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Glorious Empire™

On this day of 1st December of 2016, NextGen Gaming offers its loyal public to return a few millennia back so that it can carry in a split second in the wonderful scenery the glorious epoch of the ancient Greece. A distant period when a handful of men were fighting tirelessly for the freedom of every individual called the Democracy.

This fierce and permanent struggle against the slavery which in a sad reality was the very foundation of ancient Greece. This battle had a prize that was quite often obtained by the weight of force that had no choice but to run rivers of blood during interminable battles in addition to the repetitive invasions of the Barbarians Persians.

The theme of the Glorious Empire™ casino game is not based on battlefields with a loss of sight that relate ruthless fighting scenes with swords and sharp swords like Blades Razor. Glorious Empire™ is responsible for representing in color and greatly aided by the projection of powerful rays of sunshine one of the most important Greek cities of the time.

Is a haven of peace that illustrates with finesse houses and administrative buildings endowed with an attractive architecture allowing to see gigantic humanoid sculptures polished by time that nest along large columns.

Wide streets and alleys made of rectangular pavements delimiting marbled sidewalks. Areas that leave free space for very airy constructions, whose heavy roofs are mainly made of stones under supported by sturdy pillars with very important.

The interface of the slot machine Glorious Empire™ hovers just above one of those access roads that end up all at one time or another by joining to lead to a large public place. A gathering place that is animated daily.

This episode that is important in the game of Glorious Empire™ will take life during the passage of the free spins by being supported by beautiful color games. It is the sun that will be the sole responsible for this particular internal atmosphere in the online casino game Glorious Empire™. This fireball will benefit from its unique qualities to constantly vary the effects of brightness. It perseveres this effective feature to accentuate the contrast behavior on some areas of the screen of game.

Other than this feature scatter allowing players to integrate a free sequence, the latter will be able to entertain themselves with Wilds which will have an impact in the main game but also during the process of free Spins (Free spins).

Also has a special feature or double that will activate obligatory after obtaining a prize. By wishing to progress with this game option, the goal will be to try to double its starting bet but be careful because it will also be possible to lose.

Built from 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 lines, the online casino game Glorious Empire™ offers not only computer compatibility (desktop) but also on mobile phones and tablet. An important element to underline before entering the configuration of Glorious Empire™ at the level of its range of bets.

With this virtual slot NextGen Gaming, players will be in the ability to rotate the 5 reels of the slot machine from £0.50 what may seem to be high for a number of players.

On the other hand, internet users and users who love to blaze money will probably be angels with the game of chance Glorious Empire™ because this one and one of the few to allow to burn up to £500.00 per Spin!

A large sum of money that can progressively reach its maximum by the direct influence of denomination values. The latter range between £0.01 and £10.00. This is the only point of adjustment of the slot machine since the 40 lines that accompanied it are frozen and therefore can not be activated manually.



Now we’re going to brush up the feature part of Glorious Empire™ which is characterized by wilds of different natures as well as scatters giving access to free spins. We will start with the description of the simple wilds that we can regularly rub shoulders with in the content of the main game. The basic one, where it all starts.

The simple jokers of the Glorious Empire™ casino game are identifiable by the head of a gold-colored carved lion that is encrusted on a Greek force coat of arms. A duo of Swords intersect to form a letter X taking care to settle in the background with respect to the famous head of Lion.

These icons are actually items that will have the primary mission of create pay lines facing a fairly small amount of time. To fulfill this mission, simple jokers will be able to replace all the icons in the game of Glorious Empire™ except those that refer to scatters.

In doing so, the chances of getting prizes will be much more regular and that for the happiness of the players and allow the gameplay of the game to unfold a little more each time with new sound effects and evolutionary animations.

To amplify the probabilities to enter the victory, the simple wilds will be able to manifest anywhere on the screen and in addition to that they will have the full powers to invite themselves in number at the end of a spin.

This unification will allow them not only to bring more shares to the game but they’ll benefit from it to accentuate this share of compensation by releasing lots of fixed chips. By getting 2, 3, 4 or 5 times the simple wilds Lion Head, the configuration of the Glorious Empire™ Silver game will be able to redistribute respectively 10, 25, 50 or 250 coins!


Free spins may be the subject of an appearance from the moment when at least 3 icons will show up on the screen. These representations refer to a building that quickly thinks of a place of Council of Ministers. This imposing construction that dominates for miles to the round will be the author of the birth of free games that can reach a climax of 15.

To be more precise at this level of explanation, by bringing together 3, 4 or 5 scatters icons, the game will be able to activate respectively 7, 10 or 15 free spins. A free sequence that will not evolve in solitary but which is assisted by the feature wild.

The latter shall have the same basic operating principle but will act in another style by remaining frozen at its landing place until the total flow of the number of free spins allocated. During this completely free passage of the casino game Glorious Empire™ It will unfortunately be impossible to give life to other free spins.



Glorious Empire™ is a silver game of the NextGen brand gaming which for my part offers a good visual. The graphics are far from being repulsive knowing that I would have enjoyed entertaining myself with a graphic charter energized which adds more actions to the game and allows us to immerse ourselves more quickly in its context. On the other hand, the interface relieves the level if I can say so with icons that have the taste of not being able to hold in place sometimes trying to gain ground on other representations neighbors.

From the point of view of its features, Glorious Empire™ is a slot machine that features a fairly sketchy gameplay. Indeed, only 2 features are there to support the game including Wilds and free games that still are able to allow us to play during 15 spins! I regret the lack of a gain multiplier and a bonus level because I think frankly that the theme of the game could have given great ideas to NextGen Gaming publishers to put on a third feature.

Therefore, I am therefore a little disappointed with this lack of features and this even if the game of Glorious Empire™ shows a tantalizing rate of redistribution of bets for players rated at 96.92%! So it lacks a little salt so that the online casino game Glorious Empire™ offers a user experience worthy of the name when we know for sure what NextGen Gaming developers are able to achieve by critically looking at their previous creations of gambling on the internet.

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