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Guns N’ Roses™

Known around the world, Guns N’ Roses™ was a hard rock music band from Los Angeles. Formed by vocalist Axl Rose, drummer Steven Alder, two guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradin and bass player on behalf of Duff McKagan, Guns N’ Roses™ upset as early as 1985 this musical style by selling more than 100 million albums!

A veritable bomb effect that proliferated for many years until the middle of the decade 1990-2000 where this band of buddies got pieces to let Guns N’ Roses™ gradually integrate new musical collaborators.

Today, on January the 24th of 2016, the publishers Netent presents us in 3D video and in color this famous group classified hard rock by means of a slot machine game. Yes, they are very strong to unite reality and fiction in a single nucleus. Guns N’ Roses™ is therefore presented in the form of a three-dimensional video slot that offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed payment lines as for the game come from the hells Devil’s Delight.

On the occasion of this new title and we must say it with a whole new theme for developers Netent, great ways have been implemented to offer a game of money telling real facts. Yes, I explain, many three-dimensional cinematography are accessible during the course of the game. Especially during the introduction of it in order to put in the bath those who would be curious to discover the continuation of the events.

Other video tapes will appear during the triggering of features and it must be admitted that there is a good package. This feature that relates a substantial number of game options is also a first in Netent. To get right to the point, there are seven to explore. Therefore, it is going to be very difficult to turn in circles after a certain amount of playing time with Guns N’ Roses™.

Top it off. Yes time to do, the Guns N’ Roses™ video slot has a feature of its own. It does not participate to allow players to grow their bets but rather to make them even more comfortable playing. At the bottom left of the interface and at any time of the game, it is possible to choose one of the most popular music of Guns N’ Roses™.

The latter are called Welcome to The Jungle, Sweet Child O ‘ Mrs, Paradise City, November Rain and the last sound track Chineses Democracy. For those who do not wish to be entertained with this extra musical option, they can perfectly turn off the sound of the game to hear only the movement of the 5 reels with a few light sounds in the background.

As I had stated a few times ago, the feeling of boredom will not be putting in Guns N’ Roses™ with a whole bunch of features that have their own know-how to redistribute chips. An added bonus that makes it a good appeal for this video slot 3D.

Now he will have to cling to his chair. The list that will follow may be quite long. will be able to manifest suddenly wilds with simple and expandable options, a bonus wheel where a wheel of fortune that will have to give birth to 3 special features that are called Crowd-Pleaser, still FreeSspins and Apeptite For Destruction Wild.

Will also be programmed with Legend spins and to finalize this list of madness of solo multipliers based between x4 and x10 and a golden opportunity to win a jackpot of £225 000! With this good cocktail of features, the Guns N’ Roses™ video slot offers a relatively narrow range of bets. An advantage that will undoubtedly make the happiness of all players of Guns N’ Roses™. This range of bets is therefore available from £0.20 to take flight up to bets of £200.00 per spin.



The spins of the 5 reels of Guns N’ Roses™ are in the vast majority of cases supported by Wilds. We can also name them jokers because they have in their heart an ability to act as substitutes for symbols. A way for them to finalize the formation of a line in order to make it win and in the aftermath to make the players ‘ eyes shine.

The wild game Guns N’ Roses™ can run once as many times in a row to unlock multiple ways to pocket chips. This icon replacement item is symbolized by the Guns N’ Roses™ logo with these two barrel revolvers that stand in view of the lacrosse profile against lacrosse with this pair of red roses that intermingling and trap the barrel of the two pistols.

This representation rests on a kind of white medallion in its center and yellow in its circumference with as circular writing Guns N’ Roses™. As a first step, the symbol for this wild feature will be in the simple form. That is to say by taking the place of a single box as would a standard icon. Once its location is defined knowing that this procedure occurs in a fraction of a second, it will reveal its true personality by turning into an expandable icon.

He will then get the power to dominate the entire height of the reel on which he will come forward. The wild will have all the power to act on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 taking into account that it will be able to fulfill its feature of Joker on all the icons of the game except on those which open the access to the bonus wheel and the icons which give access to the door to the three features that stems from it. The latter are named for the name of Appetite for Destruction Wild”, Legend spins and still Free spins.


A Wheel of Fortune is present in the online casino game Guns N’ Roses™. Once active, this feature at large rewards will have the role of enriching the game with new features and that through 3 features that we can call special. Before you can enter any of these three features that are still Free spins, Crowd-Pleaser and batches of chips, it will be asked to get on reels 1, 3 and 5 an item that illustrates a music disc of 45 spins type.

Once this condition is developed, the interface will experience some physical changes. The music disc responsible for activating the feature will undergo a zoom that will have the principle to leave visible only this famous vinyl record in operation. Imagery as a kind of wheel of Fortune, this album of music will be built at its end by portions of color red, blue and yellow.

