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Wild Fusing

Wild Fusing, Gaming1 slot machine. Without a doubt, it will have you bobbing up and down. Welcoming background music. Catchy I should say! The drum instrument probably has something to do with it. Play the reels in a funky atmosphere! Rather bright and trendy! With its colourful neon lights. Its symbols referring to poker card signs. That big golden bell that will surprise you later. When it comes to earning money…

But then will they be there?

Features of Wild Fusing:

Collect as many single wilds as possible! This feature will help you to form paying lines. Therefore, allowing you to win on a regular basis. These normal wild symbols can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. By merging the wilds, you will be able to activate a win multiplier. This can be as high as 9x! In the free spins process, the wilds will be active. Once present, they will have the particularity of staying together.

To win between 9 and 27 free spins on 9 reels, you’ll need to enter the Wild Led Bonus! To do this, collect at least 3 bonus symbols. This is on reels 2, 3 and 4. If the Wild Fusing slot becomes stubborn. It chooses not to launch the Wild Fusing Bonus, use the Buy Bonus feature!

Review of Wild Fusing:

Wild Fusing remains a very simplistic slot machine in my opinion. This is not the kind of game that will keep you entertained for long. The features are discovered quite quickly. This has the effect of creating a certain routine after a few hundred spins. The main feature is free spins. You can still have fun up to 27 spins! That’s a lot of fun. Especially since the wilds will be active. Their main purpose is to maximise your winnings in this period. Some players will like Wild Fusing because of its theme. Others less so, which is my case. Wild Fusing is played once. In this step to fill its curiosity. After that, forget it!