bonuses that are really worth the trouble that one bears importance to them. It is not for everyone that one can have this chance to take advantage of a promotion with the characteristic of proposing percentages to the bonus on each deposit.

To establish a climate of fairness from the outset between all the players who make up the very active community of this platform, deposits and bonuses in equivalence have been created. To be more explicit about this, the bonuses work by levels where the latter are 6.

For example and at the lowest of the participation in this bonus, it is conceivable to seize a 5% advantage for a deposit between €20 and €49. To the maximum, either for VIP players, it is a 30% offer that can rise for a transfer took in vice between €500 and €1000. Of course, I only mentioned here the ends of this offer knowing that it is perfectly possible to take advantage of bonuses of 10, 15, 20 or even 25%!

Happy Hugo Casino has perfectly seasoned its bonus program which will most likely give inspiration to the competitors of the sector who dare to go through it. The windfall bonus remains for my part the icing on the cake. The excellence of the promotions of this platform that constantly amazes me in the face of its overflowing ambition and its visibly excessive generosity rate.

In the content of this offer called Bargain, we find with surprise and enthusiasm a trio of bonuses! The first has decided to specialize in unconditional bonuses by offering its followers promotions tailored to the scholarships of each one in order to preserve a certain flexibility. Hugo especially likes to be the creator of all kinds of surprises. That is why he has dedicated to what constitutes one of his hobbies to be a carrier and sender of surprises via email. Inflamed electronic letters with very exciting textual content adorned with bonuses that provide an irresistible desire to play on fantastic casino games.

Finally, the last bonus of this formidable package is to be beyond all expectations among the most capricious players that they can exist in the industry. Amateurs who still want and always enjoy real bonuses without condition and who show themselves among all the others as being the most important in terms of their value. With the bonus bargain, players belonging to this rank will be spoiled since Happy Hugo reserves a 30% bonus valid on all their future deposits!

Not only by participating in the activation of bonuses, the latter allow to considerably broaden the chances of having the top on the game by regularly meeting victories but also to be able to open the door of the VIP club! The Hugo Club reserves many surprises for those who are accustomed to attending this kind of place reserved for an elite.

Important note:

All of the bonuses that are offered can only be associated with deposits of money made using a VISA/MasterCard credit card or by using Neteller/Skrill.



For players who are actively looking for an online casino that offers a robust VIP program, I think and IMHO that they no longer need to return the web to unearth the rare gem. The English online casino Happy Hugo holds the perfect recipe for offering a VIP space that stands out very clearly vis-à-vis the vast majority of other English virtual casinos.

No ingredient is missing from the recipe to ensure long-term a sustained user experience in this world-class VIP where privileges are chubby and flourishing. This VIP club is accessible from the moment the welcome package consisting of 5 levels of deposit has been consumed. That’s when Hugo will re-surface to welcome players to a new dimension called VIP.

Players will experience new ways of entertaining themselves by becoming super robots with advanced weapons to defeat the casino and amass fortunes. The VIP program of Happy Hugo Casino is built from 3 levels, the first of which offers a 10% bonus on each deposit, the second tier 20% and the third 30%, knowing that the setting conditions before you can submit a withdrawal request are absent.



Regarding the library of the Games, I am firmly convinced that we can not do better than the casino Happy Hugo in terms of diversification. We have seen through this notice the ability of this administration to offer in its entirety new content to its audience and not the warmed in design as most other casinos that operate with websites stupidly made to the chain.

I believe it is this subtlety in the research and development of the site of this brand that makes it so exceptional and which therefore has literally tapped into the eye of a good number of gambling suppliers. It is for nothing if we can see the logos of the largest publishers of online gambling in the world including the brilliant and talented Netent, Betsoft Gaming for its Incredible SLOTS3™ (Desktop) and ToGo™ (mobile), IsoftBet, Pragmatic PLay, HollywoodTV and GameArt that are expanding in the English market.

A toy library that will in a short time explode so the number of variants keeps clump. In theory, we count at this time when I write this review on the casino Happy Hugo over 400 titles knowing that this figure will stop taking volume over the months. Novelties rather focused on video slots but Happy Hugo remains versatile in its offer with games that go to other categories like for example table games, video poker, games with progressive jackpots which by the way is one of the great specialties of this brand of English virtual casino.

The toy library has a remarkable filter with the presence of the famous orange mascot who invites to discover in a paid or free version its favorite game of the current day. To return to the filtering module, the latter offers many features like being able to store all the games alphabetically by going from A to Z or the inverse of Z to A, to be able to consult the whole of the games by sorting them beforehand By Propulsion Software (Netent, Pragmatic Play, HollywoodTV, Betsoft Gaming, GameArt and IsofBet), by popularity or from a search module to find a specific game.

