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Golden Mane™ is a recent product of the firm NYX Gaming Group that has just slipped delicately into the content already well engorged in the category of slots with 5 reels and 10 fixed payment lines. Golden Mane™ will most likely be the favorite game of players with an unconditional passion towards horses.

This title has chosen to draw inspiration from its powerful mammals very close to the human species to give them life by taking advantage of the versatile gameplay of this casino game to let simple wilds and scatters opening to a family of free spins. Horses that each time are involved in the options of the game so that they can represent them under different majestic attitudes.

Sometime neigh to alert from the very next fall under a deluge of adrenaline of a feature. In other circumstances, finding this need to rear to symbolize a refusal or galloping in a lush valley of vegetation protected by natural reinforcements that fulfil this major role to reflect what is akin to a thick belt made up of massive mountainous.

On the horizon it is a rising sun intimidated by the tops of large fruit trees which takes pleasure to radiate a thousand fires on this masked limestone soil for a thick grass that has this gift to attract the eyes from its incredible green color. On several areas of land, shades of green colors that tend to orient themselves towards fluorescent tones.

In this haven of peace that does not seem to be disturbed by the devastating activities of man, the world of Golden Mane™ is mainly populated by horses with black dresses, chestnut and beige. With hairs, toupees and long tails and manes of an extraordinary brightness.

Animals that without really bearing great thought on the matter seem to breathe health to full lung. Equines that have this peculiarity to reveal very distinct emotions demonstrating by this characteristic that they finally mark an individual side between them.

Animals that stand out among themselves but have in common this fact to refer to the screen of majestic attitudes. Postures combining to perfection smoothness and strength at certain key moments of the mobile slot machine Golden Mane™ when for example features are piling up to the idea of revealing itself abruptly to public.

Golden Mane™ fits as a NextGen Gaming slot with 5 reels and 10 fixed pay lines. At the level of its betting range, this slot machine offers this opportunity to be able to inject at least the sum of £0.15 per spin and to be able to influence this value upward with this ability to be able to straighten it up to a value of £150.00.

A beautiful figure that will certainly delight the players present in the VIP level of high roller. To be able to vary this betting value based between £0.15 and £150.00 per spin, a part value may undergo variations either up or down. This adjustment button is accessible at the bottom left of the Golden Mane™ game interface.



It is the golden horse that will hold the reins of the wilds. It will be possible to be able to appreciate the illustration of the portrait of this horse out of the ordinary to the golden color dress. An equine who oddly seems to be animated by magic leaving his mane and thick toupee to be carried lightly by this quiet wind blowing periodically in the prairie.

The wild of the Golden Mane™ Silver game is simple which has the meaning that the latter will occupy a single box by appearance. However, it will be able to know the vicinity symbolized by the intervention of other simple wilds. These can then to some extent others.

A few times horizontally but also vertically so as to create in a momentum of chance wilds expandable. These multiple interventions of the simple wilds during the end of a spin will have this very pleasant repercussion in the favor of the players to allow the Golden Mane™ slot machine to escape chips outside its 5 reels.

This obtaining of pieces more or less important depending on the number of simple wilds on the screen and the configuration of symbols will be occasioned by the role of replacement of symbols of the wilds. A work upstream substitution of all the possible icons present in the gameplay of the Golden Mane™ video slot with the exception of the scatters for the final purpose of creating creative lines of winning.

In addition to allowing the game to experience various twists in the company of the simple wilds, according to their number on the screen these will offer at the end of the cycle lots of chips. By getting 2, 3, 4, or 5 simple wilds will therefore be the respective equivalent of 5, 150, 350 or 1500 chips that will be redistributed.


Golden Mane™ is a NextGen online Gaming slot machine that is configured to grant under certain conditions this opportunity so much appreciated by players to be able to earn money without injecting any penny by spin.

It is a reality and it is part of the gameplay of Golden Mane™ with this chance to be able to meet regularly scatters on the screen. But for free games to be born, the scatters will have to show up on reels 2, 3 and 4 only.

The other reels namely 1 and 5 will have no influence to allow the Golden Mane™ slot machine to validate free spins. So it’s a bonus icon symbolized by a horseshoe, a sign of luck and happiness that will be the key to getting into this so lucrative feature. By managing to collect 2 or 3 scatters then 2 or 6 free spins will get in the state of walk.

In the main game of Golden Mane™, the season is marked by spring but during the course of the free sequence, the events will take another turn. To immerse its audience in autumn plunging the players in a darker and degraded atmosphere by in addition the ageing of the foliage of the trees that turn brown and finish their life race on the ground by forming a delightful carpet.

In addition to being able to witness a radical change in the general decorations that remains very appreciable for the eyes, the simple wilds will not be put in the closet. They will have all of their surrogate resources sufficient to amplify the probability of getting prizes at this game free session.



Golden Mane™ is a slot machine that has a great chance of seducing this group of players who like games on themes leaving enough room for animals. To stay in the context of Golden Mane™ that of horses where these equidaes are very well represented in a place of life almost magic.

NextGen Gaming Publishers have put the package in their realization work to make these horses very expressive. The surrounding graphics that accompany them are also very neat and follow this continuity at the level of finishes which to if mistake leaves nothing to chance.

From the point of view of features, I am quite disappointed with the number of features placed within the reach of players. A number of 2 seems to me for my part quite limited and has the main failure to engage a routine game fairly quickly. A dozen spin and the Golden Mane™ game no longer really secret.

On the other hand, the features are quickly tame with a more than appreciable redistribution rate which from the table of earnings present directly on the game Golden Mane™ indicates a rate of 96.96%. A value that I valid without objection because during my various tests of this online casino game, I could very quickly realize profits.

Certainly not very important because the big win is noted to absent but gains that prove without protest possible that Golden Mane offers an attractive level of remuneration in addition to offering an attractive theme mixed with gameplay addictive.

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