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Great Wild Elk™

Great Wild Elk™ is a slot machine in HTML5 format that will marvel more than one with its thematic on the fantastic. A compatible game on mobile that mirrors the supernatural but in a very special style leaving no room for magicians, unicorns, fairies or other fairy characters.

Great Wild Elk™ takes place in the night lit by countless fireflies of an incredible whiteness. Without real purpose, they move slowly and lightly in this clump of trees leaving little room for light. This mysterious forest houses at its feet all kinds of plant species that for the most part stir up curiosity by observing their form the respective.

The interface of the video slot Great Wild Elk™ presents itself in front of this fantastic show where a winding path is drawn to lead to the lair of a tree that visibly has been rooted there for hundreds of years. A real colossus that imposes with its trunk of an unusual circumference which is firmly maintained vertically by strong branches of Ivy.

Looking up to admire its grandeur, the atmosphere has a turning point at 180 degrees with this thick veil of wisps that combines shades of yellow, green and violet. This natural protection overlooks the tops of this centennial tree and it masks almost all of this beautiful Starry sky.

The story of Great Wild Elk™ takes place in the middle of the night. A night that offers a rather zen atmosphere with the support of the soundtrack of the game that knows how to dress up when it comes to making adrenaline spikes by the sound of sounds striking.

The forest of Great Wild Elk™ is not only rich in terms of flora but it also houses animals like cute squirrels, poisonous snakes with a single bite to join Paradise or Hell, a royal eagle whose plumage has visibly absorbed the colors of the crazy lights.

Other than this fauna, Great Wild Elk™ hosts in its forest quite dark and sometimes pierced by white rays coming from the great tree of the female elves of an absolute kindness. Tender people who will surely help the players so that they can make a profit while admiring the progressive metamorphoses of the game during the different stages of his gameplay.

The best remains to come in matters of protagonist. He dedicates himself to an impulse whose coat is of a very intense whiteness. A white of incredible purity that in many cases will blink the users eyes. This majestic animal will show up on the dirt road that leads to the centennial tree and it’ll benefit from its coming to allow the game to evolve towards horizons where the features will have the quality of being highly income.

Every moment of the Great Wild Elk™ casino game, the latter will be able to activate features that focus on expandable wilds, scatter icons, random free games (enduring wild), a double or double up option, and 2 special feature, the first of which focuses on Re-Spins (Call of Elk) and the second on unique icons belonging to the Rune family that will allow players to significantly increase their means of collecting money.

In terms of remuneration and the gradual acquisition of money, The slot Online Great Wild Elk™ offers a range of bets ranging from £0.10 up to a limit of £20.00. To select a specific value, this Nextgen gaming online casino game offers the opportunity to act on denomination values between £0.01 and £2.00.



As stipulated a little higher in the Great Wild Elk™ winning table, this three-dimensional slot offers in its gameplay up to 6 Features! What to do and therefore satisfy all players who are looking for well-trimmed games of chance in terms of features.

Start without further delay the description of features of Great wild Elk™ starting with the wilds. Substitute icons that are represented by the sumptuous momentum that has a great place in the game by being present in lots of features.

This dazzling animal may be present only on the central coil if it wishes to offer prizes. At the base, this joker is simple. That is to say that it occupies only the surface of a box giving way to a symbol. When it is shown on wheel number 3, it will deploy to cover the entire height of the reel multiplying so the probabilities to obtain the money.

The Elan icons will be able to replace all the icons of the game like squirrels, snakes or even elves. The only representation that will stand up to the wilds are the scatter icons which therefore will not be substituted by the jokers of Great Wild Elk™.


A first special feature bears the channel name Moose Light. The feature of this option is to represent the icons belonging to the Rune family. Similar items with only their color to differentiate them. There’s a fire red, a violet, a azure blue and a fourth green apple.

An oval shape, these icons have a strange engraving on their face that lets imagine a sort of three-pronged fork standing vertically in the direction of the sky. These enigmatic icons can be transformed at the beginning of each new launch and in a totally random way in Squirrel, Elf, Serpent, Royal Eagle or even Snake.

A metamorphosis will in the vast majority of cases help the game to form pay lines. This special option as a moose light handle is the cousin of the wild feature but with a fairly limited power of action compared to this latter.


JI’ll still write a few lines about the mysterious momentum. As I said in the introduction to this winning table, this magical animal is galloping back into many gameplay features of the Great Wild Elk™ online game. When it shows up on a winning line of win, this item momentum offers totally random free games that can range between 4 and 10 depending on the goodwill of the video Slot.

During the operation of the free spins which bear the name of enduring wild, the icon of the white elk will remain frozen. Each scatter icon represented by the trunk of the giant tree with a fluorescent geometric representation on the surface of its bark will allow to win lots of random tokens.

As soon as it is launched, the featuring of the free spins of the Great Wild Elk™ slot machine will undergo a metamorphosis in its graphic charter. The forest of young trees standing in front of the big tree at WISPs will become ashes to give way to a splendid botanical garden.

The ground will be littered with clumps of flowers of all kinds like lilies, daisies, bunches of thrush, tulips, etc. All that is missing is the mixture of all these scents to believe in paradise while remaining feet on the ground. The dominant tree will always be part of the decorations.

Strangely its trunk will let escape waterfalls of pure and crystalline water aiming to go irrigate all these areas of flowers and wild herbs. The momentum will stand proudly in the midst of this hidden show just behind its fetish reel that is the third.

When the featuring of free spins will end, a special feature will immediately start operating without the need to collect a certain type of symbol on the screen. This will be the feature the Call of the Elk. This option will have the principle of offering Re-spins that are additional spins offered for free.

As long as tree scatter icons do not appear on the interface, the Re-spins will continue to be born. Otherwise, all profits obtained from the beginning of the free games until the end Re-spins will be credited in cash. Following this last step, the players concerned will be shipped in the main game.



Great Wild Elk™ is a Nextgen Gaming mobile slot machine that deserves a peek. I confess that there is better in the range of games of this publisher in terms of variants relating to the theme of magic, fantasy as is for example the case for titles of Spin Sorceress™ or Titan Storm™ but this slot holds a very good gameplay.

Features that offer a redistribution rate of 95.19% and where the session of the parties has good capacity to transmit juicy prizes. Indeed, it is possible to win up to 10 free spins with a chance to collect random batches of chips almost every time a spin is finalize.

Furthermore, once this feature is completed, it passes the relay directly to a special Call of the Elk feature, which consists of offering Re-spins for an indefinite period of time. Options that follow each other and that in purpose have a great chance to take the users to big gains at the end of the session which was my case during my various tests of this mobile slot.

Great Wild Elk™ is not a lot machine that is part of my favorite NextGen gaming games. On the other hand, I still recommend this game of chance for players who like fantasy-type games, fairy with enough gameplay armed with features to guarantee a more or less high profitability on the long term.

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