The blue color will have for project to activate the feature Crowd-Pleaser, the yellow to deliver a pack of coins and the red to credit Free spins! To play with this bonus wheel and thus discover the activated feature, a reading arm will also be part of the decorations and the diamond allowing to guide will act as an arrow allowing you to decide between the three winning possibilities I have just stated.

From the start, the disc will run at full throttle and to stop it in its momentum of 45 revolutions per minute, it will be enough to click on a button visible at the bottom in the center of the interface. Moments later, the suspense will come down radically to unveil the face of the feature and throw it in stride.

★ Crowd-Pleaser occupies one of the 3 places special options of Guns N’ Roses™ to play and collect juicy profits. The interface will undergo a mutation again with a screen of the most original. There will be a central interface to illustrate musical instruments such as an electric guitar, a microphone, a battery or a whistle.

To the right, a first power bar illustrating under 3 stages a certain amount of free spins that it is possible to acquire. On the other side of this scene will be the same configuration but for the sole principle to collect lots of tokens. The principle of operation of the special feature Crowd-Pleaser of the game of Chance Guns N’ Roses™ is very simple to apply.

To play, it is simply asked to select instruments where objects related to the world of music. This will have the effect of offering winnings in token forms, free spins or additional odds + 1. To conclude with the Crowd-Pleaser, it will be conceivable to be able to win up to 800 coins with a gain multiplier of x2 and a great opportunity to activate 10 free spins!

★ still Free spins is a special feature of the Wheel of Fortune which is illustrated by one of the two guitarists of the group Guns N’ Roses™. It will have the feature of wild simple and expandable but its true mission will be to credit free games to the number of 10! To achieve this, it will be required to collect this type of icon on reels 2, 3 or 4.

During this crazy race that will be completely free and automated, gains from any horizon will add up to reveal big win unexpected! On the other hand, the video slot Guns N’ Roses™ does not allow its featuring yet free spins to collect additional free laps during its process.

★ for Destruction Wild is a game option that is very specific to Guns N’ Roses™. There is no doubt to have it. In fact, this feature does not need the presence of a number of items on the reels to enter the scene. It will act when it feels good and strangely in times when we least expect it.

For Destruction Wild is represented by a cross that will aim to replace all the icons of the game in order to significantly raise the chances to users so that they can generate very comfortable profits. No symbol will be able to withstand the replacement pressure of the feature for Destruction Wild except those that open access to the wheel of fortune.


Legend spins is a feature that illustrates with care and finesse the physical appearance from the singer of the group Axl Rose and his two guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradin. This feature of the Guns N’ Roses™ Money Game acts in a totally random way. No control is submitted on it.

Everything is realized in a natural way. When it is launched, a stacked Wild will put itself in position on reel 3. Then a re-spin will be offered with a stacked wild on reels 1 and 5 and finally a second re-spin with the stacked wild on reels 2 and 4. With every twist, the slot machine will not fail to play the game with all kinds of animations. Staging like cinematography recorded from one of the live concerts of Guns N’ Roses™ that will give energy to the game with huge winnings and sometimes big win!

The last feature of Guns N’ Roses™ and not least with the most respectable generosity power is called the multiplier random solo. It bears its name well by having the power to multiply between x4 and x10 the value of all the prizes it will cross on its way. In remark, I can say that the course can be quite long with a little luck.



Guns N’ Roses™ is simply a Netent online game that has made me speechless. I will remember this and I have not missed the opportunity to list this video slot 3D in the favorite Netent games of Avis Casinos.

The graphic charter is a long-term work and our administration is fully aware of this. For this title as for others besides, Netent has provided a remarkable work with light plays of a profound realism. This crowd of people who keeps jumping in the air with arms outstretched to the sky and representing with the help of the Pinky and forefinger the horns of Satan.

Throws sparks that splash this huge crowd that pushes again and again shouts to invite their idols to persevere and chain the pieces of music. There are so many details that it would be impossible to list them all in this table of the gains of Guns N’ Roses™.

That’s why, we let visitors and Avis Casino members discover with no download and free video slot Guns N’ Roses™. The cinematography is also in many with very moving phases that are unfolded in the live concerts of Guns N’ Roses™ around the world. A hard rock band that is not ready to leave the minds of many fans of this kind of music.

The fact of being able to choose or not one of the 5 music tracks made available is a first in the world of iGaming. I have to say that I liked this complement for entertaining. One can not be more absorbed than that by the play with such an option. At the level of features to post new parts in the long run, you really can’t dream better.

Guns N’ Roses™ is a no download slot machine that has the largest number of feature known to date 24th of January of 2016. It’s amazing to see all the possibilities available to collect as many coins as possible. All the ingredients are present to offer a game of money of very good quality. A virtual slot Netent that will probably satisfy all gamers who have a weakness for this kind of thematic and to spend a good time at home or elsewhere using his mobile or tablet.

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