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Good Girl Bad Girl™

Good Girl Bad Girl™ is a slot machine of the brand Betsoft Gaming which is built of 5 reels and 15 free pay lines. With a progressive jackpot of several thousand pounds at the time I write these lines, Good Girl Bad Girl™ is a video slot that accurately illustrates the general ambience that reflects both paradise and hell.

The good is represented on the side of the heart either on the left side while hell is present at the other end. The Garden of Eden exudes a profound sense of well-being, peace, protection and absolute love that is exchanged between hundreds of millions of benevolent souls. It is not paradise itself that is present at the side of Good Girl Bad Girl™ but rather the gateway to this place that only hosts beings who have had exemplary behavior during their existence on earth.

This great golden gate is made with the help of large gold bars and is accessible through a thick marble staircase that no longer counts its number of steps to reach the skies. This whitish and dazzling ramp keeps returning the rays of the sun in this beautiful blue sky. The first walk is accompanied by an angel carved into the rock. Certainly the archangel gabriel who is the messenger of god and whose purpose is to send a positive message in order to reassure the young deceased of their arrival to paradise.

On the other side of the video slot Good Girl Bad Girl™ the atmosphere is quite different with red and black colors that indicate that we find ourselves in the center of the Earth. More precisely to the gates of hell. The places where satan resides are terrifying with of lava and gigantic flames as a floor covering. The mountains are charred by this sweltering heat that leaves no chance for life to grow and prosper.

All is only suffering with this soundtrack that frequently emits howls of people damned and doomed to suffer for eternity. A tombstone is frozen in the ground at the main entrance to hell. This suggests that when there is a willingness to want to enter it by mere curiosity, it will be impossible to turn back path.

Once a prisoner in this place that shelters only the supreme punishment by blood, it will be demanded by lashes to choose the least cruel punishment in his eyes. Then the courage must be of the size to face these torments in the face of demons and demonic creatures filled with wickedness, cruelty that only think to apply the torture.

In addition to offering a three-dimensional graphic charter, the video slot Good Girl Bad Girl™ adds a real dynamism to its visual elements by including two characters. As we can guess, a blond haired angel dressed in white with a halo on the top of the head and a demon with small horns and clad in black leather. These two protagonists are feminine.

They have the common point of being weightless thanks to their wings. These extras will be present throughout the Good Girl Bad Girl™ game to accompany the players during the features. Game features that will be wilds, a special option (Click Me), three ways to play (Paradise, hell, both At the same time), a double up, a Wheel of fortune, free games and even a progressive jackpot!

With its 5 reels and 15 winning lines, Good Girl Bad Girl™ offers the opportunity to play from £0.02 bet. Players who like to gamble money will be able to play up to £150.00 per rotation!


Before entering the feature description of this machine under 15 lines, a control feature of the game can be changed before each new launch. This option is located at the bottom in the center of the game where all the other buttons are setup.

This module is composed of 3 sections. The first is the one that is enabled by default. It offers the opportunity to play with good (Paradise) and Evil (Hell) simultaneously. The whole left side allows to play with paradise and for the extreme right to be entertained in the company of the Devil. Players to choose their side. To select a game mode this is very simple. Just click once on the area and start the game to initiate a rotation using the usual button (Spin).

Using one of these three control options of Good Girl Bad Girl™ game, the behavior of it will be influenced. By making the decision to play with paradise, prices will be calculated from left to right with low but frequent prize levels. By offering his soul to the devil, this will be downright the inverse of what I have just to assert.

Earnings will be calculated from right to left with high but in frequent cash values. The video slot machine Good Girl Bad Girl™ recommends playing by merging good and evil. A game behavior that can then be judged as normal if we compare how Betsoft Gaming slots redistribute their tokens.


The game of chance Good Girl Bad Girl™ offers the opportunity to play with Wilds. Jokers that can both intervene in the main game but also during the free spins process. There are two forms of wilds. One represents hell with a three-pronged fork and the second illustrates paradise with a halo suspended in the air.

These are the fetish symbols of the two characters in the video slot. Once these illustrations are displayed on the reels, they will be transformed into wild. The Lucifer Jokers (Pitchfork) will be able to appear on the reels Number 3, 4 and 5 with the advantage of activating scalable multipliers that can vary between x1 and x4! On the other hand, the wilds of the Garden of Eden (Halo) will be able to land on reels number 1, 2 and 3 and they will be able to operate incremental price multipliers that can go from x1 to x2!


We will now be interested in a feature that is unique to the Betsoft gaming gambling. These are the Click Me (click me). To penetrate this feature known to be quite gainful, the online game Good Girl Bad Girl™ will ask to collect at the end of the same rotation the icon of the halo plus the symbol of the fork of the devil.

Once these very specific icons will unite and depending on the control mode of the game that has been activated beforehand, the Click Me feature will turn on. The interface will at first get rid of these 5 reels to give way to a number of 4 gifts with nice blue ribbons for the Paradise and red to symbolize hell. The goal to collect coins will be to randomly click on one of the four gifts in order to discover its content.

The Click Me feature will end when three selections have been born. Following this, the prizes obtained will be added together and then transferred to the current balance. A wheel of fortune can be activated. To do so, it will be asked to gather on the screen on the reels number 1, 3 and 5 the symbol of the Wheel of Fortune (Money wheel). Once this configuration takes shape on the reels, a sign showing the direction of Paradise and Hell will be displayed.


To continue in the game, you will be asked to click on one of the two destinations. In choosing the right, the character representing Paradise will be exported to the Kingdom of God amid the clouds by standing right on pieces of floating rocks in the empty.

To the right will find a wheel of fortune with different zones that will indicate prizes in chips or free spins that can go between 12 and 18!


It is then that he will stand in front of a pyre where countless humans who have sinned in the past are burning alive for Eternity. The wheel of fortune of this morbid and ruthless place will also offer lots of coins but also the opportunity to play with free games that can go between 10 and 16 at maximum.



Good Girl Bad Girl™ is in my opinion a game Betsoft gaming of very good graphic quality. The work of realization and the staging of the two characters and a true success with this realization in three dimensions. The protagonists react well to the course of the game with all kinds of gestures.

These latter mark more this side at once dark and this angelic side of each situation. I really appreciated this deep implication of the extras in the content of the game. This has the effect of immersing us very quickly in the game with the desire to explore all the features of the video slot.

I also enjoyed Good Girl Bad Girl™ compared to the fact that this 15 lines slot machine offers a large number of features including a Wheel of fortune and a special feature (click me). But what I have most held in front of the game setup, Is that he Is possible to choose one game mode among three. An opportunity to have a better control over the course of the upcoming events of the slot.

Each mode offers a unique universe which adds more spice to the general ambience that releases Good Girl Bad Girl™. This 30-lines cash game offers a decent rate of pay that has the effect of allowing players to make quick profits while having fun with a fairly sustained number of features. Each of them adds one more to the game whether it is in terms of graphics, animations of the game or how it is possible to access a compensation.

Good Girl Bad Girl™ also has a significant advantage that is to offer a chance to players so that they can pocket a Progressive jackpot! Present in the Favorite games section Betsoft gaming Avis Casinos, I can only suggest to test in demo mode the slot machine Good Girl Bad Girl™ for all that just quoted in this personal opinion.

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