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Gypsy Rose™ is a recent title of the publishers Betsoft Gaming which will certainly delight players who like to be accompanied by a character (human, animal or still vegetal) during their game session. Gypsy Rose™ is a slot machine that is equipped with three-dimensional graphics and offers as a set setting options a number of 5 reels with 30 lines of payment.

Lines that are not fixed and therefore can be activated manually from 1 to 30. Other than this characteristic of Gypsy Rose™ compared to its configuration at the level of its betting range, this 3D slot offers the opportunity to define a bet that can be between £0.02 and £150.00. A margin of manoeuver that has the ease of responding to all types of scholarships. To be able to raise or lower a specific level of bet, the online game Gypsy Rose™ offers the possibility to select a denomination value (from £0.02 to £1.00), a number of lines (from 1 to 30) as we have just made the note and a level of room per active line (from 1 to 5).

As with lots of video slot brand Betsoft Gaming, these five-reel slot machine are regularly accompanied by one or more characters. The latter aim to welcome the players and increase the degree of excitement in the face of the evolutions of the game staged by the soundtrack, the visual effects and of course the features. Options that have the main task of adding a zest of extra dynamism to the game and by this opportunity to inflate the token capital present in cashier.

Gypsy Rose™ is a rather peculiar slot machine in its operation at the level of its featuring. In addition to having explosive wilds that will not be uncomfortable to suddenly spawn Big wins (big payouts), this online slot holds in its heart a number of 4 special feature that are waiting to be born. The latter can be triggered by two similar icons with a crystal ball in their center. Later on in this same table of earnings, we will talk more in depth of this unique detail that holds the game of chance Gypsy Rose™.

The story of Gypsy Rose™ is based on the theme of pure clairvoyance. At each stage in the game whether in the main menu or during the course of a special option, a viewer of the near and far future will be presence to the left of the video slot interface. It will be very active and it will have the mission to read the future at the beginning of each new launch and this until the end of the latter. The atmosphere will be of size with this witch who will not miss a crumb to enrich the game with multiple actions when activating a random prize by performing all kinds of movements.

Jumping, typing in his hands, laughing, throwing cards or even shouting for joy marking the fresh victory of the players will be his biggest concern in this evening which will take place in front of a trailer. It should be noted that the silver game Gypsy Rose™ has a very neat graphic charter with games of light powered by an oil lamp fixed on one of the wooden reinforcements of this caravan of Fortune.


Gypsy Rose™ is a video slot machine that focuses on a number of 4 special features, wilds that can intervene to promote the formation of pay lines and thus allow players to collect more money and finally a Bonus game where chance will not be more significant than this.

As soon as the game is connected to the Gypsy Rose™ we can clearly see the special atmosphere of the rather dark colors and the light that is placed on the left side of the screen. That said, nothing is unpleasant in the face of this scenery. This has the immediate effect of making us understand that Gypsy Rose™ is not an ordinary game. It does not offer similarities compared to other variants Betsoft Gaming.

To get back to the main character, this young woman stands up in front of a crystal ball that sits on a high table. This solid oak furniture stops at the height of its abdomen whose purpose is to make us enjoy the spectacle. A staging that will consist of accompanying all the spins that the players will perform with Gypsy Rose™. The goal is for this witch who predicts the future to ensure that the game quickly reveals victories that will give life to multiple prizes. This crystal ball securely attached to a gold-colored medium will be the master icon that will unlock up to 4 options special!

However, some conditions are necessary in order to allow this intriguing object to come into action. By being present on reels number 2, 3 and 4, it will have the principle to participate in the increase of the prize total generated by the wilds or through basic symbols. On the other hand, by being visible on the central reel is number 3, this will be another History! Now it will be in condition to activate one of the 4 feature that are the Love Potion Free spins, the Crow Wild and Re-spins, the Magic Book Instant Win and finally the Tarot Card Bonus Round!


