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Published by the famous Netent supplier, the slot machine Flash Go Bananas™ is likely to meet the needs of online casino game enthusiasts on the theme of animals. It is with three-dimensional graphics that have the taste to be particularly colorful as Go Bananas™ home its players. This Netent online casino game takes place in the middle of the jungle.

A band of primates as adorable of each other will not miss instant to take control of the future events of the game with a whole bunch of gestures highly sympathetic to visualize. The interface of this 5-reels variant is presented from the top of a tree where it rests on precious wood fortifications. Therefore, the background lets see a beautiful view of the jungle with a clump of palm trees as green. The soundtrack, will not fail to let hear a noise of birds in order to strengthen this atmosphere which at first will be peaceful. The rest will be discovered when the five animals of Go Bananas™ will show up to increase the overall dynamism of the game.

As symbols, it will be possible to find frequently fruits, statuettes, and of course exotic fruits like bananas that play a big role during the different games of each player. Go Bananas™ is a three-dimensional video slot that is built of 20 lines and is organized to offer playful content by taking advantage to leave an opening for all types of budgets. Indeed, this Netent variant leaves the opportunity to play from relatively small sums of money in the order of £0.20. For those who wish to access a gradual level of wagering, they will be able to progress perfectly in the course of the game with a maximum bet value of £200.00. The action is fun is very likely to be at the appointment with features particularly well staged and an opportunity to win a jackpot worth 140,000 coins.

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The online game with no download entitled Go Bananas™ is one of a kind. It has five forms of wilds that will allow to place at the front of these scene five kinds of monkey. The latter are a gorilla, an orangutan, a baboon, a swaddler and finally the most amusing of all a tarsier. So Go Bananas™ is a slot machine that has five wilds game options peculiar to it even having the peculiarity of representing them by a different breed of primate every time. Each of these features brings a real new commitment which makes Go Bananas™ a video slot of the brand Netent which differs strongly from its big sisters without the slightest Fix.


Wild Gorilla is a feature that has the peculiarity of transforming five symbols in Wilds. The latter will always be in a square shape. Either one at each end and one last in the center of it. It is the representation of the gorilla with a crown on the head that will launch this feature.

Once this icon formation is in position, the 20 lines of the game will determine all possible winnings and send them to the current checkout. The gorilla will try to oppose it despite it is not really the choice. A cinematography will take place as we can see clearly on the left image. This imposing gorilla will move at a brisk pace from left to right on the front of the slot machine. He will try to intimidate you by pushing cries of discontent and tapping the ground with his big and heavy hands. No luck for him, the gains triggered by the wild gorilla function will be counted in the balance despite all the efforts he has made to find his bananas lost.


The wild Oran Outan will take place in a much more zen atmosphere. To unlock this feature, it will be asked to group a number of four wilds monkey. These will have to be glued to each other so that this option can be free of the video slot.

Once this feature of the game is activated, the oran outan wilds will not miss the call to distribute generous earnings and add chilies to the dynamism of the game of Go Bananas™. This female oran outan with a particularly quiet look will manifest itself from the top of the online gaming interface while hanging on the top frame of the video slot. She will not fail to blow from the love to the one that will allow him to present his charms in the heart of game.


The wild Baboon is represented by a greedy monkey. As soon as he sees bananas, he cannot help but want to eat them all. Gluttony is a sin but on the other hand, he doesn’t care about it even if he has to risk his life to reach these famous banana clusters. It must be said that the jungle is full of them and that many have already seen this Baboon.

When the Wild baboon feature is triggered, it will show up from the top left of the slot machine. He will be slowly advancing on a banana branch. The latter is fragile but it will still continue its race for the purpose to end up on the ground without any bananas in its already well plump sell. The Wild baboon is an option that works like the wild expandable. Once the primate baboon illustration shows up on the screen, a reel will be randomly chosen to be completely completed by Wild Monkey. This will have the effect of distributing prices more or less Important.


The wild Langer is symbolized by a little monkey who is reputed to take himself for the king of the Jungle. He likes to do the beautiful in front of the girls and he would do anything to make it point out to pass for the king of the fools. This monkey with Fox attitude we must admit it wears black sunglasses.

Once his icon of representation will be present on one of the five reels of the game Go Bananas™, he will make his entrance by letting himself be carried by a vine. He will not fail to do the beautiful by removing his glasses to make an accomplice wink. This type of wild works the same way as the wild baboon. The only difference is that the wilds monkey icons will be numbered three and they will be aligned horizontally on the slot machine interface.


The last of the primates is the wild tarsier. The latter is quite fearful. Shyness will gradually invade him when he presents himself on the screen. His small size is an advantage for him because it allows him to move quickly and discreetly. Nothing like the gorilla’s gestures. will be any other with this little ball of chestnut hairs.

Fun and funny at the same time, he will spend most of his time nibbling bananas by hanging in the vacuum by a vine. After appearing on the screen of the game Go Bananas™, this little trickster will take advantage to allow to present four wild monkey icons. There will be two that will show up vertically and two others that will position themselves horizontally to form a kind of letter L lying down. As with the other four options of the Go Bananas™ slot machine, this one does not make the players ‘ crates benefit by an explosion of combinations Fees.



The online money game Go Bananas™ is one of the Netent variants on the theme of animals the most fun and gainful. Maybe in a few weeks, Go Bananas™ will be dethrone? The odds are slim in our opinion but there are always opportunities to innovate more. We enjoyed this video slot because it brings together many strong points.

The first concerns its presentation in general with a home cinematography that allows us to delve into this story where primates fight bananas all day long. The second strong point concerns the graphics. These are a very great success and the staging of the different monkeys and unique which therefore reinforces its originality. Another advantage is the feature. We were pleasantly surprised to discover wilds game options peculiar to Go Bananas™. Certainly it is a wilds battery that awaits the players but these are particularly well staged with a species of monkey at each time.

We noticed a deep work at the level of realization. The publishers of online casino games Netent a lack imagination to let see different animations between all the extras of this story. Apart from the fact that the game options focus only on wilds and that other options such as free games or bonuses are discarded, the slot machine of 5 reels Go Bananas™ has a redistribution rate of its bets of 96.9%. The frequency of winning games is therefore regular. In addition, a jackpot with a value of 140,000 coins can be unlocked at any moment.

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