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Golden Colts™

In a rather hostile environment, this 5-reels, 4-rows, 40-lines slot machine is named Golden Colts™. The theme of the Wild West is quite used in the e-Gaming universe and especially the Play’n Go provider that has used it several times in the gameplay of its casino games like for example Gunslinger Reloaded™, Wild Falls™ but it is mostly the structure of the game Wild North™ which is strangely similar. Among other things, a wheel that rotates to trigger the features as well as cards that turn visible faces to get the wins.

The most wanted bandit, Perry Luke, a dangerous thug who pre-passes himself as a professional poker player comes to settle in Madison Creek a small village in the west of the United States of America. He has just learned that there is no sheriff at the moment because he was shot by one of the Peek brothers, but what he does not know is that the ghost of the sheriff haunts the village and makes flee the bandits.

The village also welcomes two other individuals: Franck Lawrence the hitman and his companion Furies Mason (Gunslingers and Furies in Golden Colts™) rewards hunter who make a halt in their journey, the weather does not look very stable and a storm approaching… Lightning breaks the sky in two, it’s really time to stop! They are therefore heading to the only hotel in the village to shelter from the storm.

After a good bath offered to them the couple decides to go down to the saloon to have a drink and to entertain a little. It must be said that there are not too many distractions for Furies, but she does not care because a good bourbon will do the trick. Her entrance to the saloon is very noticeable. Normal, it is not every day that one sees coming in this secluded corner a sexy woman who looks extremely dangerous.

They approach the counter and two bourbons, the bartender remains completely frozen when he sees Furies but soon Frank Lawrence puts him back in his place. He makes it clear that Mademoiselle is not for him. Amused by the situation, Perry Luke invites them to his table to play a game of poker, he brags about being unbeatable. For the moment in the village no one had recognized him.

Our two friends will gladly accept. There is not much to do here and especially as the storm was getting closer and closer. Furies had a funny head. She recognized the bandit and they offered an excellent reward for Perry Luke’s head. But there was something else because a great player who had been plucked had paid Frank Lawrence to kill him. The two lovers look at each other and after letting themselves be won they offer a bourbon to the player. Without he suspects nothing Furies puts him a vial of poison inside.

Not feeling very well, the young couple is offered to accompany the player to his room. Once well dead and the storm away, they put it in a big bag and load it on Frank’s horse. They will first show it to its leader, then leave it to the authorities so that Furies can also have the reward. It had been a great week for them. The sheriff’s ghost continued to wave in the village…

Features of the Golden Colts™:


The payment lines occur on the number of selected lines, if there is more than one winning line all the winnings will be added: main game, bonus, scatters etc…All winnings will be paid at the end of the round. The Free spins are played with the same level of betting and on the same lines that triggered them. Bet can not be changed during a turn or concrete feature.

Golden Colts™ is a slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 pay lines with bonus features and wild surprises. This Play’n Go game includes a wild symbol, a skull of a bull and a bonus symbol which is a scatter (the Golden Colts box). The wild symbol replaces any other symbol except the scatter to be able to amplify the winning lines. Another temporary wild can also substitute the other symbols on the reels except the scatter.

Three scatter bonus symbols that arise on the reels trigger the Golden Colts bonus game: The Golden Colts cylinder includes 7 different bonus features and it will be randomly selected: one will have to press the center button of the cylinder and this one will stop turning on one of the features at random. The Ace-high Gang rewarded three free spins on which there will be mega-symbols of 4×4 and will be available on reels 2 to 5.

For the Wild Bull we will have three free spins on which one or two reels are covered by wild bull symbols. As for the Law of the Wild one will be entitled to a free spin in which the sheriff’s symbol arises on the reels 2-4. A re-spin will be offered when the sheriff’s symbols fully cover reels 2, 3 and 4 or when the sheriff’s symbol has created a 3×3 block. The sheriff’s symbols will be sticky in the re-spins.

Gunslingers will offer a free spin in which a gain multiplier from x5 to x30 will multiply the amount of the free spin prize. Poker Play will give a 2×2 symbol of a player. If additional player symbols appear a re-spin is rewarded. The player symbols are wild and sticky during this feature Bonus.

The feature Furies will give us a free spin in which a great girl symbol appears. One or more re-spins can be rewarded with sticky girl symbols until you have a winning combination. The last bonus feature is Most Wanted: 20 posters appear on the screen. You have to choose the posters one by one to reveal the prizes hidden.

You can win cash prizes or trigger any of the features previously. You can continue until you find an X or (Ace-high Gang) or (Wild Bull). After receiving all the rewarded features then the most wanted feature will be finished. The scatter bonus symbol will not appear on the reels during free spins, and all the bonus features and game wins are added to the payments.

Opinions on Golden Colts™:

The Play’n Go provider takes us to the Wild West with its mobile slot machine of 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 payment lines. It is true that the theme of the Wild West is close to the provider. It is built on the same model as on one of its fetish game Wild North™ a wheel with 7 bonus games and a game with posters that turn randomly, but it is a little normal that if a game worked well we copy a little bit the same model…

The Golden Colts™ slot machine with a return of 96% and an average variance. Waiting to try the features is not huge but you still have to be patient. The stakes range from €0.20 to €100 which is not bad but it pulls a bit up, nevertheless we see that several ranks of players can be affected, and this is what really look for the most rated provider to reach the widest possible audience. The bankroll is not bad either we have 25,000 coins from the start, and we can choose to bet harder or not it is our choice and I appreciate it a lot.

It is true that before playing with real money we like to test all the features. See how the slot machine reacts in question. Play a good time without having to refresh the page because we have more chips and after as soon as one is convinced to play with money and ringing. It is always better to be able to try before but there are casino providers that are not very hot to give a lot of chips in fun, it is their decision.

The decor of Golden Colts™ is very successful, it almost feels like a comic strip with all the characters, excellent special effects with impressive light games (the skull that lights up, the flashes behind the reels, the rays which pass through the reels to indicate the winning lines, etc…) The much-represented Wild West symbology. The intriguing soundtrack in symbiosis with the images puts us directly in the mood and it looks like one is in a western, it’s really well realized!

As a conclusion, I can say that the game Golden Colts™ is not bad. There are features, bonus games, payout multipliers, a pretty decent set of bets. The fans of Wild West will be served because the details are very neat. The features still trigger quite often and everything is left to chance (the cylinder that chooses the features, the posters that turn…). The Play’n Go Provider may be happy with its mobile slot machine Golden Colts™!

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