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Golden Tiger™

The provider Isoftbet takes us with this Golden Tiger™ mobile slot machine in an exciting Asian adventure with three features: Golden Tiger collect, bonus wheels and stacked wilds that will allow us to be able to win up to 10,000 coins in one round! A multi colorful interface that captivates our gaze and plunges us into history.

In China today, two opposing clans of the triad, Tigers and Dragons are fighting the most-contributed district of Hong Kong. The two clans are one of the bloated we’ve ever seen. The great golden Tiger (the most paid symbol of the Golden Tiger game™) the godfather of this family was yet one of the wisest and most reasonable but the violence of the other clan left him no other options.

He wanted to be with the controls of this neighborhood because he wanted the violence to stop. But it was not going to be easy because the godfather of Dragons (paying symbol of the game Golden Tiger™) is his arch enemy and he totally supporter of using force in everything he does. These two are like day and night! And there was another problem…

Yuri, the niece of the Lions Godfather is in love with the Dragon Godfather’s son. They know that their love is impossible but they can not go against nature. It’s really unfair and they lived their love in hiding but obviously this could not continue. We really had to find a solution to this situation that could not endure.

Yuri is no longer able to go on like that. She’s going to tell her uncle and ask him for advice. They thought they would escape both, but after careful thinking it was not a good idea, because things could get worse between the two clans. Each one thinking that he had removed the other and an endless war would begin. But she had preferred to visit her uncle.

When the Tiger Godfather (Golden Tiger™) is made aware it really does not make him happy, but it only remains to find a solution. He’s arranging a meeting with the godfather of the Dragons. He is not enchanted but he will see what he wants. He did not know what was waiting for him! The atmosphere was quite tense but he has to go.

The Tiger Godfather and the Dragon Godfather were gathered in the restaurant of one of the Tigers ‘ band integrants. When he sees his grandson at the side of the Tigers ‘ niece, it really doesn’t make him happy. His anger rises at times! But the Tiger Godfather calls to reason and tells him that they can’t go on like this.

After a hot discussion, the godfather of the Dragons refuses to hear anything. It’s not going to yield it’s out of the question! The two completely desperate young people think only one thing to die! The Tiger Godfather is sorry, but he can’t do anything. Unfortunately the two young people do not support the decision of the young dragon’s family. They decide to end them both by poisoning themselves.

Features of Golden Tiger™:


The Golden Tiger™ 3×3 reels slot has three features: the Golden Tiger collect, the bonus wheel and the wilds stacked. Whenever a golden tiger symbol lands it highlights this position. When the 9 positions are highlighted, the bonus is activated. The highlighted spaces are saved separately for each coin value.

Once the 9 spaces in the game are highlighted, the bonus wheel feature will be triggered. We will see on the interface two big wheels of fortune. On one we will have the most paying symbols and on the other one will have multipliers. They will simultaneously rotate the first one to stop the symbols and the symbol appears in the middle and after the multiplier.

The third feature is the stacked wins, if 3 stacks of the same symbol land on the reels then the winnings of the 5 lines will be automatically doubled, this is a good way to increase our winnings.

Opinion about Golden Tiger™:

The provider Isoftbet leads us with this video slot without download Golden Tiger™ in a passionate Asian adventure with three features: Golden Tiger collect, bonus wheels and stacked wilds that will be able to win us up to 10,000 coins! A very warm color interface that keeps our attention to keep playing.

It is true that for a 3×3 slot machine generally there are not too many features and that the machines are not great. There is no progressive jackpot, no free spins, no super scenario. In an Asian atmosphere with all its symbols the character is a tiger of 4 different colors, you can also see pieces of luck, Golden bowls and cards with a sacred dragon.

All symbology is present. The interface is for the least original because the 3 reels also leave room for another table that announce the winnings. All this with golden colors, lights, highlights which has the gift of brightening up a little bit! The theme of Asia is highly represented in slots on the internet but usually have 5×3 reels.

Bets start with denomination values starting at 0.01 up to €1 with 10 lines that gives us total bets of 0.10 to €10. These are rather low bets which some players will certainly not appreciate especially on a mobile casino game of 3 reels and 3 rows. I believe that lately the software Isoftbet is not very fit because the latest games it has released are not frankly good.

The return to the players is relatively low with a 95.95% with an average volatility or even low one does not do it right. To have a pretty good game if there is no scenario, or characters the least of the things is to offer a return in average and a medium to high volatility so that players do not have to wait to try the features. Can do better!

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