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Gorilla Go Wild™

The title of this NextGen slot machine of 5 reels and 25 pay lines can not be more evocative than that. The theme of this game is the pure adventure where a young gorilla will serve as the main character during this journey that promises to offer content that is both playful and rewarding for his users.

It is in front of a rainforest that stands proudly with the help of wood logs the interface of the three-dimensional video slot of Gorilla Go Wild™. Various representations cover the space of its 5 reels and they refer to being both jungle animals like banana-devouring chimpanzees or even those were jam packed eaters who bear the name of anteaters.

In another kind of decoration, there will also be a medallion or even a temple that will play a big part in the process of getting features that we will see with details as a result of this table of earnings from Gorilla Go Wild™. In the background is and ubiquitously all kinds of trees and shrubs that form a plant mass that is both protective and vital for thousands of terrestrial and flying species that coexist in these humid places. Some volatiles will show up occasionally to add extra dynamism to the Gorilla Go Wild™ game.

But do not worry about this aspect because this slot machine of the NextGen brand will be constantly active. First thanks to its relatively high redistribution rate of bets that are likely to make some other videos NexGen Gaming slots jealous. This will therefore have the main effect of triggering on a regular basis features that in addition to serving on a prize board will benefit fully to enrich the game in terms of its sound effects and visuals.

The soundtrack of Gorilla Go Wild™ is well known for being toned to bring players into a space that is game-specific. The main extra of the slot will take advantage of it to get noticed as often as he is able to do. With his crown on his head interlaced by lianas and his hobbies to perform somersault on the front of the stage, this young primate will consume most of his time to catch and eat bananas that are in clusters just above his head. As for the temple illustration, this little gorilla-orchestrated ride will play a big role in dealing with the triggering of new gambling options online Gorilla Go Wild™.

With a very welcoming graphic charter and a profound dynamism in the representations of the game and this character with bluish hair, Gorilla Go Wild™ offers the opportunity to its players to entertain themselves with sums of money which are between £0.30 and £80.00. A betting ladder that remains in our proper sense and which therefore combined all its chances in order to meet the wagering requirements of all fans of slot machines.

Other than this aspect, the game of chance Gorilla Go Wild™ of NextGen Gaming has an automatic spin feature that can be programmed between the values of 5 and 100 spins. The exit or double option is not discarded from the stage. It offers an opportunity to try its luck at the end of each winning spin to double its starting bet!

Features :


Yes that’s exactly right. We will now go further to allow us to actively focus on the features of the Gorilla Go Wild™ online game. We start this table of winnings from this NextGen Gaming slot by the surrogate wilds. This feature refers to the title of the video slot because the wild is clearly identifiable on the 5 reels for the face of the funny little gorilla. A monkey with a particularly expressive look with his mouth wide open that lets notice beautiful white teeth and let’s not forget to mention that he always carries above his head his crown.

With its peculiar posture, this wild monkey cordially invites players to form pay lines by having the strength to be able to replace all the icons game except the scatters temple. His mission will not suddenly end here but in addition to participating in the formation of winning lines, the joker of Gorilla Go Wild™ will have as additional advantage to issue lots of chips that can reach a maximum level of 1500 coins in the case where they point the tip of their nose 5 times at the end of a spin!


The second option of the game of chance Gorilla Go Wild™ refers to scatters. These symbols illustrated by a temple dominated largely by the vegetation of this jungle will have the ultimate goal of providing access to of the sleeves. These carry the bonus main name of Gary the gorilla. This general bonus includes a total of 4 rounds. But before reaching this stage of the game, players will be asked to collect 3 temples anywhere on their interface.

Once this sort of challenge is completed, a transition page will open to allow users to select by using their mouse one of the 4 actual rounds. This will have the effect of activating it so that you can start playing and earning money. This is not a bonus game as we can live it with the Invisible Man slot machine but an option of Gorilla Go Wild™ which consists of activating by default 10 free spins. This will be the case for the four types of handle. But each handle has a very precise operation and gain redistribution which makes all the originality of the slot machine Gorilla Go Wild™.

The first round is called (Gorillionnaire). All gains generated by the latter will benefit from a winning multiplier of 2. This sleeve can be triggered once again. The second is called (Wild All-azimuth). When a wild appears on the screen, the latter will remain frozen until The end of the game. As with Gorillionnaire, this process can be triggered again. GoGo-Rille is the third round and the winning multiplier will start with a value index 1.

Each time a joker will appear on the reels, the winning multiplier will also increase knowing that it can go up to a maximum value of 10. The fifth inning is called (more wilds). An alignment of 3 similar symbols will result in a transformation into wilds. This will have the effect of intensifying the earning on the long term.



NextGen really surprised me with the silver game gorilla Go Wild™. I will start with the critique of the graphic structure of the game which in my opinion is a very beautiful achievement. A colorful background that lets see this important mass of trees, shrubs, flowers, leaves for the purpose to represent the jungle with its multitudes of animals noises. During my game session, I really believed myself in the middle of the Amazon forest.

The graphics are beautiful with a remarkable finesse in front of the design of Gary the gorilla who hosts throughout the session the players. He answers now to invite us to make the 5 reels of the video slot run again and again to discover more and more victories in terms of prizes. This character very fond of bananas plays perfectly well his role. He carefully animates the game and helps us to access the features.

The online game Gorilla Go Wild™ has a correct number of features. This aims to credibility the slot in the face of its earning redistribution force. From experience, I now know that it is possible to be able to make a good profit with Gorilla Go Wild™. A little proof of my statement by taking just a few seconds to look at the image present on the top left of this opinion of game.

I have not really taken a negative point towards this variant of the NextGen Gaming brand. Players who love content with animals will probably be very happy to discover Gorilla Go Wild™. Tornado Farm Escape from Netent is also a fine example. This has been my case and I will come back from time to day to play with this slot which according to my personal opinion deserves to be tried at least one time.

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