Once connected to a variant whether in free or paid version, it is conceivable to play in normal screen or in full screen to ensure optimum comfort of play or to place the game running in these own favorites in order to find it easily, opening on its next connection to the Happy Hugo site. Of course but always good to report not to create uncertainty, all the 400 games made available are compatible on all the nomadic devices that exist on the current market.


To access the Cashier section of Happy Hugo Casino, simply create an account that does not require more than 3 minutes of its time. After filling a few fields carefully, the casino registration system will ask you to check its email address that was used to edit the account. To do this, simply connect to the email box and click on the link in the welcome message of the Happy Hugo Casino.

This action will have the immediate impact of redirecting to the site with a landing page that stipulates that the account is now verified. To deposit money into his Happy Hugo account, just log in using his username and password. Once this brief step has been completed, it will then be time to go to the bank by clicking on the tab (Cashier) and then (deposits).

The means of payment that Happy Hugo Casino makes available to its players are quite large by taking special care to offer those who are most commonly employed. namely VISA and MasterCard credit cards but also Neteller electronic wallets as well as Skrill. The mother motto of this sign is the euro.

The cash system accepts a minimum deposit of a value of €20 and a minimum withdrawal of €80 that I deem a little too high for my liking. In case of obtaining a large profit, the site promises from its terms and conditions to pay the sum of €10 000 per week or €40 000 per month. According to VIP status, this maximum withdrawal value is likely to be reviewed upward knowing that in this particular case, this is a case by case.

The payment department of Happy Hugo Casino is reputed to pay straight on. On the condition that players wishing to cash in winnings comply with the rules that frame the bank. That is to say that in order to be able to withdraw funds from his casino account, it is crucial to proceed beforehand to the verification of his account. In other words, that clients prove through administrative documents that they are the people they claim to be.

To operate in this sense, there are several ways to confirm the veracity of the information published on its own Happy Hugo casino account. For example, send an email proof of domicile (electricity, water, telephone, gas, etc.) from a period of less than 2 months or copy both sides of the passport or national identity card.

Following the approval of the account verification, it is necessary to count on average and this according to the type of withdrawal means used between 24 hours and 5 working days in the most extreme cases. The first withdrawal is noted to be among the longest in its processing process but then the next withdrawals are processed more quickly because the formalities related to the account verification have already been introduced.



It is not often to see a customer service as developed as this with a FAQ (frequently asked questions) that does not shade any form of request. By clicking on the Help button located in the navigation bar of the site, you will find yourself on a FAQ module that is organized in order to group the questions related to the account, deposits and withdrawals of money, bonuses and promotions and on the games.

For example, how to verify your account, how to make a deposit from the cash system, what are the exact characteristics of a bonus without condition or can we entertain with a mobile phone? Answer questions written in English that have the merit of being clear. Textual contents accompanied again by the robot Hugo which this time is equipped with a micro headset all in the mood happiness and the continual pleasure of making service to the players.

It is in any case the state of mind that reigns in the hallways of the administration of casino Happy Hugo. In addition to making available a FAQ that can be qualified without any hesitation of complete, the management of the casino leaves a contact form within a click of a time, the answers are returned in the space of 24 hours and a live chat.

For those who rely on the site to receive reactions in English from Happy Hugo casino agents, they can be sure to be able to communicate without worrying as the vast majority of operators on this platform are bilingual.


Happy Hugo is a great online casino that gives a kick-off to the whole industry by offering a very original graphic design which has the positive effect of getting away royally from all these English casinos that look like 2 drops of water. Happy Hugo offers a universe of its own with an elegant graphic charter and above all a very loving character with the appearance of a robot that moves with the help of a propeller.

An orange, dynamic, enthusiastic mascot who loves above all to meet the players. This protagonist can easily be found in all the pages of the Happy Hugo Casino website. For example from the huge gaming lobby where every day it announces a favorite game. From the Help section by answering the most commonly asked questions using a very extensive FAQ.

In short, as we can understand it through this review, Happy Hugo is an English online casino that really comes out of the ordinary and that according to my experience will make many followers because in addition to having an attractive design, happy Hugo offers mountains of benefits that have the merit of being seized. For example, all bonuses do not impose any conditions before they can claim a withdrawal. A quality online casino that offers real privileges without hidden requirements that could disappoint more than one player.

With this online gambling site, everything is clear with simple explanations and easy to understand bonus rules. The VIP club also deserves the utmost attention with a well structured program that deploys in 3 levels offering bonuses to the percentage on all deposits made and of course without any condition of betting before starting a withdrawal procedure.

Happy Hugo is all that is more serious in the market of digital casinos with assistance to small care that old to the quality of its vocabulary to provide personalized answers and to ensure fast exchanges to improve further and always the overall quality of its services.

To finalize this review on Happy Hugo Casino, I recommend with a great R this platform for the serious atmosphere which releases, its top quality casino games, its dynamic and unconditional bonuses, its renowned VIP club and its help service competent and available at any time.

At 03 November 2016, Happy Hugo Casino has the seal of serious quality within the Casinos reviews site.

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