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FruitBat Crazy™

The Betsoft Gaming offers us a new slot machine with no download FruitBat Crazy™ with 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways of winning to make us reach a maximum of €47,850! A bat a little peculiar motivated like never to allow us to travel in the fruit world where everything will not be like there seems!

In a small village of Transylvania there was a small bat that lived quietly with his family, descendants of the famous Count Dracula. Blood-suckers of all life who lived retired in their immense castle. But there was a problem: our little bat couldn’t stand the blood! His family did not know what to do, they were desperate.

Since the little bat was born, only the sight of blood made her vomit. What would he become of this little creature so beloved in his family? It must be said that they had waited centuries to have this little bat and now they did not know if she could die…

The only time that the little one is happy is when the parents on their walk take her to the cherry fields that are around them. We see her happiness with this smile so childish that characterizes her when she sees the fruits as in the slot machine without download FruitBat Crazy™. We really need to find a solution and it is urgent.

They even brought the BatDoctor, and the verdict cannot be worse: the little bat is frugivorous! How could this have happened? So many generations of vampires in the family, more or less rabid but not there downright the little one loves the fruits and totally repels the blood!

BatDaddy and BatMum were completely stunned by the news, but BatMum was very clear that she would not give up her child. Her eyes so brightened when she sees cherries or plums does not lie, and perhaps in time she may change!

But for now the important thing was to see her grow up, and BatMum even found him a pretty name FruitBat Crazy™. She gets completely mad when she approaches the fruit! But what were their families going to say? They’d keep their secret because for vampires it’s a disgrace!

BatMum had thought that instead of a glass of blood when the family would come to make them a visit she will prepare a cherry juice like that no one will suspect that FruitBat Crazy™ does not support the blood. When in her name, as BatMum is also very eccentric they will not suspect anything.

FruitBat Crazy™ features:


The free video slot Fruit Bat Crazy™ is a cascading game with 243 ways to win. The number of winning combinations for a certain symbol is the product of the number of this symbol on adjacent reels from the leftmost. The payments will be calculated starting with the winning line from the lowest value and working it to arrive at the highest value.

Each win is calculated by order, these symbols will explode, and then a new group of symbols will be put in place before the next win is calculated. Once there are no more regular earnings, the number of FruitBats will be counted to see if the player qualifies for the Free Spins.

Free spins will be triggered when 3 or more FruitBats will arise anywhere on the reels. There is a possibility that Free Spins can be retriggered. The wild represented by the big diamond can substitute all the symbols except the FruitBat or the Buy Coin Bonus, it cannot explode and will only appear on reels 2 and 4.

The Buy Coin Bonus can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Before the winnings are calculated all the Bonus Buy Coins will fly over the reels and new symbols replace them. For each Buy Coin Bonus on the reels, the cost of the Buy feature will be reduced to 40.00, if there are enough coins bonuses to reduce the cost of buy feature to zero, the Free spins will rewarded.

When the final coin to trigger the free spins will appear on the reels, all coins are removed and free spins activated. The coins in addition will be useless and they will not appear in the Free Spins and the feature Buy feature will not be available. When the bet is changed the discount on the Buy Feature will keep on the same setup and when you return to the same bet value then this discount will be returned to the player.

To play Double Up, you have to press the button after any regular win, to re-play them. It cannot be used after the Free spins or after the Autoplay. You can play the earned win or only half as many times as you want. You have to choose between heads or tails and then the coin will start to turn and stop: if we win we double our win and we can continue or stop. If on the other hand we get the other then we will be sent directly to the main game.

Opinion of FruitBat Crazy™:

The Betsoft Gaming provider will offer us on March the 22nd of 2019 a new free slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win. It will plunge us into a world where fruits will not be what they seem and our FruitBat a small bat will help us with free spins to earn up to €47,850. Features and games that will be at the appointment to entertain us.

Bets range from €0.40 to €40 which is not bad, it is not within the reach of everyone because €0.40 is not given. If you do not have the wallet well filled it is a bit of a hassle, but I think it is rather made for people who do not have too much problems.

The RTP is 95.22% and the variance is quite low. What does that mean? Well it’s very simple that you have to wait a lot of time to trigger the features. During my trial in demo, I did not get to trigger the free spins with the 3 FruitBats, and I stayed there for a good time, I recovered only 2 small bats.

If we do not have the patience to wait for free spins then we can buy the feature, we will be told the prize by following the denomination value of the coins, the bigger the bet and the higher the feature is expensive, which is quite normal. Even if you like the risk, you can try Double-Up and double your winnings or win nothing that is also a possibility.

The provider Betsoft Gaming has been able to mix the ingredients of a traditional slot machine (fruits, bell, number 7) with modern features (Buy feature, Double up) that adds emotion and especially risk. FruitBat Crazy™ has everything to be successful and we must congratulate the provider that we get used to out of great online casino games.

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