Let’s start with the feature that offers the opportunity to play for free with a free spin number of 12 games) ! This feature is illustrated by a pink heart-shaped flask with angel wings. To enable him to enter into action, these representations must be present on reels number 2 and 4 only with this famous crystal ball in center.

During the course of the 12 free spins, the psychic is not going to thatch as much by remaining as a mere spectator. No, on the contrary, she will throw wild cards on the screen every now and then, replacing empty spaces on the reels. This will create a new configuration and offer in this sense an additional chance to activate a line and allow it to credit new Prize!

Another highlight of the feature Love Potion free spins is that it will not be impossible to find the path of getting new free spins. They will be at the same number of 12 and to be able to obtain additional, it will be asked to find on the screen the same pattern of symbols to trigger this first special feature.


A little less glamorous but equally interesting to win new coins, the Crow Wild and feature Re-Spins! This feature is represented by a black crow like the night. To get into action, this volatile scavenger will have to be located on reels number 2 and 4 with once again the crystal ball on the center reel of the video slot. Once this setup of icons finally comes to life, the raven will come into action by first realizing a gesture of generosity that will be to credit a mass of random tokens in cash. Then it will continue its action to activate a Re-Spins! This is clearly a free relaunch of the 5 reels of the slot. This will have the effect of offering an additional chance to pocket new gains and that without commitment to prior!


The third special option of the game of Chance Gypsy Rose™ is based on a grimoire. The latter will open access to the Magic Book Instant Win feature from the moment it is visible on reels number 2 and 4 with this famous crystal ball in the center. During its activation, this thick book will not fail to show its content that is full of magic formulas of all kinds. Initially, he will be eager to offer players a random chip pack. But what’s most interesting about this feature is that it has earning multipliers that can reach an apogee of x20!


The last option is based on a bonus game. To be operated, it will be required to get on the screen 2 icons of the face of the led on the reels 2 and 4 and with again the crystal ball at middle.

This is when a second page will be born to allow players the opportunity to be more involved in the game of Gypsy Rose™. They’ll be exported to the witch’s trailer. In front of them and illuminated with the help of two red candles, a table which will be covered on its surface by a set of 15 cards. These will at first face hidden.

To play in this bonus level, the psychic will ask to click on 7 cards at random to discover their respective content (magician, Fairy, King, Queen, Valet, Dragon…). Once this selection of cards is completed, a sort of table will appear on the screen to determine the number of similar cards discoveries. This will have the cause to reveal a certain number of tokens with possible earning multipliers that can associate. The coin and multiplication value will be influenced only by similar representations. For example, the king will be stronger in the final value of chips than the Valet.



The gypsy Pink video slot produced by the online gambling publishing company Betsoft Gaming is in my opinion a great achievement. The graphics are at the forefront of what we can know from this developer. This one is recognized for staging the main character of the story with all kinds of gestures and phrases. The goal is to completely immerse users in the theme of the game which is for Gypsy Rose™ the adventure.

The soundtrack fits perfectly well with the context of the game by pressing this atmosphere that announces an uncertain future that can trigger a victory or give way to defeat. The suspense is pretty well marked with special features that offer different content, original and both playful! Gypsy Rose™ is the only Betsoft Gaming slot machine that offers so many special options and that’s what makes it all its strength compared to its little sisters.

I liked Gypsy Rose™ very much in the face of what I have just stated. The game also offers an opportunity to go back with a fixed jackpot worth 336 000 chips. Roach cold head and let’s not be stupid, this jackpot frozen in time is not ready to fall unless the (Super Chance) is in its beautiful days… That said, the pay is far from low with the Gypsy Pink video slot machine. A number of 12 free spins can be won with a combination of jokers and the fact that it is possible to win random prizes with the chance of being able to multiply them up to 20!

To conclude, I highly recommend the online Gypsy pink game for its sound and visual quality with a large number of options that are all equally generous in comparison to each other. Gypsy Rose™ is a slot machine with 5 reels and 30 lines that I’m not ready to forget.

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