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Giant Gems™

Giant Gems™ is a classic slot machine that ranks at the beginning of the second half of the year 2016 in the toy library of the game Editor 2.0 NextGen Gaming.

Revealing a rather enigmatic side at first when we discover the colors that define its interface, The slot Giant Gems™ is careful not to put a lot of sight into it. It preserves to the end its mysterious side to reveal after some parts its true face in the matter of force of compensation.

The game is driven by 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed payment lines. Being classic, this slot has not a story strictly speaking with protagonists who aim to amplify the course of the game through adventures where they generally take pleasure in being the main actors.

Giant Gems™ is devoid of this vision and rests on a very dark background that combines with black and dark blue colors. Some luminous fields act as presence by trying to give a more lively side to the slot machine. What is highlighted in this soulless set are representations of capital letters that J, Q, K and A and the figure 10.

Icons that will play a crucial role in advancing the game of Giant Gems™ and allow users of this classic mobile slot machine to find a good reason to rotate it. With riches and giving clear touches to the game, are also based on the 5 reels of the jewels.

Of oversized gems that will have the advantage of allowing the only feature of the online casino game Giant Gems™ to get in action and there will be. Referring to the prize redistribution feature of this game of random Nextgen Gaming, the latter is able to allow to play from £0.10.

For the most greedy and greedy who like to blaze money, they will probably find pleasure with this title because this one offers an opportunity to play up to £200.00 per spin.



Giant Gems™ features in its gameplay only one feature what’s reveals to be pretty skinny. But that does not mean anything in terms of compensation because a feature can very well bring more chips to players than two together.

What is impacted is the fact that the game quickly installs players in a routine which frequently leads them to leave the game prematurely. Giant Gems™ master feature is a special option that bears the name of Fortune Spins.

A name that says a lot about it and the latter is right to announce the color of entry of play. This feature can be Implementation In service before each new launch. To go in this direction, it will be asked to click on the round shape button in the center of the control area where it is mentioned in color gold Fortune Spins.

It is from this selection that things will spoil with a menu that hosts two buttons of strength (betting top and bottom bets) and a brief table of earnings indicating multiplication values of five ranging from x100 up to x500!

To evolve in these different levels, it will be asked to bet on the rise to climb each time a notch. Each shift to a stronger bet will increase the multiplication power by 100. Each level of power will enable a diamond of a single color that will have the project to act on a letter or on the number 10 as substitute.

For example, for the first level it is the purple diamond that will be activated. It will replace in the game all the digits 10 and shall have for other feature to multiply by 100 the winnings that it carries with it during its presence on the interface. To multiply x500 their profits, players will have to play as much as possible of the classic Giant Gems™ slot machine using the turquoise diamond. It will have a second mission to replace all the letters A.

For the Fortune spins feature to be enabled in the game, diamonds will have to appear in groups of three of the same colors on reels 2, 3 and 4. With such a configuration and as can be seen from the image illustrative above, the trigger diamond will occupy the entire height of the coils freshly cited.

To return to the various steps to be completed to activate this special function, once the parameters correspond to the choices of the users, they will be enough to click on the button confirm. Following this last procedure, players will be redirected to the main game. It is then that they will be able to try their change by calling the button play or also named Spin.



Giant Gems is a very simplistic classic slot machine when you are interested in its graphics design. We should not expect multiple reversals through the intervention of characters because they seem to have deserted the places.

At the beginning, the online game Giant Gems™ is a complete calm and only its special function under the title of Fortune spins adds a little chili. What will be the most salty in this story is the odds of earning a lot of money with this slot machine.

A random NextGen gaming game that hides its game very well by taking advantage of its deceit to conceal gain multipliers that can reach the x500! A coefficient simply hallucinating but being part of the real world. In other words and in my opinion, it is rather to see the remunerative side of the game Giant Gems™ than its physical aspect that unlikely to disappoint more than one as was the case for me.

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