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Golden™ is a recent slot machine that offers 243 ways to earn winnings and it belongs to the library of the coveted games that are those of NextGen gaming. A pioneer in the creation of gambling on the internet that is measured to be undeniably recognized to have a certain fingering to transport without any restraint his audience in a deluge of themes.

A big advantage that offers the luxury to the players of the whole world to be entertained through different game scenarios ranging from pure gore to the other end of NextGen Gaming capabilities to produce games whose routes are nicer as is currently the case with the game Golden™!

A slot machine that is built of 5 reels, 3 rows and which offers for simple reminder up to 243 possibilities to collect chips in Bankroll! Golden™ defines himself as an integral part of the slot machines of the Brand NextGen Gaming particularly restful and this momentum to have great probabilities to attract a large number of players.

The background of the slot Golden™ lets appreciate an attractive landscape where the walleye seems to have its place by adding life to delimited fields of wheat because it takes a limit by thick clumps of trees and shrubs.

The game of Golden™ takes place in the middle of summer with a blue azure sky that lets itself gain from time to day by light clouds milk color. The soundtrack enriches the casual side of Golden™ with a soundtrack that is composed of pieces of music played on the dry guitar in a rather sustained rhythm. A musical background that is tirelessly accompanied by whistles emitted without any doubt by the farmer of the corner who visibly gives to heart joy and expresses without any suspicion of doubt his well being inside.

The story of the Golden™ slot machine will run from start to the end in front of a field of wheat that radiates under the myriad rays of the sun. A sun that is more of a kind to be shy as soon as there is a few people in the vicinity and who has taken the habit in these moments awry by life to hide behind large, hundred-year-old beech trees.

Laid out on the beautiful interface from the online game Golden™ show off with some pride a large family of symbols that relate to the bass-court. A rooster who keeps singing to accompany the cackle of the hens carried by waves of wind and which visibly give to heart joy.

The rooster will be the main character and to mark this state of affairs in the gameplay of the game Golden™, it will be defined as a stakeholder in a lot of features that we can enjoy discovering as a result of this table of earnings.

Other than these hens and this imposing feathered rooster who keeps on making the boss by constantly bulging the torso and and laying down the lens of the camera, other icons will come embellish the surface of the game screen like for example eggs of The hatching stage, a shelter whose roof is triangular or even chicks all cute!

In the midst of this rather peaceful atmosphere or nothing seems to be disturbed, players will be able to put into play sums of money between £0.25 and £250.00 per spin which by experience at the level of bet max (Maximum bet) is a very important sum.

Players with a strong budget to feed their passion for internet games are likely to quickly find their brands with the slot Golden™ of NextGen Gaming. For influence up or down a sum of money, it will only be possible to use a denomination value. The other adjustment points as a value of parts or lines are unavailable because the latter are frozen in the configuration of the mobile slot machine Golden™.



In the Golden™ main game, simple wilds can be activated. For this to take root, the goal of the game will be to get on the reels 2, 3 and 4 an icon representing the rooster of this fabulous story.

By appearing exclusively on these reels, the Wilds simple will be able to replace all the items of the game. Unlike many other NextGen Gaming slots, the scatters will not be able to escape this rule of the game and therefore they will also be substituted by the simple wilds.
This feature will therefore have full powers to reorganize the game in the appearance of symbols so as to greatly help players to get paid lines and if possible with the maximum price at the key!


The second and last feature of Golden™ is based on free spins that will have need to be propelled by scatter symbols. These are identifiable by a kind of target to shoot at the arc of red and violet colors and accompanied by a set of hen feathers, this icon will unlock 10 free spins (free laps) in case 3 scatters point their noses at the reels 2, 3 and 4. It is then that the game will take a new turn by changing color and letting the violet dominate in a hint of strangeness.

The fields of wheat as well as all that gravitate around these will be colored by purple. I myself was surprised by this new staging of the game when taking the power of free spins in the game but why not after all. It marks a certain tone of originality and we really do not expect it.

During the free Spins course of Golden™, the games will leave the scatters as well as the simple Wilds form the most beautiful duets to allow players to reap the heaviest of the bag of Chips! These 2 features will merge to let appear a super vitamin rooster who will take absolute control of the game by reappearing in its best light with an appearance of Golden™ Rooster to make it jealous for life the fields of wheat that thrive on whole hectares.

This king of the lower court will stand on one paw and will raise the beak with the utmost assurances to allow players to validate explosive lines of prize! In addition, if during the free games, 5 icons of the same nature will show up on the wheels then a multiplier of x5 will be able to hatch and make a carton at the level of the probabilities of obtaining prize! This coefficient of multiplication does not often tip the tip of his nose but when he is present at the front of the stage, he always makes a massacre history that one will remember his passage and for long time.



Golden™ is a game that is very nice to browse with colors that gives a deep desire to progress in the game. As we will have perfectly understood through this table of Golden’s earnings, the golden is the dominant color. This color that is important in the gameplay of the game asserts its rights especially in the level of free spins that have the heart on the hand when it comes to money.

Golden is a mobile slot machine that looks great with a relatively attractive soundtrack that invites us to stay in the vicinity and especially to operate again and again its 5 reels that have the ability to make a misfortune in the redistribution of prize with a theoretical rate displayed for players that is 97.22%!

A score that is far from negligible and makes Golden™ a game of chance where the probabilities to pocket money are very regular. At the level of its features, Golden™ is as I have just stipulated in this part damn generous notice but I regret the lack of a third feature. In my humble opinion, the lack of a bonus game in the gameplay of a slot machine always makes a little stain. Following this negative criticism, I can recommend the title of Golden™ for its attractive and remunerative side on the long term. terme.

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