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Golden Caravan™

Golden Caravan™ is a video slot machine that offers its audience the opportunity to entertain themselves in the company of 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 payment lines. Winning lines that by the way offer the chance to be able to be activated manually.

Is an advantage and not least of which has the quality of offering an opening to a strategy in the game at the level of the setting of bets that can be established with this video slot. Golden Caravan™ is an online casino game that has been carefully developed by the talented and leading rival of Netent Play’n GO. A publisher who is also of Swedish origin and who is gaining more and more ground in the eGaming sphere with titles more and more realistic and catchy.

Today, on September the 26th of 2016 I am delighted to present the latest creation built by Play’n GO’s hand under Golden Caravan™! This 5-reels digital casino game takes place in the heart of an Arab desert that of Golden Caravan™…

In the content of this adventure game, players will have to sit on the back of their camel and face the very arid climate of this place that counts only brown sand and burning at a loss of sight and highlighted by gigantic dunes. Life seems to have literally deserted the surrounding area with occasionally scorpions where still formidable horned vipers where their bites are reputed to be fatal to all shots.

Players will not be alone in this Arab adventure but framed if I can say so by a group of Tuareg parts to explore the ancient trade routes of this immense desert. A mission where death is at all turns and steered by the great man in the name of Marco Polo.

To carry out this mission which will be to unearth the treasures of the Orient, it will be first of all to think of surviving. The goal is to advance the game by staging various features that will surely lead to areas of this interminable desert where life seems to be tenacious by clinging and per long.

More precisely where there are water points which translate into oases that harbor this crystalline substance of an unrivalled freshness and which remains vital for any living species. The palm trees are also at the rendezvous and they play a vital role in the permanent maintenance of this ecosystem.

Their thick foliage offer the luxury of bringing large areas of shade to this little corner of paradise. In this action, they participate greatly to help the surrounding vegetation more or less dense to root durably in the periphery of this Oasis.

Golden Caravan™ is therefore a game where patience will have to be put to the test but it will only be a short time because the machine is subject to its public more than one feature. First of all, it will be possible to win every moment of the game’s progress and without any symbol configuration a fixed jackpot with a value of 250 000 chips!

As a feature, players will have the pleasure of being able to put into action simple wilds, free spins in the number of 10 with multiplied winnings and a special feature that will spice up the adventures emanate from the towers free with also prize multipliers progressive.

Golden Caravan™ is a virtual video slot machine that is built from 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 pay lines. A free video slot at the level of its lines and which offers the opportunity to play sums of money between £0.01 and £50.00.

A betting ladder that therefore leaves a good leeway to really exploit the game in depth. To be able to vary a bet value between £0.01 and £50.00, the game Golden Caravan™ offers denomination values available between £0.01 and £1.00, the values of coin per line activated from 1 to 5 and finally and for reminder, the opportunity to be able to activate the 10 lines offered either from 1 to 10.



Golden Caravan™ is a video slot that is equipped with wilds of Simple Type. In other words, icons that act only on their own box. Play’n GO never dispenses its penguin b of this type of feature which aims to allow players to access pay lines much faster than normal.

For this to come alive in the gameplay of the online game Golden Caravan™, the simple wilds are in a capacity to be able to replace any icon present on the 5 reels of the slot machine and this without adding an exception to this rule.

The Golden Caravan™ substitution wilds are represented by a camel loaded like a mule that seems to crunch life full tooth. To fulfill its mission of wild, the camel will have to appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 only. On reels 2 and 4, it will be considered as a basic icon with no real impact on the lines of payment.

Other than the camel, the caravan leader is the bedouin bearded will also have the mission to allow the game to know much faster twists than in normality with a force to be able to act as joker.

Just like the camel, it will promote the formation of pay lines and unlike the simple camel wilds, the bedouin beard can show up anywhere on the reels to perform his substitution feature. By showing the tip of his nose 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, he will be able to redistribute in respective ways 10, 100, 1000 or 5000 coins!

By presenting itself at least 3 times on the game screen and this on any zone, this camel will no longer fulfil its primary feature of replacement symbol but shall act in such a way as to activate 10 free spins!

A free spin sequence that will come to life suddenly, taking care to grant a new graphic chart illustrating Touaregs roaming the desert in the middle of the night and hoping to arrive before dawn at the next oasis in order to be able to rest.

The soundtrack will be much more dynamic in order to mark a clear transition between the main game and the feature of free spins. During this particularly dynamic performance, a special feature will be put into operation. The goal is to offer scalable winning multipliers knowing that the latter will start on an index of x2.

To achieve such a scenario, the goal will be to obtain during the course of the features 3 other camels scattered anywhere on the 5 reels. This will have the effect of increasing the multiplier each time by x1.

But that’s not all because this action will also have a positive impact to grant new free spins and then allow players to access even more probabilities of obtaining winnings! For adventure game enthusiasts who offer extra free spins, I suggest they discover Hugo!



Golden Caravan™ is a money game that is very enjoyable to browse with a soundtrack relaxing. In the main game, it is possible to earn money with simple wilds and jokers which at them 2 form a good binomial to allow players to collect prizes quickly.

In the stage of the free spins, the game Golden Caravan™ is shown even more generous with a very appreciable redistribution rate and is strongly influenced by this ability to the game to be able to offer earnings multipliers.

Take into account that even if we cannot trigger this growing multiplication process, the sequence of free spins allows to double at least all the profits made during the flow time of the 10 spins.

To return to the rate of redistribution of bets for players, Golden Caravan™ proudly displays an index of 96.19% which turns out to be a very good score for a game of the trademark Play’n GO.

I am not disappointed with the general gameplay of Golden Caravan™ even though I would have enjoyed being able to entertain myself with a bonus game. Despite this, the regular redistribution of tokens is at the appointment that leads me to affirm in this opinion that the slot machine Golden Caravan™ deserves to have an audience.

Especially since its graphic design is not unpleasant and its thematic is shown to be quite original for me. The game releases a desert theme on the Arab soil. At Play’n Go, this type of game is quite rare and to tell the truth, this is their first title which is already a great success and announces a promising future in this direction.

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