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Game of Gladiators™

Game of Gladiators™ is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed lines. It has 5 features (Primus, Fame, Spear attack, Sword attack, and Net attack) plus a free fight will lead us into an arena with two Gladiators Spartacus and Amazonia who will make us live a vibrant story, full of emotion and violence in order to win up to €500,000 or a maximum of 5000x the bet.

Spartacus and Amazonia are two brothers and two great Gladiators who earn their living in this way. They travel from all over to fight against the greatest and always come out victorious. No one could win them for now but who knows may be one day…

One day the guards of Julius Caesar come to fetch them. They have organized an impressive fight each of them will have to fight against a group of gladiators. This is the first time that such a fight will happen and the great Caesar in person will go and see them before the battle.

The two brothers do not know what to say because it was the first time they were offered something like that but the reward was really enticing, they were going to be able to withdraw from the fights after this big Festival. After thinking about the two brothers accept the proposal because they had no choice or they accepted with reward or they were taken out of office and there no reward.

The great fight has arrived and the two brothers have prepared well and they are very excited especially to meet the great Caesar! But that’s not what they were expecting. It was only a bait to take them to the arena and fight for life or death. They had done well with them these guards! There they had no choice!

They were countless, Amazonia and Spartacus (Game of Gladiators™) did not come back! They will have to fight hard and fast to be able to eliminate them, but it wasn’t going to be easy. The fight began and the heads also came to fall, the other Gladiators had surrounded them and threatened to make them like mashed potatoes!

But our two warriors did not let themselves. Unfortunately our two brothers cannot fight against so many men. The first who succumb is Spartacus and finally Amazonia. Their end was written from the beginning but they fought like beasts.

Features of Game of Gladiators™


Game of Gladiators™ is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed lines. It has 5 features (Primus, Fame, Spear attack, Sword attack, and Net attack) plus a free fighter will push us into an arena with two Gladiators Spartacus and Amazonia who will fight with all their strength to survive to make us win up to a maximum of 5000x the setting.

Pay line wins occur on the number of selected paylines contained in the payout table rules that will be discussed later in our review. When you win multiple paylines in the same game, all winnings will be added.

All feature wins, bonus games, and scatters are also added to payline winnings. All winning combinations are paid at the end of a game. The features of free spins are played with the same bet and the same number of selected lines as the round that triggered the feature. The bet cannot be changed during a current game.

The Primus features will be triggered during the main game. Primus one of them can be triggered randomly. Fame an HP symbol is selected, a bonus is awarded using the battle price winnings table.

Spear attack will give 3 to 6 random wilds will be added to the result. Sword attack the first reel is duplicated 2 to 4 times. Net attack all the HP symbols of a type are retained, then there is only one respin. Enraged two fully developed wilds are randomly added to the result.

When entering the combat feature in the arena is that 3 scatters fell on the reels. You have to choose a champion that replaces the base game scatter. Each champion has a different win prize if he wins. Amazonia or the female champion will be awarded a bonus multiplier from x20 to x100.

Spartacus the male champion will be given another full free spins feature. The feature will finish after the second bonus game is complete, win or lose. All WINS prizes will be added to the total win of the feature.

Champions win the battle by winning opposing groups. The champion loses the battle by leaving more than 11 opponents in total. The scatters champions are starting the attacks. Before the attacks all HP Gladiators will be added to the top. HP opponents are added to the top in the same groups, the most powerful being on the right.

As groups grow, their value increases as a function of the battle prize paytable. If the group is destroyed the player is awarded the battle prize as well as any other winning line. If there are 2 scatters the second attack will be a multiplier of X2 for the battle prize of the attacked group.

If there are 3 scatters will be a multiplier of X3 for the battle prize for the attacked group. Free spins will continue indefinitely until the battle is won or lost.

Opinion about Game of Gladiators™

The provider Play’n Go offers us its magnificent slot machine Game of Gladiators™ under the theme of gladiators a theme that is really fashioned in recent months. This 5-reels, 3-rows, 20-lines mobile slot has 5 features plus a fighting game in the arena that makes the player participate, he must choose one of the two fighters.

In this free video slot Game of Gladiators™ the difference is that a woman is incorporated into the game. And not just any! A gorgeous redhead super strong and looks not frankly amigable, rather snarling who will fight fiercely in the arena. But the victory of our heroine (Amazonia) or of the Gladiator (Spartacus) is not assured: they must fight hard to get there!

There are a lot of features, they are 5, which is a good number plus the game of the arena. The volatility is average so it is true that we have to pacize a little for them to activate, especially the game to enter the arena I had to wait 120 laps so that finally I can have access to it, but it is worthwhile! We are left with the choice that’s right it involves more the player.

Bets range from 0.20 to €100 euros per round, which is enough to satisfy lots of players, because the bets are quite staggered. We start with the one who prefers to play as many rounds as possible with his budget up to the one who prefers to bet bigger and have winnings accordingly. This kind of player knows what he’s doing and loves the risk, so he’s going to love this game for sure!

The interface is well made, the theme of the Gladiators is super well represented and the background music that accompanies it goes perfectly with. A perfect match for Game of Gladiators™ who just let us have fun from the hand of the software Play’n Go. With a return to the player of 96% which is in the average, average volatility but we can still get to win up to €500,000!

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