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Gunslinger Reloaded™

Gunslinger Reloadedr™ Play’n Go online gambling is located in the wild west where 3 bandits will try to achieve a satisfying financial health by attacking a gold load. The ultimate challenge will be not getting caught by the sheriff. To take advantage of the generous redistribution of prizes, offering free spins, bonus games, try his luck by shooting 5 cards and all that to try to win the jackpot !

Three bandits from the big Far West are looking for a shipment of gold that has disappeared. Wild Bill is a criminal who has committed many crimes, he is wanted because his head is priced. Wild Bill and his friend Jesse Picket agreed to deliver the first to the sheriff and touch the reward.

When Jesse Picket touches the reward and Wild Bill is at the point of being hanged, he releases his partner, flees both, share the money and redo the same operation in the nearby villages. Meanwhile, the story of the lost gold convoy arrives in the ears of a third out-of-law, Butch Curry, who begins to inquire to gather information. According to rumors, it would be a soldier who would keep it.

The two companions get angry on the way and Jesse Picket abandons Wild Bill in the desert but the latter after walking more than one hundred kilometers finally arrives to a village completely lost. The only thing that made him survive is his thirst for revenge : he wants to find him and let his rage out!

Wild Bill is soon to find Jesse Picklet and to lead his vengeance to end: He captures him and makes him cross the desert on foot when he finds the perfect place to kill him, they see full of soldiers dying or dead. Among them is the soldier who had concealed the treasure! He tells Wild Bill the place, a cemetery, and Jesse Picket the name of the tomb where he is. So they have to agree to the force!

Saw that the two bandits were wounded and tired, they took refuge in a catholic mission, once recovered, they resumed the path together, disguised as Confederate soldiers and on their way to the cemetery they are captured by soldiers of the Union and imprisoned in a prisoner camp.

Butch Curry, who followed the trail of the soldier will arrive at the camp and he becomes a caretaker sergeant, and assembled a band to help him in his plan. Soon he learns that the two companions know exactly where the treasure is. He offers them his help to escape in exchange for a part of the gold which they accept of course.

They all go to the cemetery where the gold is buried but the path is fraught with pitfalls, Wild Bill and Jesse Picket will soon realize the bad intentions of Butch Curry and his men and they start a fierce battle between them. This one escapes and lets his men get shot by the two mobsters.

The two companions continue their journey because they have a long way to go and every time more people know that there is gold buried in the tomb of a cemetery. A little farther away they witness a fierce battle between the confederate soldiers and those of the Union, who want to control a valuable bridge strategically for both armies.

Again our two outlaw are captured by the northerners but instead of staying as prisoners they offer the captain enlist what does not seem a bad idea. After drinking, the captain reveals his strategy: he wants to blow up the bridge to force the two armies to retreat and end with this battle that he considers deadly and useless.

The cemetery is past the bridge, so Wild Bill and Jesse Picket decide to help the captain and they go to lay the explosives to destroy it and thus force the armies to retreat. During this time, the two bandits decide to tell their secret : Everyone reveals what they know about each other.

When the bridge flies in splinters, the reaction of the two armies opponents is the one expected and they retire, therefore the two companions cross the river to reach their goal, the famous cemetery. Along the way, Jesse Picket stops to help the wounded but Wild Bill takes advantage of him to go as fast as possible to his goal.

When he gets there, he spots the famous tomb and begins to dig vigorously to try to be with the treasure before his companion arrives, and leave alone. But the reality is quite different, and Jesse Picket joins him. He orders him by threatening him with a weapon to dig deeper. What our two colleagues did not expect was that Butch Curry was also going to come!

So the third in question forces the other two to dig, after a while, Jesse Picket reveals that this tomb does not contain gold and the three criminals decide to duel in the big place of the cemetery. Jesse Picket guns Butch Curry, and Wild Bill just discovered that his gun had no bullets: Jesse Picket had taken away all the ammunition because he did not trust him and knew perfectly what could happen.

Jesse Picket orders him to dig the right tomb to be able to recover the gold. As soon as the treasure is outside, he forces his travel companion to pass a rope around his neck. When he loads half the gold on his horse, Wild Bill sees how he moves away at a gallop. That’s when he turns around and shoots the rope with his gun, releasing him as well, but leaving him alone with his half of the loot and without a horse.

Gunslinger Reloaded™ online money game features and rules :


The first is called Collect and Jackpot, it is enough to fall on a line of winnings on each hand of poker cards to be able to trigger it. The odds of winning the jackpot increase with the bet and we win if all the cards bear the symbol of the star of the Sheriff! These cards cannot be grouped during the Bottle Spins Free Spin feature.

The Bounty Hunt is active in the Jackpot Gunslinger Reloaded™ slot machine when we have 3 wanted posters of the Bandits Jesse Picket, Wild Bill and Butch Curry. You have to choose an outlaw and continue it through the city. The higher the risk, the more the reward will be worth the barely!

The Gunslinger Reloaded™ gaming feature called Bottle Spins Free spins will trigger when 3 bottle symbols appear on the reels. All winnings will be doubled during this game except the wins in the bonus games, and also important the feature can be reactivated in the same game.

The wild in Gunslinger Reloaded™ is represented by the outlaw Jesse Picket, who will be able to substitute any symbol except the scatter, bonus and free spins. The scatter will be symbolized by a beautiful white horse, and his winnings will be multiplied by the total bet and added to the pay line earnings. When the other scatters, the bottles of whisky and the posters will also trigger bonus games.

To get a gain in this virtual video slot Gunslinger Reloaded™, it will have to fall on
2, 3, 4 or 5 symbols in a reel on the payment lines. Wilds, different scatters (whisky bottles, posters) or card symbols will allow you to trigger games bonus!

Editorial review of the Game Gunslinger Reloaded™


This Play’n Go slot machine under the wild West theme is as usual for this software a success. She has everything to make us have a good time. This video slot of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines is full of twists and turns. Bonus games that don’t leave us indifferent and a jackpot that can go up to 125,000 coins! It has an average volatility and a 96% return to the player, which soon offers us gains ! Fans of Far West will feast and the bet can go from 0.50 pound to 100 pounds, which gives for all tastes and of course the higher the bet and the more chances to hit the jackpot will close! Do not hesitate to come try free Gunslinger Reloaded™, you are not going to be disappointed!

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