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Following the addition of the online game 4 Seasons™ on February 18th of 2016 which focuses on an Asian-style theme, Betsoft Gaming strengthens its range of 5-reels Asian slots with its new title Great 88™! A SLOTS3™ video with extremely neat decorations that concentrates high probabilities to finally make the public believe that this is indeed the reality.

Is an online casino game that the publishers of the Betsoft Gaming firm can take great pride in. An achievement of remarkable finesse that with ease takes the time to immerse its public in a peaceful and remote location located in Asia. Not to mention the soundtrack that has a strong momentum to create a very relaxing atmosphere. The graphics of the game Great 88™ is projected on a backdrop that features a private property immersed in the sweets of the night with all the games of light that follow.

By focusing more on the content of the 5 reels or more precisely on the icons that accompany them, we can clearly realize that the figure 8 comes back quite often. The question that can trotter in our mind is why this figure 8 and not another. It is not a matter of chance as we might imagine but of a real belief in Asia in relation to the 8 which is in reality for this distant culture the master of all other figures.

It would bring wealth and prosperity in business. It is not for nothing if many Asian industrialists almost all integrate this number in the name of their company. The Chinese believe hard as iron to the supernatural powers of this figure so they do not hesitate to honor him by putting it as much as possible in the eyes of all.

In the gameplay of the Slots3™ Great 88™, we already find a pair of 8 in the title and then it rubs off on the 5 reels by having the appearance of a simple icon. In the game of Great 88™ this figure 8 rests in the center of a circle of gold color. But the 8 is also present to bring luck to players who will want to take time to try to tame the 5 reels of the Great 88™ slot machine.

Indeed since this online game does not go with the back of the spoon when it comes to proposing features to grow its big gains. In terms of features, it will be possible at any time to unlock a special feature called mystery boxes that has all the cards in hand to activate up to 5 features!

The latter focus on top icons (Dragons), instant gains (earnings multipliers ranging from x3 to x15), wilds, free spins and a fortune wheel with the power to multiply up to x6000 the starting bet having triggered it. In other words, an opportunity to earn up to 1 million pounds with this lucky wheel. As we can see without any difficulty its not joking in terms of prize redistribution for players with the Great 88™ slot machine!

Composed of 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 lines, The slot fixed Great 88™ offers a range of bets set between £0.01 and £15.00. Certainly a fairly small margin but the game is really worth it when we know the ability to redistribute this slot machine Betsoft Gaming. To be able to fluctuate a bet between £0.01 and £15.00, the game Great 88™ offers 2 settings.

The first is to be able to intervene on a denomination value which can be established between £0.01 and £0.10 and a part value on the 30 fixed lines from 1 to 5. Of course, an automatic set is available and a double up feature can also be activated as a result of obtaining a prize.



Great 88™ is a slot machine that relies on a special feature that once active provides access in a totally random way to 5 features. This option which controls at 100% the game so that the latter can activate its index of generosity towards its audience is symbolized by a mystery box. A sort of red-colored wrought iron chest that has fine openings in its frame without really allowing the best of the observers to see its real content.

This box keeping the mystery until the last moment is carefully padlocked by a system that has been soaked in a golden bath. In order to be able to activate this special feature in the name of mystery boxes, it will be required to obtain at least 3 performances of this type on 5 reels. It is then that the game will take a new turn to offer the most beautiful shows to the players concerned.

The sound effects will evolve and will benefit from their involvement in the gameplay to stir up the suspense and action. When these 3 chests are released from the clutches of the 5 reels of Great 88™, they will overlook the interface and eventually reveal their contents after a certain amount of time. Up to 5 types of symbols can be present inside these chests offering a certain access to 5 more or less juicy features in prizes.

The first feature I’m going to quote is based on illustrations of dragons in action. These legendary thorn spitters creatures of fire will benefit from their presence to increase the probabilities to achieve gains.

Instant winnings can also be seen in the scenery of Great 88™. Represented by a bronze piece pierced in its centre where a solidly knotted red rope was passed by hand, this second feature will have the principle of activating earning multipliers based between x3 and x15!

Wilds illustrated by firecrackers whose grey wicks were interconnected so as to allow these machines to explode at the chain. Every time there will be at least 1 or 2 wild fireworks This will have the advantage of allowing 1 or 2 other items to show up on the 5 reels and thus allow in the vast majority of cases the game to be able to count new pay lines!

Other games of jade coin in groups of 3 this time and green will have the task of engaging between 3 and 25 free spins with increasing probabilities to obtain others in the course of road.

An opportunity to be able to activate 2 wheels of fortune. This last feature in the name of gold ravioli of the slot Great 88™ is the most gainful compared to all the others that have been quoted in this table of earnings. The first wheel of luck will be able to offer free spins programmed on an index of 8, earning multipliers ranging from x5 up to x20 and a chance to be able to activate the second wheel of fortune on behalf of Mega Wheel of Fortune.

This term is perfectly justified because by managing to access this second wheel of luck, the players concerned will be able to get the mini mega win offering a multiplier of x100, or the big mega win giving a multiplier of x750 or the icing on the cake which is called the giant mega win which is in a capacity to multiply by a coefficient of x6000 the committed bet that allowed this option to come alive in the gameplay!

Each feature will benefit from its activity to offer scalable graphics charts then adding even more charm than at the beginning and allowing to further dissociate the features in relation to the others.



Great 88™ is simply a reference game for this second half of the year 2016. The decorations are sublime and of a profound realism. I think it will be very difficult to do better after this last achievement. Betsoft Gaming developers have really set the bar very high in graphic design about the Great 88™ game.

There has been a real work of background with finishes to cut the breath! For example, I take the example of water runoff on the rocks during the process of the feature of the free spins with the green medallions. Very pleasing to the eyes with his gains which constantly add up in cashier! Because yes, Great 88™ is a video slot that knows what the term means generosity.

It does not take very long, the story of some spins to get into the vivid of the topic. That is to begin to explore the features that are offered in the gameplay of this extraordinary slot machine signed by Betsoft Gaming. The pay index is exceptional. In the level of free games, there is already a good potential to get in the pockets but wait to see with the wheel of Fortune.

Certainly, it will hardly be more difficult to penetrate. The injection of extra bets will be felt to try to have a chance to be able to push the front door but once inside it will be hardly believable. The amount of earning multipliers is hardly believable. Based between x5 and x6000, they promise to make a real Cardboard! In a single wheel ride, it is possible to win up to 1 million pound! Just phenomenal but beautiful and really true.

Great 88™ is to conclude a game of chance that I recommend to all players who will read this table of earnings. A game Betsoft gaming which is recommended to test for free and without download for readers of Avis Casinos because the game online Great 88™ reconciles with graphic beauty agility and short-term pay force. Great 88™ is as we can doubt it after this carefully classified narrative in the favorite Betsoft gaming site of

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