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Genie’s Fortune™

Genie’s Fortune™ is a slot machine with no download of the brand production Betsoft Gaming. With 5 reels, 3 rows and offering the possibility to activate up to 30 Lines! The Genie’s Fortune™ game offers sumptuous scenery that accurately reflects the south of Cairo. This city is the capital of Egypt that is still today a country that is reputed throughout the world for its countless pyramids that once sheltered between its halls and underground corridors of Pharaohs.

Fortunes in tons of gold like objects or jewellery were stored in large secret caches protected by countless traps where death was each time at the appointment. The legend says that treasures are still buried hundreds of metres deep. Researchers are on their tails at this very moment but without success. Egyptian pyramids contain heavy secrets.

For example, how such buildings in blocks of 30-ton grey-yellow stones may well have been hoisted together in order to conceive these true castles of desert? This remains an enigma when we know through papyrus and sacred engravings (hieroglyphs) that the methods of construction known at that time only turned on solid ropes as well as logs of wood to move these voluminous blocks of granite.

With the slot machine Genie’s Fortune™, there will be enough to put a lot of pockets with a large number of features like a bonus game, click me, wilds bonuses and even free games evolutionary! Regarding the graphic charter of the game, it strongly suggests that we are at the front of the palace that houses a being endowed with magical powers. This virtual slot machine will have the ultimate goal of exporting its players to a genius where it will be possible to fulfill its most buried.

This stage of the game will turn out to be especially gainful for the lucky ones who will reach this stage of the game that would take place in the bonus level feature. We will speak with more detail a little later in this table of earnings. The icons of the video slot Genie’s Fortune™ are quite important with pretty neat illustrations. They are accompanied by pleasant animations.

A way to increase this touch of reality that Genie’s Fortune™ brings. By rotating the 5 reels, it will be conceivable to meet a chimpanzee, a flying carpet, a chest containing gold coins and various valuables, a genie, a particularly agile oriental dancer of the pelvis, a crystal ball making think of Gypsy Rose™ from Betsoft Gaming, razor-sharp sabers, rattlesnake charmers, fruit bowls and much more!

In the Face of this long enumeration, we can conclude that the details are not lacking with this slot machine with no download. In addition, all types of players will find satisfaction with Genie’s Fortune™ because this online slot offers a range of relatively large bets. The game can be launched from £0.02 and leaves the opportunity to blaze up to £300.00 per spin! A sum of money in Bet Max which is relatively large and which is not often proposed by the other titles of the brand that to recall is Betsoft Gaming.

The Money Game Genie’s Fortune™ offers several options to enable you to define a specific bet. At the bottom of the game interface are zones to select a line number based between 1 and 30, a denomination value that can be between £0.02 and £1.00 and finally the opportunity to be able to bet up to 10 credits, coins per line enabled.



The Click Me is a pretty special feature and for the shot this last is only available for games of the Betsoft gaming brand. Genie’s Fortune™ is an adventure video slot that offers one and it is represented by an animal that likes to climb trees and eat bananas until it bursts its stomach. Easy to guess not? This is the monkey but more specifically the chimpanzee for this story that promises to be allowed in adventures.

To activate the function Click Me from Genie’s Fortune™, it will be asked to get on the central reel of the slot this famous primate. In the aftermath, the interface of the game will change its appearance by letting appear 4 clicks me arranged around the little monkey. The goal to progress in this feature will be to randomly click on one of the 4 icons click me in purple blue color. The purpose of this action will be to reveal a gain in the form of tokens.

As long as the word (collect) is not associated with a value, the Click Me feature can still be advanced in its momentum. On the other hand, if this word is displayed, the feature will suddenly end knowing that the winnings will be counted together and then add up in cash. With this kind of featuring, it is impossible to lose. More or less significant profits are pocketed at the end of each experience of this nature.


We are not in the world of Aladdin but strangely a flying carpet is part of the studio. It will even go further by acting like a wild. A joker whose primary feature will be to transform all the illustrations he finds on his way. On the other hand, the icons responsible for activating the features will be stronger than the wild. This means that the latter will not be able to substitute them. Represented by an orange-yellow cashmere silk mat, the Joker will be able to get into action on the number reel 1.

It is then that 4 bonus credits will activate to allow the Joker to move horizontally on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. each box, symbol will be automatically transformed into a random batch of coins by the action of another wild. But this feature will be able to become more involved with its compensation force by allowing the opportunity to pocket up to 250 chips in the specific case where 5 flying carpets are on the interface of the game.


Free spins are also active during the game by tuning up to 20 completely free and automated spins. But before you can take advantage of such an advantage, it will be asked to get at least 3 icons anywhere on the 5 reels. These representations are symbolized by a chest a wood of great capacity that lets see on its surface gemstones like emeralds or sapphires. On the ground, are also scattered gems with bundles of bank notes with multiple currencies.

During the free spins process, it will not be possible to be able to accumulate other free spinnings. Moreover, if the flying carpet, Click Me surface during the process of free spins, the gains caused by the feature will unfortunately be cancelled. It is purely and simply the law of chance and in this context, we cannot do better in of example.


We kept the best for the end with the bonus game of Genie Fortune. This no-download slot machine offers lots of features but the bonus level greatly exceeds the players ‘ expectations with a very large bet redistribution force. To be able to access this main option of Genie’s Fortune™, you will have to gather on the screen a number of 3 golden magic lamps on an active payment line. To put all these odds on its side to activate this bonus game feature, it will therefore be logical to activate all the lines (30).

Once this configuration will come to life on the interface, the game will change scenery. A genie lamp will rest on the floor of a long hallway leading to the palate of this wish enhancer. But before that, it will be asked to click on this lamp in order to liberate the genius who has been trapped for millennia. It is then that the latter will be able to join the common mortals to appear as a kind of violet smoke while maintaining a human appearance. Wishes either a number of 6 to be precise will appear on the screen including 3 on the top side and 3 others to the lower site.

These vows are travel, health, wisdom, wealth, glory and Love! Whatever the wish, the Genie will ask to choose 3 of these 6 wishes. This will have the effect of converting them into a random token value.



Genie’s Fortune™ is in my opinion an online game that deserves the largest attention. Based on the theme of Ancient Egypt, this Betsoft Gaming slot machine available for free and with no download on the casino reviews site offers beautiful three-dimensional graphics. Despite its creation that goes back several years now (2012), Genie’s Fortune™ can still compete with other much newer titles of the brand Betsoft Gaming.

The soundtrack is also a real treat for the ears with the sounds of this psyllid (charmer of snakes) and this chimpanzee that keeps screaming in a mocking way to challenge us to access its featuring the Click Me. From the point of view of the redistribution of earnings, Genie’s Fortune™ is a fairly profitable game. This has the effect of allowing me to recommend this game of money because it is open to offer the possibility for users to mount their capital fairly quick in cashier.

During my various tests in a free game situation of Genie’s Fortune™, I have not had any difficulty to fall nose to nose with the 4 features. In addition, this three-dimensional video slot offers a range of very important bets allowing to play up to £300.00 per spin that is huge. Therefore, Genie’s Fortune™ is a 5-reels slot machine that will certainly interest high reels players like so-called normal players with a minimum bet of £0.02.

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