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Grim Muerto™

To the title statement of this slot machine Play’n go, we can clearly think that the atmosphere that will emerge following the activation of the game at great odds to merge with a morose and both morbid atmosphere. Well players will have to be greatly deceiving themselves because the gameplay of the online casino game Grim Muerto™ will turn out to be of a completely different style.

Of course, the theme of the game rests on the feast of the dead but in a particularly festive setting where a rhythmic music of Spanish origin risks to triumph without experiencing great difficulties to bring people to the feast. A big fiesta that will be supervized by four protagonists. Extras of a certain standing wearing satin costumes of the same brand but with different colors to add more conviviality to this feast where the deceased are in the spirits of the living so that the latter can pay homage to them .

Characters who seem to have left their coffin to join the world of the living and then regain their common passion which is festive music. Therefore, the game of Grim Muerto™ will be supported by a small orchestra composed of a violinist, a guitarist, an accordionist and a trumpet player. Multiple sonorities will therefore be at the appointment to dynamically animate the 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed payment lines of the slot machine Grim Muerto™.

A compatible game on mobile and tablet available in no-download version on the site of Avis Casinos that will prove to be quite remunerative. To appeal to this, the game will offer players a chance to tame a fairly comprehensive gameplay that offers expandable and simple wilds, free spins with a general x10 multiplier, extra free spins, scatter icons and an option special for second chance.

In this rodeo features, users will be able to program bets going on a scale based between £0.20 and £100.00. To bring a sum of money between this measurement range, players will be in full capacity to use denomination and coins values that will be grafted onto the 20 fixed lines by default.



Grim Muerto™ is a mobile slot of the Play’n Go brand that has 4 main features to build up its gameplay. The first feature that most often shows its nose will be the feature of the wilds.

Wildcards that will have the task of replacing other icons in this case all the illustrations of the game in order to form pay-win lines and then gradually fill the pockets of the players. Grim Muerto™ is an online casino game that has the peculiarity of highlighting and totally randomly its reels every time they are in operation.

What is appreciable with this particularity in addition to its staging which adds action to the game as well as a hint of suspense is that it allows the expandable wilds to be able to position themselves on. In the main game of Grim Muerto™, the wilds of this nature will be able to colonize any reel.

On the other hand during the free spins course, between 2 and 5 reels can be highlighted in order to receive the wildcards expandable in the name of Marco Siniestro for this feature.


I was talking at the moment of free spins and well here we will be interested in ready because they have a lot of strong points to activate. In any case, to those who will be able to get inside but with a theoretical redistribution rate of 96.00% I think a lot of users will succeed in charming them.

To enter the bowels of this completely free game sequence, players will have to collect before that a number of 3 scatter icons. Items that will be represented by the Book of the Dead. Not really classy but it will be the gateway to the free parts of this three-dimensional video slot.

Once these 3 scatter symbols Book of the Dead will be shown anywhere on the 5 reels of the game then 10 free spins will go into working condition. During this episode of the Grim Muerto™ gameplay, all the prizes obtained will be multiplied by an index of x10 at the end of the course.

But during this period of free play, things can become more complicated with a possible appearance of extra free spins. This means additional free spins that can be grafted to the free spins in progress. To achieve such a goal, the goal of the game will be to count between 1 and 2 symbols illustrated by a candle resting on a human skull.

This event on the reels will cause in the stride and in respective way 3 or 6 free spins additional. To add a layer, the expandable wilds will be able to fulfill their mission during the sequence of free games knowing that another form of wild can appear at the gate.

The simple jokers that will be represented by the 4 musicians already deceased for a long time but still having life to animate this feast of the Spanish dead. These simple wilds will be able to replace all the illustrations of the silver game Grim Muerto™ except the scatters boxes.


I kept the best for the end with the special feature in the title of Second chance. To penetrate inside this option, the goal will be to collect on any area of the video slot Grim Muerto™ 2 items scatters.

In front of this scheme, the second chance special feature will take life to position itself just above the interface of the game but partly covering it. It is then that the musicians will enter the umpteenth time on stage to present themselves in 2 columns and 2 rows with their respective territory.

The purpose of the maneuver to advance in this option will be to click on 1 of the 4 artists. This will have the immediate impact of offering a random set of tokens, a third scatter to activate free spins in the number of 10 with the same characteristics quoted a little higher in this table of earnings or to fall nose to nose on a failure that therefore offers absolutely nothing but simply the right to return in the main game of Grim Muerto™.



Grim Muerto™ is a very nice game to explore with a theme of the most original to discover. The game is full of animations with many strung sounds that accompany with care the features offered.

A good bunch of options to not train players too quickly in the routine. The free spins make a real carnage in terms of the price redistribution.

It is possible to make the pleasure last longer with extra free spins. Many forms of wilds can mingle with the show and especially this chance to see his profits multiplied by x10 at the end of the course. Generally, the free spins of the slot machine of 5 reels Grim Muerto™ are finalized by a big win.

At the same time, all the ingredients are noted present to ensure that this scenario exploding chips can be seen. Grim Muerto™ is in my opinion a virtual reference slot when looking at lending the toy library of slots Play’n GO.

I therefore recommend this title for lovers of slot machines who enjoy them with a festive setting while offering regular prices with good waves of suspense coupled with good doses of adrenaline.

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